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Former NetEase senior operations 2 key activities and 7 recommendations

in the operation, we will find that online activity is a very good way to bring a lot of traffic. Operating activities have to do? Who will do the activities of operation? If your position is the product operation / operation / operating activities, will organize related online activities, the author is engaged in the Internet for 2 years in a little size to do a lot of activities, still feel that the best activities are a



regardless of size, activity, feeling, there is a certain general process can go, this will comb the basic process of activities, operations, and the process can be seen everywhere pit.

first focus: large scale operations, the most important thing is to seize the time priority, early planning, early planning, early preparation of

operators should take each activity as a project, as an active project manager to drive the whole process, including activities, post data analysis, experience summary work.

The basic process of

operation is roughly: annual event planning, activity planning, quarter landing activities start to prepare detailed matters, on-line monitoring, on-line activities, activities in activity offline operation replay file.

will share

in terms of time, purpose, activity, operation, to, and do

1, the first step is the annual activity plan, which is responsible for the overall planning of activities, topics, processes and early docking of all the resources needed. The proposal should be given at the end of the previous year. You need at least to do list includes: clear annual activity data, the budget last year, and according to the above two points, on a quarterly basis, focus on major events such as holidays / daily activities, leaving small quota, roughly the theme planning, budget, time etc..

2, the second step is to refine the quarter activity plan, the main purpose is to refine the next quarter’s theme and plan, arrange docking and prepare ahead of time, time is about two months before the event on the line, roughly content should include: according to the annual planning activities of fine time, budget, theme, screenings etc. also, the need to further refine the program of activities, including the quarterly events screenings, time, theme, activities, budget, small daily hot activities screenings, budget etc..

3 and third are active landing. There will be some minor adjustments depending on the range of events. Generally speaking, large-scale activities need to be launched one month ahead of schedule, of course, according to your specific personnel and development, design and other resources to determine the situation. Personal advice is departmental scheduling, uppercase, bold, advance communication. This is in order to be able to determine all work arrangements, including personnel confirmation, before landing on the ground. You need to confirm the activity of KPI, pull or push, pull a new product or active download, or a number of parallel KPI, it must be able to confirm the best, according to historical data and current data, estimate the activity flow rate, >

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