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t’s easy to say love you how keywords rank Baidu first page

how to provide steps to provide Baidu rankings, so Adsense in the pursuit of. Many webmaster said is not easy to say love you, always sigh in my website how to teach in the Baidu keyword ranking, in dozens of outside. But today I want to speak to these webmaster. Baidu, want to say love you very easily, can let your station keyword ranking Baidu first page. You will do the following.

1, you need to select the appropriate domain name, which contains the best ranking keyword Pinyin, Beijing gift website address www.lipin-bj.cn for gifts, the chosen domain includes gift Pinyin

2, reasonable website structure, reasonable hierarchy structure. The site uses non dynamic pages and uses static pages as much as possible. Or use pseudo static page, you can see Beijing gift company’s website, www.lipin-bj.cn all pseudo static. Suitable for search engines to cache pages. If it is dynamic address, it will make spiders unable to locate the absolute address of the web page.

3, each page title with the corresponding keywords, key words can not be a simple pile up.

4, the content of the page is concise, web content can not be too full, if too much, need to lose weight. Control in 100K, if too much content is equivalent to spider climb once, you need to download a small software. Has an impact on access speed.

5, regularly updated sites, have good habits, can not or do not update, an update on the N more content. Feeding spiders every day, spiders will have good habits come to grab.

look, Beijing gift network is now in Baidu’s ranking, in multiple keyword rankings are in Baidu first page. Such as Beijing gift company, Beijing gift network, Beijing gifts, gift companies, gifts and so on. The site is not officially released for a long time, just under 3 months, but has gradually been ranked in several ways, and now these keywords are stable on Baidu’s first page. Finally, the work is not just a ranking, need careful and patience. Above is true experience, according to the above 6 points, you can also make website ranking effectively improved. The first page of the keyword is not impossible, and more needs your effort. Beijing gift website   www.lipin-bj.cn