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Long learning network training experience

is pleased to be able to stand here and explore the entrepreneurial experience with you. I’m the head of the http://s.lesson9.com.

below, I have three parts to introduce my entrepreneurial experience.

student’s dream when young

one day in March 1997, my relatives to go to the town post office to receive telephone in the list, looking at the typist beat a few key from a computer print out of the phone, I touched the computer, you said that this TV set. The typist said it was a computer.

this is my first contact with the computer, and I thought it was amazing. I could hardly think of it.

I think, if the computer is a female, I have sat down at her feet.

in 1998, I had a primary school teacher named Liu Qunsheng, who opened a small shop for people to edit photos and print documents in the small town. I gave him and Mrs. tea some knowledge of the computer in his shop often mixed. In the summer, I was in my home lobby that learned computer how to find work, my mother would allow me to learn computer in the computer store.

at that time there were two computers in the store, one was 286, and the other was 586. There were 6 of us in school. I was the worst one in the world because I sat down on my computer and the teacher seemed to be bothering me. I never stopped asking questions.

was the very beginning we learn five pen typing, don’t know today everybody here, does anyone remember myeongryun five pen just get the music (Coolbug ~~~16563565123216 singing sound?…


two in the afternoon the home, I was cooked more than 130 roots, so that the cattle eat people the seedlings, being scolded.

still remember, pointing to the hard disk, told later students learning computer, said, "this is CD-ROM, you remember,


began to touch the Internet in the second half of 1998.

at that time, my surprise is no less than the first time to see the computer, I thought for a few days, do not understand, a computer, a cat, a cable, you can chat with others, I think it is simply can not think of justice.

1998, the Internet is definitely a new thing, when I was in the small county, only 2 Internet cafes. And 56K’s Modem, two Hub, 20 machines, and the operating system is Windows 95.

in 1999, I started spending all my pocket money and all my spare time on the internet.

, the Internet cafes are all chat, chat at that time, that is, in the Huanggang hotline chat room, and at that time chat room >!

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