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Enterprise website optimization you need to know what


Internet led the entire world’s electricity supplier industry and sales network platform, to become a business, become a qualified webmaster should be a lot of friends hope to become the occupation, in fact is not difficult to do. Wuzhou website construction company Xiaobian often receive amount, customers call to say: "our enterprise website ranking how not ah, even our company name can’t find.". But I feel puzzled is impossible, but after I give you a look at my website is an exclamation point, when the enterprise website has just started to do is what is what, even there are so few articles are those articles or we give to our website when he test how can you say, this website ranking


many companies (especially small and medium enterprises) do not have professional network departments within their own, they are called to any clerk, or the business is free, it is time to go and see. The enterprise website is not as good as the original don’t do it, in fact, good management of enterprise website is not what problem, besides Wuzhou network companies have free website operation and SEO training courses, as long as you have time to come to learn about it, today Xiaobian give you hope to become the webmaster friends talk about how to become a qualified enterprise website optimization webmaster.

1 will build website

here will not only mean building a domain name and space, upload programs can be installed. You have to know how to buy domain names, pick up space, select programs, and defend against attacks. If you buy a space upload program, it doesn’t affect the previous stage, but it will cause a great deal of trouble to your website later. No matter which search engine, you pay attention to your space quality and website security.

2, knowing HTML will look at the CCS code

first of all, we must admit that no search engine likes websites that are bloated and unreasonable. Web code is bloated, not only will reduce the speed of access to the site, but also difficult to be crawl search engines. So, if you want to do a good job search engine site rankings, first of all, HTML code, and can understand CCS, the website all unreasonable code all eliminated.

3, know how to optimize the principle

each search engine has its own set of website ranking rules. If you want your site to get a good ranking, then your site must conform to the rules of a search engine. Among them, the website optimization is divided into station optimization and station optimization. Outside the station, the most common is to optimize the link and the chain, and in the station optimization, you need to your website chain, content quality, code, keywords and space stability, security and other aspects of optimization. Requirements optimization personnel must understand the relevant program code, technical content is higher.

4, professional keyword analysis,

early website construction, you must set your website keywords. Must understand >

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