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Analysis of the situation and way out of the navigation station in mobile nternet Era

navigation station, as its name suggests, is to import traffic to the Internet, that is, one of the entrance to traffic. In the Internet has just begun to popularize that era, the Internet users are relatively poor skills, and at the same time the amount of information in the Internet is relatively small. So that when users need a simple tool to guide you to enjoy the Internet content, Li Xingping is at that time the insight into the needs of users, so hao123 is also a result of a huge success.

in the early days of the Internet, the navigation station can be said to occupy a very high position, we may remember that the originator of the Internet YAHOO, in fact, early to do, in strict terms, is also a navigation station. And compared with the well-known traditional site home page navigation station search method is the Internet, of course, now the navigation station is almost as to which sites have what specific content cannot be obtained from the navigation station, and with the increase in demand with technology updates, in the early stages of the search engine.

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Baidu search, the search can be said is the first of its products, no other products to help the layout of the search engine market, it can not be known by most people, and we all know that search engines like Baidu have a lot of credit must go to a large number of navigation station you remember, Baidu to the small navigation station high rebate at that time, but now is Baidu’s own spare none.

Qihoo 360 as a search engine, it has a lot of products, we all think is the acquisition of nearly two of the search market share within a year in the field of security based on the user base to. But we all know that there is a Qihoo ace weapon is 360 navigation, and the search engine is a huge entrance browser and navigation based on and developed, but said the initial user is from security products, but also bear a large majority of the realization of its mission in the early navigation product development company.

navigation station can be said that since the birth of the Internet was born, and although it has gone through twenty years, but its role is still unabated. For example, some Internet users have less knowledge is still very dependent on the navigation station, even after they have access to the Internet website list basically also belong to that few could find on the navigation station he.

according to the Internet data show that the flow of mobile Internet to catch up with PC traffic is the trend of the times, people are talking about the advent of mobile Internet era, so it is not false. In the PC era, the Internet has just entered the home is the emergence of a large number of navigation station, and at the time of the navigation station does get a lot of interest; these giant Baidu later developed after the bite of these stations, but there are still some strong to survive, the essence of these giants like Baidu push navigation station in the last, of course positive to it is the inevitable result of the development of the Internet age.

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