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Talk about how to set up the main sub and bottom navigation links to form an intelligent spider w

is now the spider is sensitive, a little attention is likely to get into the site where the author is doomed eternally, two webmaster friends, their website before God keywords is also among the Baidu home page, and today the two friends told me, do not have a website ranking, then after examination, the author found that their web sites have a common problem, whether or not the problem caused by the site is down right, but at least these two problems must be solved, that is the bottom navigation and connection settings, these two sites are the complex links in a large number of navigation and links at the bottom, a lot of links and sites the content is basically not related, perhaps this is a major factor in right down, the following specific talk about how to change the navigation and the bottom of the complex link state.

first owners should be simple planning for your site navigation, what is the navigation, navigation is the main part of the site, use the DZ forum webmaster should be very clear what is called site navigation, navigation is a large project, such as a class teacher, then monitor, study members etc. it can be regarded as our site navigation, and navigation below you can design small column, which is also called a class leader, captain. If you are in operation when the website navigation confusion, it is equivalent to your class no organization at all, the consequences of this webmaster should be as can be imagined, so the reasonable planning of navigation before navigation setting method is the most effective way is to take the theme, theme – center, site navigation will always around the center, so the planning method to set the navigation there will not be any major problem.

Secondly, we should

a reasonable setting of navigation, generally a site navigation content are not many, it is just a play the role of connecting method, so we can take the bread crumbs to the site navigation, you can go to open the DZ official website to learn about the navigation does not exceed 10 which of the following columns, but many, we can see that only navigation is up a connecting role, I suggest you Adsense with bread crumbs when setting method of navigation, which is currently the most widely used method.


finally, we’ll talk about the links at the bottom, the bottom link has been the focus of concern webmaster, many webmaster love in all kinds of information at the bottom to join the site, there is a part of webmaster using bottom to sell links, I have to tell you about these behavior is wrong, not a real link at the bottom of the site more than 10, including for the record, information, statistics and so on link link link, if more than 10, then I tell you your website link is too complex, the search engine spiders will not agree with you in this complex links layout, so if you find at the bottom of your link is over 10, then I suggest you in herf+www add the nofflow attribute, so that the net >

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