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Enterprise promotion how far is ideal and reality

recently liked a song, "happy tears", a song by Gao Jin for Xiao Shenyang. When I heard the song, my heart was very sour and sour, and I deeply realized that Xiao Shenyang was not easy. Xiao Shenyang, the popular star of the song and dance duet, makes everyone familiar with it. And his new creation of this song, maybe we are not very familiar with, have time to listen to it, very taste, I like Xiao Shenyang, his character, his shape, his strong, I admire. Yu network, since its inception, like Xiao Shenyang’s song, as in the crowd behind me through tears, but that is the tears of happiness, because I am proving myself, I did not regret, I am pleased. I remember Yu contained in "network marketing" who are you in such a few words once said: "there are some enterprises because of contact with the network for a long time, will feel very understanding of the network marketing, and even began to ignore some good advice. What is more feel is experts, that is some modest, they saw a lot of theoretical articles for the size of the network marketing, but really practical, can produce results for their own use and not many, perhaps some people really understand some knowledge of the network, of course see more will naturally understand a few minutes." Because they think they know the network of customers, because customers who are insatiable, I hurt feelings, their behavior makes me very helpless.

Yu admit their promotion is the use of free resources in the network, such as a variety of communities, blogs, bookmarks, and free resources, the enterprise information integration through reasonable after the release, the formation effect of network communication. In fact, this sentence looks very simple, many friends will think, as long as they will post in the forum, as long as the blog will be built, then you say things I can do. Is that really the case? Will play as long as the forum, will set up a blog, you can master the method with the promotion of Yu? Promotion details you really have here? I just want to say a word, I hope to do the promotion of units and individuals, I hope all of you have some common sense and morality, not only benefit, not to consider the development of enterprises, if you just because of a customer’s orders and cooperation, the enterprise network marketing way to the guillotine, how are you going to take this risk? How would you explain? How do you get people to trust you


Yu, the studio, has been busy lately. I’ve been thinking about a plan. That’s what we’re planning, no longer executing. But on this issue with Yu in trouble, my starting point is for the customer to consider themselves, I hope my promotion is divided into several programs, give me the customer, let them according to my plan, arrange two people step by step promotion, not only in our province to human. They also learned the basic promotion methods, paving the way for the promotion of network marketing, enterprises in the future, so you can not only learn skills and can get effect, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Some people ask me, "if you all do it, don’t you earn much? I didn’t think much about it."

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