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Give up 200 thousand annual salary have trouble in the nternet entrepreneurial experience


give up 200 thousand annual salary, I am troubled by the Internet business experience

Part 2:

has been considering whether to display the present experience, because it involves many things many people and a lot of experience, from my spirits to sad to give up, from the bitter suffering from the constant struggle to stand, hesitation, frustration to the dawn, the dawn of reproduction, I have no retreat along the way, the middle to meet a lot of friends also see a lot of truth, which is probably my biggest harvest. Entrepreneurship is not just a cavity of blood + persistence, more suffering + opportunities, but also never give up the heart.

1, the difficulties are much faster than you think,

March 23, 2007 was a memorable day for me and my company. On this day, angel investment from the United States was officially contracted for $1 million. My spirits, short stubble hair for a mile of water and the spirit of times. In a conference room in a four star hotel, I addressed the more than 20 reporters in the audience semi nervous and half heated. For the future, I see is not very clear, but I believe that hard work and creative plus support, we will be able to get out of their own way, in a speech, I am especially grateful to fight with my team.


conference, a reporter asked me, what is the greatest difficulty encountered in entrepreneurship? I don’t think the answer: the biggest difficulty is in the future, with the development of the company and the growth of the scale, there must be many unexpected difficulties in front of the ambush.

I didn’t expect the difficult situation to come. It was so swift and swift that I almost wanted to give up.

two, the shock caused by the option

1, angel investor, please call him Mr. C for the time being. C from Missouri, more than 70 years old, from the appearance is a fat old man honest gentleman and even some stupid, but then something happened so I understand that he is actually quite smart is also quite commercial, in other words, the business field is an advantage. This is not for the time being. C turned out to be CEO of a medical device company. Later, the company was bought, so he had a lot of cash. It was his first time to come to China to invest in our company. For him, I am from the heart when he is an elder, so respect and care. After signing the contract and signing the check, C showed great pleasure and went out to wash his feet at night. He thought the feet were comfortable and cheap enough:)


C left China, he specially asked us to set up employee options in accordance with the governance structure of Silicon Valley. I’m all for it, but I don’t understand the contrast. Like most domestic entrepreneurs, I heard that expired rights, but the specific operation is not familiar. I’ve been looking for a friend in Shenzhen, Professor CH, who works as a financial consultant and management consultant. He is a professional in this field. C told me that options generally range from 3 to 5 years. Employees sign contracts with companies and work for a certain number of years and are subject to assessment

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