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Personal Adsense talk about industry station comprehensive experience chapter

has its own site for three years, download stations, articles, stations, blog, forums, e-commerce and so on have done a lot. Three years ago popular QQ station, but because do QQ station webmaster more and more, basically every webmaster has a QQ station. So many webmaster began good times don’t last long, transfer to industry industry station station! Although the potential users, but we all know big market opportunities the truth! Today is to get some experience by doing industry station to talk, for everyone to share.

1: how do you choose the relevant position of the industry before you do it?

first is to look at the industry much share in the real market, the industry target population are what age, if you are over 50 years old people, may you might want to consider, because 50 people over the age of the Internet is less. Who did you visit when you made the website?. Again, if your competitors are a lot or very powerful, then you’re going to have to work harder. Of course, if you have your advantage,


second: operation and promotion of

do stand friends know, flow is the soul of the site. The site does well, if no one knows, no one visits. That doesn’t make any sense,

first talk about the promotion of the most important one method, search engine keyword optimization (SEO), in the search engine to the relevant keywords ranking. Then you can bring considerable traffic, and are potential users! Now, how seo. summed up a formula. Ranking = update quantity + content quality (whether original) + external connections. It means keeping the number of updates every day and making the original as much as possible. And then to find ways to add the external connection of the site, you can manually to the major communities and other posts, you can do friendship with others, but the number of friendship connection is best not more than 100!


is the promotion of QQ. Add some related industry QQ group, but do not casually in the group of public development advertising, so you will be asked to go out! Must pay attention to do AD when the method!


can also go to Baidu know, Tianya Q & A, Tencent ask, and so on where the popularity of the promotion, the same method is the most important, there are many ways to promote, here will say the webmaster most commonly used these kinds of bar.

third: profit model

has traffic, there are visitors every day on the site, but how to change these traffic into silver?. Specific according to the industry to decide, of course. Advertising has always been popular, every site can consider, and can also be combined with e-commerce. Sell related goods. The site has traffic. Guide potential users to your online store. This situation. The odds of a deal are high. If there is no capital purchase. Then find a few agents on the line to do so, at least to meet the pre loss state, and that is, according to the industry to find relevant people to cooperate. Selling commissions, I remember me >

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