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Godaddy virtual host to improve the competitiveness of foreign trade station

line with Chinese Internet and the world of the Internet, more and more people through the Internet to China products and love Chinese products, a number of e-commerce sites specifically for foreigners with the birth of the.

to do foreign trade station, it is necessary to choose a foreign virtual host or server, for foreign trade station, choose what kind of virtual host is more appropriate?

1. foreign trade station virtual host must be stable, access speed, not downtime, to ensure that users can access at any time. This Godady virtual host is still doing very good, Gdoaddy virtual host computer in the United States, as the internationalization of the virtual host Godaddy access speed in foreign countries is very fast, and Godaddy virtual host guarantee 99.9% online time, stability is not to say, believe in a friend is know the.

2. website security, because we do is the electronic commerce website, therefore has higher request to the website security. If the website is often hacked, we will not only lose a lot of money, but the security of the server must be high. Gdoaddy’s computer room is located in the United States, the Internet is very developed countries, their requirements for server security is very high, so the server security problems do not worry. For the website itself, Godaddy provides users with SSL certificates and SiteLock services, which can effectively help users prevent hacker attacks.

3. web site architecture, because the web site of the simple static HTML page, so the requirements of the database is different, and different databases also need different operating system. Godaddy supports Windows and Linux systems to meet the needs of different users.

4. marketing services, web sites want to let others know must do search engine optimization, Godaddy virtual host access speed, stable performance, is very suitable for search engine optimization. But Gdoaddy also supports mobile services, mobile website for doing work, according to reports, the British people love to buy Chinese goods in the mobile terminal, and more and more Europeans love to buy Chinese goods in the mobile terminal, so the foreign trade site in the future must be suitable for the mobile terminal to access the Godaddy, at this point do very good.

5. price, the purchase price is the virtual host we are very concerned about the problem of Godaddy economical virtual host launched a $1 offer, now buy Godaddy economic type virtual host is only $1 per month, 100G space, unlimited traffic, Chinese operation, shopping cart function, can meet the general needs of foreign trade station. Godaddy other types of virtual host also 50 percent off discount, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, cPanel Chinese operations, suitable for building various types of websites. Using both G>