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Network pusher bride currently popular 5 kinds of websites

the Internet is no longer a night outbreak of the era, many new entrants friends will need to do a website, and then through the various modes of advertising is more profitable, the enterprise will not stop the station, to achieve double growth performance through the network, this also to a certain extent, the electronic commerce website active promotion, network marketing, the network marketing industry. Any industry unpopular will have a premise, any colored no woman’s popularity, there will be a hidden rule.

relatively recent hot events like Ma Lo Yan Fengjiao, is the same, is the "one" high ratings piece, the current can not be verified, but whether an event is popular speculation, only readers think carefully pondering, natural and clear. Once involved in commercial interests or personal interests, behind the realization of some values, such as the Shoushou gate incident, naturally there are people behind the scenes to show the country. The same strategy, a good location can make a new station, overnight traffic soaring, server crash. If the location is not accurate, the site is like xanadu. Recently, the Tokyo bride has been studying the issue of web traffic and found that several websites seem good for the time being.

1. with QQ relevant website: QQ space code, QQ space module, non mainstream pictures, QQ FD module, QQ space picture module, non mainstream music, QQ space message code, QQ space material, QQ news, QQ download, QQ space, QQ head, QQ expression, QQ games, QQ secret QQ, character data, QQ character signature, QQ ID, QQ head, QQ space message code. And so on the above categories, take a look at the Baidu index will know the flow of these keywords.

2. with the picture detached website: non mainstream pictures, non mainstream pictures, non mainstream picture, non mainstream non mainstream character signature, QQ picture, non mainstream flash map, QQ space picture material, non mainstream sentimental personality pictures, sad QQ non mainstream personality signature, and sad character signature map, beautiful pictures, non mainstream beautiful pictures, non mainstream customers, customers, non mainstream mobile phone pictures, non mainstream pictures of boys, non mainstream personality pictures, non mainstream and non mainstream non mainstream girl pictures, lovely pictures, QQ non mainstream pictures.

3. mobile phone with detached website: mobile phone games, mobile phone pictures, mobile phone theme, mobile phone novels, mobile phone game downloads, download mobile phone mobile phone pictures, novels download, mobile phone software, mobile phone ringtones and so on.

4. is related to the popular event news station: check on Baidu billboard every popular keywords, if these keywords news appears on your website, but just the weight of your site is relatively high, ranking. Entertainment events, events, not worry in 90 generation, as long as the relevant 90 entertainment website can also share in traffic.

5. with the film and TV series detached website >

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