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Exclusive analysis why does not some large recruitment sites listed

experience analysis of several mainstream recruitment sites


is a business enterprise of HR, recently the boss considering whether to buy a set of members of the site, so let me do a website with a set of a eight site investigation resume coincidence rate, every randomly selected part of your resume to observe the coincidence degree of job seekers is not completely finished, the research found much the problem, I think this is a lot of HR confusion, I think this is not only the HR confusion is also a lot of job seekers loss, then grilled a steak. What exactly are the problems,


first, CV search for the same label "Taobao" list shows the gap is too large,

other search conditions, I did not fill in before the two sites are the same, followed by the emergence of Taobao industry job seekers resume list, this problem can come, HR will see a lot of resume when search resumes, like a list of data website should be clear, first job seekers update time is very important, is also very iconic at a glance, let HR know the status of job seekers now, to determine whether he is still looking for jobs, grasp the opportunity to recruit talent, followed by talent labels and specific job positions, we say that the company wanted to run a Taobao, I can in the list see clearly the specific job seekers is operating, or art, a lot of things without HR, then to decide whether to resume view specific content, also in this operation Each position on the label of the highlights are not the same, HR will first from the list of tags in selecting the best choice to highlight, multi label good talent is certainly the first choice, put the label into job seekers eye is not obvious and can not attract HR resume, many HR will not be the first choose to view your resume content.

for job seekers: labels, highlights are not obvious, missed a lot of offer

for HR: the workload increases while causing HR to work against

eight job seekers resume updates can be specific to hours, minutes, and a collection of sites can only find a large area, the nearest only three days.

more than second, first resumes,

I believe that

used the two web sites should people may have noticed a detail, when a eight resume will show a dialog box to resume classification, such as what type of work for job seekers with the background, distinguish very carefully, before I have not used a set net station, recently started attention also to register an account to write a resume, a similar dialog box was not found in the save time, continued to write the two resume did not appear, perhaps this is the reason many people appear to repeat the same resume position.

turned over and then unified search tags, a eight site I did not find one resume repeated phenomenon, only update time, and a set of sites I said very tangled, if more people resume out.

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