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Scholar Adsense don’t fall into the website promotion misunderstanding

on the website promotion this, in fact, I am not very proficient, and not very broad involvement in the surface, but still want to write some of their experience and experience, and share with you.

during the Spring Festival, I worked for an Internet company in Xiamen and promoted them as a dating website. At first, I was full of confidence, I believe I have the ability to do this job for them, and help them develop the web site. But obviously, they did not know where the website promotion principle, after all, is a small company, what website not mentioned, do not want to advertise for them without any cause or reason, after all, the end result is a part.

promotion, in their view, just look at the effect, and see what effect, that is, every day through my promotion to the site how much traffic IP?. Or, it is to flow, the website can bring profit.

also believe that there are too many webmaster have the same idea, that is to promote the site is to bring traffic. I have to say, in fact, this is a big mistake to promote the website.

, first of all, to promote a website, it is impossible to say that you can see the obvious effect in a short time, that is, it is impossible to change the traffic obviously in the short term. Because even this way traffic, also means how many users can be retained, that is, user stickiness.

in the promotion of a website, if it is purely in order to bring traffic, without considering the quality of the flow. It is recommended that you may brush flow, after all, now the network brush flow alliance is not in the minority.

in my opinion, website promotion, more tend to SEO that piece. The main task of SEO is to adjust and optimize the website structure, keyword selection, website content planning, and improve the natural ranking of the search results in Baidu, Google, Yahoo and so on. It is the same with the website promotion.

promotion website, as the name suggests, the website promotion, let others know, rather than the domain name promotion. Here is not the kind of business station, but we rely on the flow of meals standing. Web site, always content as king, content rich, users like, search engines like, this is necessary for promotion. Users like, early promotion, and later users will naturally come; search engines like, will come to your site every day, the weight will naturally rise slowly.

post promotion, links, the chain, offline activities promotion, and even SEO optimization, these are the way to promote. Mainly depends on what you can use, good at what aspects of promotion.

personally feel that the most important point in the promotion of the site should be aware of is that the promotion website, don’t think too simple, if you do not go farther direction, you will promote the site after a period of time, will be disappointed in his promotion effect, to become self confidence.

for the simplest example, the PR value of Google is updated every March, too

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