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Analysis of the advantages of Chinese station station

is the so-called fame: as early as possible! In an era of rapid development of Internet, the Internet has been known to every family in our Chinese,! Want to be famous, do stand, do stand, fame. This is what I summed up a sentence, ha ha.

I think China has a lot of advantages that contribute to the development of personal websites. There are several specific points:

1 Chinese the population is the largest country in the world, so also the achievements of the number of Internet users China, has rich resources of the Internet object! So as to provide needed resources for the object China network development, the website will have more people to see! This IP personal website is fully guaranteed! As long as you have the website content is how many people see


2, China’s education has been paid more and more attention and comprehensive popularization, especially the great efforts to popularize and popularize higher education. The object of higher education for college students, college students are the object in the network is the most representative, they will be more fully as far as possible the use of cyber source network! In their study and life will be using more comprehensive! Such as Chinese personal website

is the icing on the cake!

3 a can not be ignored in the online gaming industry, this is a fairly large, there are plenty of network users Chinese conservative estimate of cornucopia! With 65% are playing online games and game to enter the market! Chinese, South Korea game March China market, Japan & middot; · · their arrival almost see China game users in good market rising! A lot of people playing online game addiction, this let a lot of personal website in game development.

4 there is a Hollywood blockbuster in recent years some of China from the film market to enter, can be seen China is also a movie FANS more and more countries have the potential in the deep market!! movie market is Chinese a great prospect, because the network fast and convenient, more and more people love to get the movie resources through the network! So personal website also appeared in film and Television Resources Download Station


finally, now China laws and regulations in the network is not very perfect, now seize the time to build your personal web site is a good opportunity, with intellectual property rights is becoming more and more important, the future development might not be so smooth! The real development is to rely on their own efforts to


              editor’s comment: want to be famous, do stand, stand well, become famous. Being a station seems to be a way to become famous!

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