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Please don’t look at us after 90 webmaster

90, the average person to see the word will have nausea feeling, because the market after 90 to belittle the miserable, I am 90, I refuse to accept.

90 people, most people are indeed very negative, they are mixed, men with handsome sister, female dress pure, in fact, very dirty. This is a student of most schools.

don’t think I’m really scold 90, 90, ambitious people will have something to do, for example, engage in invention, I appreciate this kind of people, because they are pure 90, others like playing ball, that is all to cheat the girl, really want to have a career in sports it is not free to play, not


I do website, I play computer from elementary school, go to junior high school, do website. In fact, my family is very poor and cannot afford to buy a computer, but I do it at the Internet bar. Don’t have much money, I don’t have time to learn ASP, PHP and other languages, I find chaos program debugging, I found some basic knowledge of HTML, in fact, I even do not know how to get SQL, two years ago, I did a N website, in fact, some programs are online, I think, online course the order is not bad. Then gradually understand CMS, in fact, most of the sites are using CMS, so whenever I see a good website, I always look at the bottom there is no POWER BY. I want to see if I do this, whether you can use this program.

I try to use the

DEDE website template, but I don’t know PHP, and later met PowerEasy, Kosun etc.. I am waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity to revitalize the post 90s, a world for 90 after the opportunity to sit up and take notice. Most of us are going to school after 90, the website is our part-time and hobbies, we have no funds, no team, we don’t want to waste our time, we have to study, but also have career. I hope after 90 webmaster can learn successful study, listen to Chen Anzhi speech, you will be boiling blood,.

, we are 90 webmaster, we are in order to dream and IT, we will have to flow for their website and tears, but also because of the first income and tears, we are the dream of 90,


I want to have a chance to let my dear 90 gather together, we set up their own team, if not met in real life, but through the network cooperation and struggle, now, in the afternoon, 14.55, I built a QQ group, this is our 90 home, hope that the majority have not yet the success of 90 to join, group number 28977781.

QQ group 28977781. Give us 90 communication group

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