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Analysis of the use of Web site plug ins can effectively enhance the viscosity of the site

No matter what type of operation

website, hope your website viscosity is high, so it can attract a lot of repeat! Is a good idea, but often do not know where to start, it seems to enhance the viscosity of the website, need to do a lot of things, it is too much, but eventually, the content is one way to the main website viscosity increase, of course, website design and function, the main elements of paoque these websites viscosity, a lot of auxiliary tools, such as web plug-in, often also can effectively improve the viscosity of the

web site!

maybe many webmaster also understanding of plug-in comparison that will lead to one-sided, plug-in user objectionable, even in the user experience is counterproductive, of course this is relative to the garbage sites, if it is a normal station, and the user experience of the website also do well, then plug in a websites on the role of viscosity it is very obvious! For example, Tencent portal for Tencent plug-ins, many users log in to QQ, the Tencent news will pop up box! So users do not need to enter the Tencent. In IE, you can directly see the news content of their own love! Now is similar to the QQ plug-in has many, Ali Wangwang, SKYPE and so on are so the function of this plug-in visible in a websites on the viscosity effect, has been recognized by many large portal


is the benefit of talking about plug-ins for large portals, so what about the role of plug-ins in small and medium websites?

1: guide users to download

will open a download column on the website, but also on the website related articles to recommend this plugin is able to benefit, the latest advice to your desktop, to allow users to download their own initiative, can not let users open your site, automatically download to their on the web, although this may be able to obtain the user’s traffic flow back, can also produce a certain number of times, but this is because the computer users do not understand the cause of the operation, did not really come to your site, if the users found that these users may become the site against your fans, think you the site in the implanted Trojan, but counterproductive! So, when the development of Web plug-ins, to guide users to download


two: plug-in functions should meet user needs

plug-in is successful, the nature is very important, if only to your website needs to develop plug-in, it will let the user objectionable, because our website development plug-in is designed to enhance the viscosity of the site, rather than lure users to come in, so in the plug-in development, must be investigated in the on his website, based on user needs first-hand information, and then the coffee, such as when the user login computer after long time, just pop up to the corresponding website updates! Or the content is to provide customized! Such as at what time what channel pop-up content and so on, so that it can better serve.

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