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How far is the road to small websites

financial storm, for the young Internet world a big impact, just over a month since, Ali, Baidu, etc. Chinese network giant star shares fell sharply. The young network world little more than half of the millionaires, from shortly before the Alibaba moves, let website alive "Ali mother and small owners to grow together" to today’s "Mom, what do you collect?" Ali dissatisfaction is just a few months…

Internet’s winter is coming, the door started with small website for the winter, but a small website? Advertising prices fell, and the gateway of the storm passed, the individual owners live hard, Google Advertising now fell an average price of only $0.05, due to the impact of a Baidu has ah, also began to the small amplitude forced website using Taobao ads for Taobao promotion and traffic to

small website way how far, we can make nothing of it, we can only hope that the financial turmoil ended earlier, although this will not bring what direct benefits to us, but we can avoid becoming victims of the financial turmoil was.

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