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Chonnam life new station every day hundreds of P is not difficult

really start the new day hundreds of IP is not a big problem from what the first day! The train is not pushed, the cow is not blowing. In fact, it’s very simple, I say you will, without any technical content. Look at the package, you won’t find me,


, I’m an old new station owner. I’ve been in the station for some time, but it’s still new. Web site optimization will not do, my site is using the default template, but simply changed the website name and copyright at the bottom of the site, so. Of course, my website’s daily visit from search engines is not very high, but it’s not very high. I think that’s normal. Because not, SEO. I think many beginners, like me, do not SEO, so we have to come here to exchange feelings. My search engine traffic is all from Baidu, GG and other, occasionally, a few, very few links, and even no links. Very junior webmaster. I guess that’s why GG doesn’t come to traffic. It’s time to start anti chain. Search engine no flow how to do? Can’t wait for Baidu to come here, optimization I won’t, how to do? This is all the novice favorite ask, how to do?


because I started doing anti chain, so I will go to some post bar, know, BBS, dig class website posting, with web link. At the same time built several blogs, found that Post Bar sometimes a few days of continuous post can bring me dozens of hundreds of IP, and I found on the X is to bring IP, I answered a question in the know, is about the physical, (not yellow) I answered, I left the site, the results came from IP is the most lasting. No, I don’t want you to try it. DIG’s IP can not be ignored, DIG should be good at the attraction of the article, attractive, not afraid of no point, (also can say that the title of the attraction is very important) IP is definitely coming. Of course, do not send those unhealthy content, what kind of attractive, it is very simple to see what others are ready, what content to DIG, (of course, we should also send related to our website subject to) what kind of content is up to the top, which can be false, it can only judge for yourself. Don’t look for websites of the same rank and do more links. Of course, you have better links. If you do, I don’t think you need to look at this, unless you pay for it. I haven’t bought it. I found that strengthening the internal links can also increase the PR value, depending on your approach. The inner chain is also important. I have a website to check GG. The reverse link is 0 (I don’t understand why it’s 0), but PR=3. Not making any links. Cheat you is not a person, don’t believe you can go to check, the website is http://s.0797ganzhou.com. Absolutely real PR, and it would be even better if anyone could tell me how to get 3. Thanks in advance. But I think it’s probably the inner chain. Although basically through the GG to flow, but less and poor. Baidu hasn’t called much

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