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About website collection of skills

website filing very helpless, search the Internet for some of the Raiders on the record, I wonder if you have any help,.


due to a strange country. Domestic regulations, all websites need to do the record, not for the record, they might have to be closed, what a fine. Oh, there is no way to prepare them,.

record is actually a simple process, if you put on the record will know, and sum up, there are mainly such a little experience:

1, personal sales of goods website (that is, the general shop), as long as they do not sell illegal things, is the record can pass

2, ID number is wrong, definitely not through

3, the website in a forum, no other things, not through, but has its own page in the website, which hung as a sub forum column, basic can (such as the mall + Forum mode)

4, the same user can not go to record more than one website, or you will be prompted to detect conflicts, refused to pass

5, incomplete personal data, basically can not pass, for example, did not fill in the number of the city. However, this does not necessarily depend on the management of the provincial communications authority.

6, the domain name of the BBS, such as xyz-bbs.com, this is not easy to pass.


light has no website domain name, as long as the data are filled, certainly by (!!)

so, the record can certainly pass the method, that is, registered domain name to go to the record, after the adoption of the record, and then go to buy space, do what. Of course, if you are eager to use, as long as the site is not just a forum, the basic can also be adopted.

the review process for the communications authority is this: your application arrives at the management terminal of the communications authority. They open the terminal, and then check your content, there are several concerns, one is you corn, and the two is your website content, and the three is the functional framework of your website

process: open your station, PING your host, view your column, view your article page,

generally speaking, the website has BBS, blog, news commentary open, involving special permission of the station, generally can not pass the record, you apply for no more,

at the same time, your other information should also be filled out in detail and

so, in general, if you want to record, it is better to take a static page, a page for the record, and then a period of time after the use of this corn. In this way, the record is generally not possible, 100%

two, if you already have, please use the other corn for the first way, then the corn point to the station. Such a station is also recorded, there will be no problem.

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