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How did Expensify achieve it within 6 months of doubling its users

First Round Review from this article, they prepared the article, both story telling, but also to provide entrepreneurs with strong operational recommendations, to help build good companies. In the article, Expensify CEO Barrett shared the secret of Expensify doubling its users in 6 months. In the acquisition of users, Barrett’s views are very non mainstream, he cited the current majority of Companies in the user acquisition of the existence of five errors, and made targeted solutions.

David Barrett began programming at the age of 6, and then went out of control, and almost all of his time and energy were devoted to the creation and management of Expensify. The services provided by Expensify mainly help companies manage overhead costs.

Expensify is developing very fast and is the fastest growing software of its kind. In 2014, the growth rate was as high as 130%, which was 60% faster than that of competitors following it. At present, more than 16000 companies are using their services.

The success of

Barrett stems from his daring to break the routine and walk differently from others. Prior to the founding of Expensify, he was head of the engineering department at Red Swoosh, where he organized company staff every year to work in an emerging developing country for a month. Later, CDN service maker Akamai bought Red Swoosh and soon fired Barrett because he openly opposed his big client Warner Music on the issue of music tax. Barrett is good at expressing what he says and what he says. In the style of work, he also always break the routine, with different ways and others, and others do not follow the same road. His style of doing this was the most impressive way to get the user’s approach, and eventually received a handsome return: the size of Expensify doubled in the second half of 2014.

recently, Barrett accepted the First Round Review interview, in his interview, a burst of blood to point out the five major mistakes to obtain users, and share their own access to and retain new users experience. These methods are mostly his share of the anti tradition, even contrary to common sense, including start-up companies how to reduce customer acquisition costs, the use of user data, the new user guide method, broaden the sources of innovative ideas and to quantify the cost of marketing.

error 1: a good user acquisition method is mainly about how to find, buy or attract potential users.

fact: success is actually achieved by integrating marketing, sales, and product development to achieve low cost access to users

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