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Founder Dictation fresh O2O electricity supplier from zero capital to day sales 20 thousand

in the dark horse business district, the dark horse learning to mentor, learn from each other, is the most common thing. Through learning and communication, every dark horse can benefit from it, adjust the direction of his progress, and achieve success more quickly.

dark horse members, Qingdao cloud Network Information Co., Ltd. founder Wang Peiya wrote an article in the year 2014, more than half a year he FuPan the entrepreneurial experience, content, dry cargo, Xiao Bian think very worthwhile for everyone to share. Other entrepreneurs are also welcome to talk about your experience, please reprint this article, please indicate the source.


I started again in Qingdao in July 2013, more than half a year, experienced a lot, also harvested a lot. The most fortunate is to join the dark horse Club (I dark horse note: dark horse number 008) and Qingdao Chinese business association of these two entrepreneurs organizations, know countless entrepreneurial partners, these are my life in the noble. Everyone said that entrepreneurs are lonely, only entrepreneurs themselves together to encourage each other, to have more courage to venture on the road ahead proudly. Before the Spring Festival and big brother, dark horse dark horse will be the Secretary General and the huge capital founder Yang Shoubin, Yang brother gave me a lot of advice and suggestions on the road of entrepreneurship, I do some business experience and business model of their own, I will take advantage of the Spring Festival these days rare leisure time to write their own entrepreneurial experience and thinking go, and all start on the road in the brothers and sisters to share and exchange with each other.

I have been in charge of the traditional retail market and channels in the United States, but also done e-commerce, small appliances on behalf of operators, and finally entrepreneurs have also chosen the field of electricity supplier. Before this time, I had other entrepreneurial experiences, but I failed, and I will share the lessons learned in the future.

business must first determine the direction of my good product, is the fruit of the online and offline sales, cooperation and Turpan Song Feng Group, Xinjiang characteristic agricultural product sales, including Xinjiang nuts and fruit, take the form of funds, payment after delivery of the first payment to sellers, and rely on the profit of turnover and circulation. From last June to now, my entrepreneurial process is divided into four stages:

the first stage: 2013 6-7 months, through the Internet new media means to sell Hami melon in Turpan, Turpan Hami melon to build the mode of direct marketing.

I under the Flaming Mountains in Hami Guagua hang the banner pictures, let Uygur girl hands melon to friends say hello, the direct origin of propaganda. Turpan basin is an oasis of Xinjiang in Gobi, the source of all the water from the Tianshan snow melt into the Flaming Mountains after the infiltration, rich in minerals, sunshine time is 16 hours, the temperature difference between day and night, and there are very few pests, richly endowed by nature geographical location and natural conditions and the achievements of the melon grape most delicious in the world. Eastern people do not go to Turpan, it is difficult to eat so authentic, so sweet fruit, I want to advertise is the origin of direct marketing.

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