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Research user experience and user requirements analysis

article may not be written clearly, but I operate the site is almost in accordance with the following ideas of operation, I hope to help with the study of SEO groups.

— the text begins — –

1., Baidu search results, 10 locations are not arranged according to user needs? (Baidu said: can help users solve problems and user experience good web site to give higher weight)

from top to bottom are based on user demand groups to show rankings;

2., do we need to study the key words before we make a website, and analyze what users need? Then we begin to layout the key words of the homepage, the channel page, the column page and the content page of the website.

(don’t talk about keyword competition here, how powerful is it, and if the top 20 websites are very powerful, we can do other related keywords.


(1): how do you see user requirements?

below to "Tieguanyin" this keyword analysis, users of Tieguanyin what are the needs of example:

looks at recent demand data from Baidu, 360, Sogou drop-down boxes, and related searches;

before you do the site, first your industry keyword in the search engine of the three major search box input: in the drop-down box and related search data, you can

look at what users search keywords, and what the demand side, our website can solve user problems.

1: through Baidu, 360, Sogou page drop-down box and related search data, draw the following users are concerned about;

drop-down box appears consistent keywords are: Tieguanyin effect and function, Tieguanyin price

relevant search keywords have the same meaning appear consistent: Tieguanyin tea / tea / Tieguanyin Tieguanyin belong to what is it Green Tea Tieguanyin price / gift and how much money Tieguanyin Tieguanyin Tieguanyin Tieguanyin / Anxi Tieguanyin Tea how bubble bubble method

drop-down box and related search appear consistent keywords are: Tieguanyin effect and function, Tieguanyin price

conclusion: the user is most concerned about the effect and function and price of tieguanyin. Here we are not clear about the mind, the site may need to arrange these two columns: 1., Tieguanyin effect and role of 2. Tieguanyin tea price

, if a Tieguanyin site, no column introduction, Tieguanyin effect and function, Tieguanyin price of these two aspects of the article or topic, ranking is difficult to come up. Keep looking. Do you really need these two keywords?…

2, Baidu /360/ Sogou index to see user needs;

look at index drop-down boxes, demand maps, hot searches, related search terms, and up

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