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Can alimama help you make money

this topic, may cause some controversy, but I do when I catch the catch, I just have this topic, I must have my pain.

has been in alimama for several months, and the previous one still sold for weeks, but as the content of the site is not rich, the traffic is not improving. The price is raised with a little, believe it, we can understand how people can not always in the same place, when you compare a good, you can’t sell the original price, I believe this point is the webmaster friends have experienced things.

said it is chilling, why not sell advertising, alimama said, with the help of grass owners to find buyers. Well, it’s been two months, and I’ve never seen an advertisement visiting my place. And everyone’s position is not very popular, right. Are there many people interested in it?. Buyers repeatedly? But the good news is that alimama has opened click advertising, every day can have 2 yuan to 3 yuan, then why? In fact, the Google and the gap is really too big, of course there will be placed advertisements in different positions. Income effect is obvious, the gap is too big. I admit that. But what really depressed us was, can alimama really help the stationmaster make money?

that caught your attention yet, you should consider what three hours a day mixed in the almama forum? Do you know how many buyers in the alimama


and alimama three package plan, enrollment has been a week, almost past. Although have already registered, but it seems like no echo, according to the requirements in the poster fill good stuff, just a little did not reflect. It’s been almost a week before I got a mail. Asked alimam customer service, said to let the patient and so on, the relevant departments will check. I also hope that I am not a fish escaped through the seine. I hope that the relevant departments can see my registration post, after all, so many buildings. There will be oversight. Let me remind you that if you are in the alimama department, you are responsible for it. Look at the registration post, count it. Whether or not it fits. Reply to mail, also make people worry, paranoid waiting.

above belongs to nothing. Is written in anger, if the text with uncivilized statements, but also ask you more understanding, QQ19015


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