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We live in the era of happiness 90 site documentary

remember the earliest contact with the network in the 01 year, when the network is just emerging, remember that time, the network is the most personal website, and the forum is very poor. In the early days, is a network of people in my home is set to hao123, which has seen the search, so curious to search all sorts of things, at the beginning, of course, about the search, enter a Chinese website rather baffling. Of course, this site also belongs to the personal home page type, the name, domain name, all are named by the webmaster, home page without any landscaping, is simple text stack of html.

later, the site was gradually developed, become a resource site, there are also teachers begin to upload something natural, HTML cannot meet the site, so in the control panel part into the PHP, also does not have any landscaping. Text only.

remember when, DZ, PW, these weren’t very developed. At that time, basically is the network, and the house of the world.

believes that many of the old station is Koleos cgi. Mobile network is also used more slowly, plug-in more, but there are many loopholes. Slowly, first of all, the rise of PW, remember that two years, is purely the age of the forum. Personal websites basically have a forum, and the system, PHP rarely.

I was the first contact, really, because at that time, junior high school, no money to buy the server, and nothing. So find a free forum. Think about is also very funny, at that time, the dark horse of a simple "plate forum" will make me happy for half a day. Later, the rise of topzj, I believe that many 90 know, because that place, for 4.05 years is undoubtedly the most advanced. The DZ2.5 program, let many people feel fresh, know later DZ and PW war, DZ4.0 officially open, topzj owners are the original, we have to see light suddenly, too long. Looking forward to the topzj upgrade, the trial for some time, but found that DZ5.0 came out, it was found that the original free forum will never be able to keep up with the pace of upgrading. You can only upgrade by yourself.

at that time, they have their own server unsuspectingly get ideas. The period also used a lot of free space, famous, there are a lot of Uu1001, xo51, topzj, ttsite and so on, however, is PHP in the world, without rebuke, these free forum, but also for the popularity of DZ and PW under the half of the country. After all, I know later, many webmaster independent after, all use these two, although want to change for, and can also data conversion, but, after all, everyone used to ah.


, in all that free forum era will soon be over, but DZ Kang Sheng launched their own 5d6d, I was also the first batch of users, and the management is also very mature, also mentioned some suggestions. It’s really good >

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