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11 reasons for computer students to learn to build a website

often hears students majoring in computer science. After graduation, they sigh, "I didn’t learn anything at university. Nothing in the computer is going to work."!". For its reasons, nothing more than a student’s own reasons. There are a lot of students entering the university after the goal is not clear, blind dawdle in school! The second is education system in Colleges and universities, the teaching computer stopped completely in theory, there is no practical guidance, resulting in some students lose interest in computer, and even lose confidence; more lax in the management of college students, not to think about the future.

in view of the above situation, and my understanding of higher education, strongly recommended the school computer science students, learning related knowledge of website construction, the following is a list of 11 benefits of the establishment of the study, and we encourage each other!

computer students, learn to set up 11 benefits:

1, learn how to make web pages, you can express your thoughts in the form of Web sites; website people, thinking is very flexible, thinking, people progress!


2, have their own interests and hobbies, you can fight with faith! "Interest is the best teacher", with interest, study hard is not a problem; you don’t have to worry about the theory of the classroom boring, because you have hobbies, have their own way of learning; I don’t care-laden for the future can not find a job, because you have learned things will have sufficient confidence.

3, engage in Web sites, network applications super ability, you can learn to use tools; gentlemen are different, also good, false in things also;

4, you can really understand what is e-commerce, to gain opportunities for future development;

5, you can exercise information literacy and awareness of the times, accumulation of technology and experience, training network marketing awareness, paving the way for future entrepreneurship;

6, do website often communicate on the forum, can enhance communication ability with people;

7, the website as a hobby, can enrich the rich university life, to send some boring time;

8, easy to understand the trend of the computer industry, to understand the latest Internet technology;

9, often take the site as a topic, the friends and classmates do show, the website will think you very calendar harm, enhance their self-confidence and sense of achievement; and your website is an invaluable asset to you, maybe a few years later became billionaires. (PCPOP Li Xiang is the best example).

10, understand the operation of the Internet, graduating from the future to find a related job is easy;


, 11 monasteries to write articles, do not underestimate the Oh, I was out of this exercise.

My view is above

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