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Experience sharing talking about the profit model of website

, we are very clear that the purpose of doing their own website, whether it is money or interest, in the end, a large part of the site will embark on the road to profitability, this is inevitable. Because I believe that no one is willing to a profitable thing has been investing and didn’t expect he can bring you some money, maybe you do for love and do a website, but everyone is ambitious or greed, ambition and greed is different in size and target.

I believe that people who have been on the website will think about how to make a profit, and I think I should think about it more than once, and I should think it over and over again. Because everybody is very puzzled, everybody is not satisfied, just rely on such a little advertising fee to continue this website. Of course, if you do N websites once and take N advertising fees, you really don’t have to say, "you’re better than us. That’s because you have good energy.".

when the Web2.0 era came, when the Internet users were gradually broken down, did our webmaster want to get rid of the single profit model which only relied on advertising fees?. After all, the Internet users are subdivided, in addition to the more professional Internet users we face, we have created more profit space, or imagination.

studied the profit model for almost a year. I simply divided the profit models I have seen or I understand into three simple categories: advertising profits, member profits and product profits. Although there are many profit models, but none of them are from my list of those three models out of, or to cover up. At present, most personal websites rely solely on advertising revenue, a part of the implementation of the AD + members or advertising + product collocation profit model, a small part of the vast web site also achieved more than three listed profit model.

we all know, by advertising, profit is very simple, every day to promote optimization, write soft Wen can let your IP quantity growth, and increase your advertising revenue. But that’s just the case. Why do you have to toss yourself around every day in order to earn your advertising money?. I have been advocating diversified earnings I know the webmaster circles, I always told you can change an angle to think whether you should keep the advertisement profit in the first place and other modes are not even admitted to consider. Do you feel like you’re making or losing money?.

has been advocating the idea of being a business man and a businessman. Businessman is called businessman, because he is honest, credit, flexible, thinking, introspection, struggle, decisive. So I think the webmaster should be as much to the businessman to make money, to think of ways to change the means to make money. When I quit doing research on profit models, online marketing and brand building, I found that even a literary forum with the most unprofitable imagination was profitable and not just advertising.

in fact, a website is successful because it stands behind a smart webmaster, a smart webmaster often has a good thinking mind. When >