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A brief talk on the lessons of website day 3000P dropping to 300P

I have a web site called visual editing, which started in June last year and has been here for over a year now. There are successes and failures. It can be said that now I have no confidence to go on, and if someone wants it, I can sell it. Why? The reason is that I have a natural day 3000IP traffic to the website has now made on the IP300 website, this experience, who is not sad? Maybe you want to know how to do, bear with me:

I do this site since the beginning of June last year, at the time of use in the United States free host hongbo. I what other SEO, the chain and so on, what all don’t understand, just know plus article. Also did not go to the Internet to COPy, that is, the existence of the computer, CD-ROM content, as well as their own written added. Insist on 10 articles per day. In this way, after a month’s time, Baidu included, there are traffic. And there are 500 IP every day. But at this time, that is, 2 months later, the site suddenly can not open. It is found that IP blocked the domestic (this is the official version, Hongbo) so I was in the space business for domestic charges, and then through the proxy server login, web site backup, and then uploaded to the website of the domestic space to continue my way. During this period, until May of this year, I insist on updating 10 articles a day. IP also steadily increased, and finally reached the day 3000IP. PV has more than 10000.

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I do is the beginning of fun, good to see other websites have GG advertising, so I apply for GG in June last year, but did not approve, I will not, I do not know what the reason to October, actually my GG account was opened rather baffling. So my website hung GG ad. I’ve been hanging GG ads. By March of this year, I had received my first income from the Western Union (domain name, space fee, no problem for several years), and several times from other domestic alliances.

then began to pay attention to GG, then know the price of keywords, GG optimization and so on. Because of the poor price of GG for a while, GG joined several Adsense groups to ask for tips and the like. Later, a net friend told me that the keyword price of your website is too low, so you can’t get the income. Under the suggestion of this netizen, my website ushered in a drastic revision. From a location based video production site to a website targeted at weddings. If not, a week on the results, GG unit up. But the nostalgia for websites began to decline. The original few keywords Baidu, the first ranking also don’t know where to go. The traffic has suddenly dropped from 3000IP to around 1000.

GG this time Disasters pile up on one another., received notice, blocked my account.


site has no revenue and less traffic