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The most impressive station promotion experience in a year

has recently run my work in Zhuzhou home network, A5 many friends and group under the help of the people, my website is PR3 and is gradually on the right track, I was in the running process of the website, I continue to search information in A5, in the forum have asked the number of questions will also fluctuate now, there has been a little experience, in order to return this platform A5, I will be some good ways to search my promotion website free of summing up what I can say is do stand more than 1 years of experience, a part of you know, I just put them all together, we find convenient don’t just see a result, only the words, if you do, to understand, it can definitely make your website a qualitative leap, things have patience, perseverance to succeed .

1, don’t know in Baidu inside said, I have done this, the effect is very obvious, my home page for half an hour out of sight, then I quickly deleted it, for a long time after recovery. In Baidu promotion, you can write reference materials, write down some have been adopted and linked to know the URL or your web site, this barely can.

2, the theme of speculation, what topics will see you often go to the forum what, what place, but a lot of people with the theme, broke the theme, or It is sheer fiction. theme, are successful, in some other sections (browse more people) regularly publish some eye-catching articles. Get more views.

3, it was once said that in Baidu know, personal center, additional information can increase traffic and dialogue amount, I have operated, the effect did not see, so we must be careful.

4, no matter where to do promotion, do not send too much, too much, the effect will not be good, but also a little too far, unfriendly.

5, go to other people blog reply no use, do your blog is the most important, it is best to have more than a few.

6, be patient, adjust your mental attitude in time. Anytime, it’s more important than how much work you do today.

7, this promotion method I have not done, because I am a local industry station, I personally think that doing this does not help me, but still move over, perhaps useful to everyone. SNS website soft Wen Promotion Law: now SNS type of website is very popular, go to the SNS website is mainly to several popular SNS website, targeted with hundreds of thousands of users. Then select the appropriate soft text, and reasonable link with the web site, published to their own log. Let some of your friends share, so that many people are concerned about your article, pay attention to your web site.

8, entity promotion, mainstream media promotion, this is very effective for local industry, but it needs a lot of money. If you have money, you can do it.

has a lot of commonly used, the simplest promotion method, I didn’t say "> > here."

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