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To four lines as the standard to build regional SEO studio

"four line" is one of the standard way of doing things, from the Lecture Room special professor Wang Liqun, said the main contents are as follows: first, to "practice"; second, one has to say you "; third, you said" OK "to" practice "; fourth, you the body"". It is impossible for you to say that you are "doing", and you have to say "yes"". The combination of these four SEO Shaanxi point to talk about how to build regional SEO studio.

will do it himself,

this is the basic basic condition. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t expect it to be big. For SEO practitioners, whether individual or business, must have a top master to support the business, the only way to meet the needs of users. If you want to make your own SEO studio, with no examples to prove your ability, and how to convince customers that you can do? For example, a SEO site, regardless of the nature of the blog or enterprise stand in nature, if do not to the home page or the top 5, becomes impossible to prove can you bring the actual benefit to the customer.

therefore, you should go ahead, the most important thing is to develop your own ability, ability and opportunity to show you, so that you will have a better chance to discover you. Of course, this ability includes many aspects, SEO technology, site building technology, ability to communicate with customers and so on. In short, the business related capabilities are relatively strong. If the team is, oneself are not all very strong, but want to know, in which one or two can be, it can well control the overall situation, prevent Zoupian Jian feng.

wants someone to say you can,

no matter what the industry, we must understand some of the important figures in this industry, expert level, can speak words should be familiar with, do not expect others to find you. You know: "there is often a maxima, but often have horses". To meet up the bole is their good fortune, the more time we find their horses to bring up our own, of course, if we first took, that is to say to yourself. How can we make people talk about their own? As long as we go to find some of the top experts in the industry, we must find ways to contact him, and communicate with him. Now that the Internet is so advanced, it’s easier to find someone and connect with them. As long as we keep coming into contact with him, drawing his attention, interacting, and letting him discover our values, we’ll let many people know as soon as we can mention us in passing. The SEO master ZAC is to find the IT industry expert Keso, continue to comment on the blog, and study their preferences, write related content, to attract the attention of Keso, finally found ZAC and recommended, so that the master of fame. Not only that, ZAC also created a unique way of interview within the SEO industry, and the first interview with Google anti spam organization leader Matt Cutts, won the recognition, also wrote the preface to the book "SEO real code". Yes, these people are sure

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