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Summarize the experience of Forum promotion

as long as we know a little SEO people know that we in order to make their sites have good PR and in the search engines have good keywords ranking, will not get away from the Forum promotion, whether it is SEOER or master, or just beginning to learn SEOER or

!So what are the benefits of

forum to promote it, so many SEOER in the promotion of their own site are invariably adopted this method BBS promotion? I think the benefits of this forum to promote the three point:

the first point, BBS promotion can bring traffic to our website. I once saw a netizen to do Yahoo Webmaster Station world, his daily flow reached 30000IP (the data I was by his mother ah in advertising that see), and why it can be so much traffic, I looked at, it is through the forum to promote the. That stationmaster, the stationmaster of world station is the moderator of a happy joke of Yahoo Forum!


second points, BBS promotion can also bring us a lot of outside the chain, especially in doing GOOGLE keywords ranking, this method is the most effective


third, and it’s still free. The initiative is in our hands. As long as we did Links people know, especially new sites, new sites like http://s.haha007.cn, PR PR, to search the amount collected, and not included in the amount of Links want to exchange with others, can be used to describe Li Bai’s poem "to Green Day", and promote the forum is not the same, no need to obtain the consent of head, as long as you do not send spam, can bring your web site published posts in the forum! These three good, so for people just learning SEO, this method can not master


how to do BBS promotion? Other do BBS promotion also pay attention to method, good, can give us to improve PR, at the same time will obviously improve you want to do keywords ranking. The method is as follows:

the first step is to choose the forum. Election forum is also exquisite, it is best to meet the following:

1., this forum allows forums that can be addressed with web addresses (this is the key, or you are busy for a long time, your web site does not appear on their forums, not on a busy trip);

The higher the

PR forum 2., the higher the PR, the faster the PR for your website.

second step, want to publish the content of the post. This is also the key, if you think you are the moderator of the forum, see others published garbage in your forum, you will promise?! don’t delete it! Do you want to do with the content of the posts of the content should accord with the rules of the forum


the third step is to try to incorporate the keywords you want to do organically into your post and use it when you join

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