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Recruitment websites need to be good third for enterprises and job seekers

during this period, A5 company was recruiting new employees, but it took many time and still didn’t find the right one. A colleague said, in the past years to find people, a recruitment information sent, will receive more than N application resume, this time received response information is very few, very strange, also more depressed. In the online search area recruitment website, recruitment network, large-scale recruitment of many sites, but there are no effective means of communication between employers and job seekers, so employers still can not find a suitable employee, job seekers are difficult to find suitable work.

learned from the news, every year a lot of graduates, the number is also rising, but every year there are still many employers can not recruit employees, labor shortage situation occurs. There is no "third party" matchmaking between enterprises and job seekers, and the information is not transparent, which makes it difficult for many users to recruit people, and it is difficult for job seekers to find jobs. For example, this A5 recruit people, we have posted several posts in the recruitment website information, but received the resume is limited, on their own in the recruitment website search job seekers information, there are more suitable people directly contact. Individual job seekers a lot of information published daily in the recruitment site, job seekers information and post information enterprises have no contact with each other before, enterprises unable to recruit job seekers who can not find work, the recruitment website did not play too much value, serious information opaque.

before the dream of the river a blog Bowen wrote: "a guest matchmaker: how to set up transparent information platform", said a lot of information opaque, the parties are very difficult to contact each other, both sides have not achieved the objective results. Say recruitment website, every day there are many enterprises and job seekers to release information, if recruitment website can audit user information, the two sides of the information butt up, can really realize the function of job recruitment. For example, A5 company released information is "network promotion" and "Internet service" and other aspects of the job, if the intentions of jobseekers are mentioned in the relevant keywords, the recruitment website can give enterprises and individuals both release information with each other, the two sides have the intention to make docking, to achieve the purpose of hiring and job. And if the recruitment website can successfully help companies find people, help job seekers find work, the site’s reputation and image is also getting better and better, you can accumulate long-term users. Through the spread of word-of-mouth, to attract more loyal long-term users.

for many individuals and small recruitment website, not a lot of money for advertising, no large network promotion, if you can start small, from its own services and recruitment website ability value start, can accumulate more users. A local recruitment website, recruitment website released early businesses and job seekers information are relatively small, if the recruitment website to the enterprise and job seekers need active docking, to solve both hiring and job requirements, the site itself value is greatly enhanced. Don’t worry about the job recruitment website users on the site stay time is short, don’t try to retain users for a long time, the recruitment website, the greatest value is the enterprise and job seekers need to solve as soon as possible, let the enterprise and.

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