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Experience sharing in creating industry site navigation stations

first introduce my site navigation station: solar industry site navigation, site was established in November 11th, through the promotion of a wide range of 2 days, the total amount of access (PV) has been close to 50 thousand times. The goal is to strive to achieve industry famous website, I believe that through our team can achieve this goal, the following introduction I created this website experience, I hope everyone can give valuable, can bring you a real inspiration, rather than simply a soft.

1: domain name selection. Basic requirements: simple and easy to remember. The most important thing is to combine our economic situation. I think everyone knows what is a good domain name. Everyone knows that 123.com is the best, but it is not realistic for us. About domain name, my principle is best is.Com, the reason is that we are facing ordinary Internet users, they may not remember the non mainstream suffix. Then, the domain name is to choose digital or semi detached, or mixed with? First I exclude confounding numbers and letters, domain name like our family number, I think you are not willing to choose what digital + letter number? But you will say Chinese biggest 123 were the letters and numbers I? Want to say is good 123 has become a brand, has been ingrained if other users, the domain name will have a great impact on the website, if time could go back, the creator will definitely not choose the letters and numbers I think 123, but better than the 265 domain name. Return to the topic, the front also said, according to their economic situation, the digital domain name of our team is not too much money to buy a classic, so we can only choose to choose Pinyin Pinyin, you must find a website with their related? And to netizens and life have close contact, so that it is easy to memory. Don’t you think? Since it is the site navigation, the Internet is a window, through the window and click convenient I want to go to the site. It is said that the pursuit of "fast", describe fast? Half a second fast enough? Without a second, the second is a unit of time, every one of us on time have always pay attention to look at the time, work, eat and sleep also depends on time, so we agreed that for half a second (banmiao) our website, so the domain name that settled it. Then there is site positioning.

two: site positioning. I think now the popular navigation, we take what to hao123265114la station? No, there is no way to go beyond, there will never be the light of day, of course you can not agree with my point of view, or that sentence, who do who know. Regression in the positioning of topic, we determined to do industry site navigation, but there are a lot of industry, we should do what line? The industry must be of interest to you, I think no one can face every day you are not interested in things, our team agreed that solar energy is a high-tech industry, a good prospect energy saving and environmental protection, and the country is strong support in the next few years, solar energy companies will be more and more users have profit, this moment we must understand. OK >

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