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Must Sheng interconnection let Chinese webmaster enjoy management style cloud hosting service

for the webmaster, the general use of cloud host, need to spend a lot of energy to build a server environment, for the pursuit of efficiency of the times, how to easily manage cloud hosting? In order to cater to this market demand, will hold Internet first proposed an effective solution – managed cloud host (managed cloud hosting)


what is a managed cloud hosting


managed cloud hosting is a new concept emerging in recent years, usually the cloud master with built-in full control panels and development environments. Then it managed to say what are the advantages? Managed cloud host will still by the user master host management initiative, and because the managed cloud hosting to check and optimize the server, thus the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, let the webmaster more easily enjoy the advantages of cloud hosting, cloud hosting promotion operation happiness sense.

Plesk control panel + Ali cloud ECS cloud host = must Sheng interconnection management cloud host

will be the introduction of this management Internet cloud hosting, both to meet the requirements of individual owners of cloud host cost-effective, but also to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to manage cloud host convenience. It combines Ali, cloud, ECS, cloud host, and powerful Plesk control panel. The webmaster simply logs in to the Plesk panel to build the site immediately, without having to spend time on the host build environment, as Plesk has provided a ready development environment for the webmaster. You don’t need to install Apache, Nignx, Mysql database and all versions of PHP, because Plesk has given you installed, and the user can choose to add or remove components at any time, very convenient.



Plesk control panel provides more than just a UI control interface to the cloud host. It also brings security monitoring, mailbox administrators, file systems, and development platforms to the cloud host. For webmasters who favor WordPress site construction, here also can get a good experience. Bi Sheng Internet management cloud host specially optimized for WordPress, in addition to installation, support from the Plesk panel to avoid landing in WordPress, support patch automatic updates, WordPress plugin and website template installation etc..

must manage cloud hosting, not only powerful, but also more stable than traditional cloud hosts. Equipped with the world’s leading Plesk control panel, its built-in Atomicorp security core and Cloudflare server security shield, not only can improve the security and stability of cloud hosting, and realize the DNS speed, greatly speed up page loading speed.

will have Internet management cloud hosting, so that webmasters can get rid of the server environment configuration >

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