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Giants have retreated in fact for better development

recently had a lot of Internet giant, a retired first generation member of news, Ma left the Ali group CEO post, followed by Lenovo transition from the Liu Chuanzhi era to the era of Yang Yuanqing, after Chen Yidan resigned to the Tencent’s chief executive, we are seeing business leaders more and more people leave the Internet, leave once the hard work of the world, to enjoy a life of leisure.

about these giants of retirement, some friends understand jiliuyongtui, that money earned almost, to begin to enjoy the. If so, after all, whether the choice of retirement is no ground for blame, are the rights of others, but they will only leave as the rest, I feel somewhat simple live. Because from a certain point of view, their departure to the enterprise is not only the lack of experience, but may be another way of thinking to join. After all, the Internet industry with each passing day, relying solely on a person’s thinking, want to do long-term enterprise, obviously not practical, so these giants have a deeper meaning to leave.

said Ma left the Ali group, as an image feature of the Ali group, MA in governance, Taobao has become one of the most successful Chinese supplier sales platform, its market share ranks first in the long. Well, when Ma really left the post of CEO, the industry still has many friends expressed concern that Taobao in the new head of the lead, faced with a series of opportunities and challenges. About Ma left, I think in addition to really want to have a good rest, there are several other levels of consideration.

first Ali group to get rid of the disease of the large enterprises, from Ali group to set up a nine division of Alibaba will be able to see the ambition is not limited to the business platform, it wants to do is a perfect ecological system, the ecological system must be efficient in efficiency and system for rapid response to changes in the market, so Ma leave is in order to better the Ali group classified as duo, will each division for a reorganization, by the person responsible for different operations, thus the long-term development for the electricity supplier and pave the way for the financial business.

, if we have more understanding of the electricity supplier of the webmaster, then we can also see from Ali’s resignation, Ali group to seek the possibility of IPO. As we all know, Ali group has always wanted to enter the market, then, in the existing circumstances, how to create the most suitable for their own listing time, Ali team to solve the headache problem. Rectification B2B form, adjust the business structure, make it more reasonable and optimized, so that platform growth and mode changes, complement each other, and so on, these need to do. But to tell the truth, Ma’s ideas have been unable to bear the heavy burden of thinking, so the departure is also considered from the listing, Ali group’s future consideration.

so, according to the above analysis, the 84 ranking webmaster rare Ma’s turnover in addition to the pursuit of personal relax in the great level but also to the long-term development of the group, so Liu Chuanzhi will run over to Yang Yuanqing, I >