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Dual citizenship: Goa notifies Centre’s order

first_imgPanaji: The Goa government has notified the order of the Central government which seeks to authorise district magistrates to decide the cases of dual citizenship. The government, earlier this week, also invited public suggestions and objections over this notification.According to the notification, all the cases and complaints regarding dual citizenship would be adjudicated by the magistrate of the respective district and a recommendation will be made to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs for the final decision. The ministry issued this order on November 22 last year.The police have been reluctantly registering First Information Reports (FIRs) based on complaints filed by local activist Kashinath Shetye, claiming several politicians, legislators, police officers, bureaucrats, lawyers and thousands of Goans, have over the years applied and availed themselves of the Portuguese identity card, Bilhete. Police initially refused to register FIRs, but later did so on the directions of a local trial court. Many politicians have also used this as a weapon by filing cases against their rivals. The FIR registered on Mr. Shetye’s complaints says people who have Bilhetes should surrender their Indian passports, and such government officers and politicians should resign.The issue became contentious for the BJP government, with two legislators, Glen Ticlo (BJP) and Caitu Silva (alliance party member), being accused of having Portuguese passports and having processed their Bilhetes after registering their birth in Portugal. Both have maintained in court that their documentation in Portugal was processed by agents without their knowledge.While Mr. Silva lost the election on February 4, 2017, Mr. Ticlo continues as BJP MLA. Mr. Silva is facing a petition filed by his political rival in the Bombay High Court at Goa.The BJP coalition government had maintained that the Bilhete alone is not proof of Portuguese identity and the individual continues to be an Indian citizen.last_img read more

Indian cricket’s most successful foursome on the verge of decline

first_imgIndian QuartetBoy, that was quick. The moment India learnt its senior most batsmen had opted out of September’s Twenty20 World Cup, there was a stampede. Not towards the nearest street corner for a ritual round of protests, but to hammer out the tributes and order the bugler to sound the,Indian QuartetBoy, that was quick. The moment India learnt its senior most batsmen had opted out of September’s Twenty20 World Cup, there was a stampede. Not towards the nearest street corner for a ritual round of protests, but to hammer out the tributes and order the bugler to sound the Last Post. Quick, before they change their minds.The Twenty20 World Cup, cricket’s ode to the microwave, is for young legs, quick wits and short attention spans. Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly have decided that their wits and skills are in good condition but their inner athlete is unlikely to rise and shine. With thinning pates and growing children, who needs more reminders about the generation gap? Who needs to dive, slide, and produce physiology-defying shots? Not such a tough choice, is it? Between the judgment of history and a verdict by popularity contest. Thanks guys, the microwave is all yours. The pressure cooker is more our thing.It was as if relief was ringing out from rooftops in stereo. It had happened. The baton had been exchanged, thank god. The torch has been passed.Not yet.Soon it will be, but not just yet. In between that day and this, the light will slowly fade on a quartet like no other in Indian cricket history. Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly are top of the mind today, but ignore VVS Laxman and their collective mojo vaporizes. These four, India’s most successful generation middle-order batsmen, perhaps its greatest ever batting generation are in England now at the start of what could be their last season together.advertisementClick here to EnlargeIndia has had many luminous batsmen, and a few great line-ups, but these four stand apart. Not merely because all feature amongst the top 10 Indian Test run-getters (300-odd more runs for Laxman in England and they will be four of the top eight). Their real distinction lies in their impact: at their peak, their runs and partnerships led to more Test victories than any other foursome India had ever fielded.Click here to EnlargeWhen the Tests in England begin, the group will be thrown up into the familiar swirl of affection and aggravation, kinship and rivalry. In the middle, they will try to rediscover the sync that builds when the scoreboard is hostile, the skies grey, the ball swinging, when all they have is each other. Eventually, one may keep going longer than the other, but every man knows he will never keep such company again.Before the Lord’s Test, they are being paid a few cursory compliments but being told, in a very English way, that they are frankly a little pass. Ever since the World Cup, they have grown attuned to the impatient hissing.Pataudi on the Quartet: They were the greatest Indian middle order ever when they were the top of their game two-three years ago- only Viswanath and Vijay Manjrekar come into the frame.When told about this article, one of them laughed and gave it a title, “The old boys’ last stand, eh?” Their last two seasons have witnessed a tumult in fortunes, a spiraling of batting form and a jangling of confidence. Cool, green England, where cricket is organic entity rather than a shrill modern sport, is a place to check whether their multiplier effect still works. India will hope it does, for that is a well-trodden route to success and redemption.Each of them have the means. To expert and peer, the core of their qualities lies beneath the surface and beyond glib brand names. Tendulkar’s stroke play comes from a clutter-free creativity, says Javagal Srinath. His gift- carving out an extra instant by first concentrating on reading length alone before making his decision-forward or back. Unlike ordinary batsmen, Tendulkar does not think about where the bowlers arm come from or judging how the ball would swing. Length first, action in the next instant. “That sort of batsman,” says former India spinner V.V. Kumar, “is a miracle. It is like he has a sixth sense, one of shot-making.”Dravid’s defense is immaculate and his technique sound, but below the accumulated layers of learning and training, at his core, he is a master of the mind. A formidable mind player who brings his preparation to the crease well before the precision tool of his technique comes into play.Dravid with GangulyAfter his early flourish, Ganguly’s Test cricket has been played before the scrutiny of scowling pundits who say he can’t play fast bowling, can’t play the pull, doesn’t have an onside game, doesn’t have patience, doesn’t have the bottle. Still, he does have 5,000-plus Test runs and a signature six over long on that is an offering to the Gods. Tendulkar says, “See, Sourav knows his strengths very well. Singles are not his style, he likes boundaries. He knows how to set up bowlers.” Only three batsmen in history have a better ODI record and Srinath says, “His game is about domination. Either you overpower Sourav or he overpowers you.”Laxman is the juniormost but his skills seem the most unfathomable. No one can define the meeting point of his technique and his temperament, how he makes his physical art and his mental craft work. “His success,” says Kumar, “lies between the extremes of the improbable and the probable.” Laxman has often batted as if the scoreboard is irrelevant. He seems more careworn these days but India hopes England will uncork the magic.advertisementJohn Buchanan on India: Between 2000-2004, they were the best batting side we ran up against, not just in depth but in their skills-they could play pace and spin, they could attack and defend.Each knows what he would like to borrow from the other. Laxman’s wrist-work, says Tendulkar. Dravid’s temperament, says Ganguly. Tendulkar’s balance, says Dravid. Ganguly’s attitude, says Laxman. “When Sourav is at the crease, it’s all happening. Whatever shot he has just played on the previous ball, he’s still staring the opposition in the eyes.”Batting together, they have built an understanding of each other’s tempo and a mutual confidence, unshaken despite a run out or two dozen. Like a long-assembled, much-rehearsed string quartet, their cadences complement rather than compete. Dravid says, “Having them at the other end has helped me play in the rhythm I like.” In turn, Dravid has been the solid presence, the steady bass player, around whom the others could fly free and improvise knowing that the backbeat would always hold.The equal music of their batting together is actually conducted through long silences. Their partnerships punctuated by the occasional tap of the gloves, a few muttered words: “Have faith, have faith,” says Laxman and Dravid’s trademark “Keep going, you’re okay, you’re good, mate.” The only stream of chatter comes from Tendulkar and sometimes reserved, especially for Ganguly, in Bengali: “All the time, it’s the wrong Bengali-11 years and he still speaks it wrong.”There are parts to their old partners they still cannot understand: Sachin’s obsession with cars, Sourav’s obsession with his bats (he is alleged to have carried 15 on one tour), Laxman’s propensity to rush in for showers even at tea and pad up at the very last possible minute. And the perennial mindbender: why is Rahul so serious?Tendulkar on his Mates: If I could take a quality from their games, it would be Dravid’s patience, Sourav’s ability to calculate and pick and choose in an innings and Laxman’s wrist-work.They are secure enough to banter about each other but ask them if they think they form the India’s greatest ever batting generation and they palpably baulk. Tendulkar and Laxman opt for the safety of “one of the best”. Dravid says comparing eras is “silly, and I don’t want to do that.” Ganguly, never one for shy understatement says, “I would put it this way, in that period, we have contributed immensely to Indian cricket.”advertisementClick here to EnlargeFormer India captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi places these young men in the historical context of the middle order batsmen he has seen from the 1950s onwards. “Only G.R. Viswanath and Vijay Manjrekar would enter the picture with them in terms of ability and effectiveness.” In his mind there is no argument, “When they were at the top of their game two-three years ago, they were the greatest middle order India has ever had.”Click here to EnlargeThey all know what time he is talking about. Between 2000 and the end of the 2004 season, when India played 41 Tests and won 16, exactly half of those away from home. There were Test wins in the West Indies after 26 years (series lost), in England after 16 years (series drawn), in Australia after 21(series drawn) and for the first time ever in Pakistan, where after many noshows, India kept its date with destiny, winning a series away from home. In that time, between them, Dravid, Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman scored 12,367 runs, 32 centuries (11 each to Tendulkar and Dravid), and shared 27 century partnerships.Ganguly on the Streak: There’s a lot of ability in our group-you’re talking tens of thousands of international runs. But mostly, at that time we played freely. There was no pressure on us.Why did it happen then, that hot streak when the phrase “best batting line-up in the world” meant what it said. When it was applied to Indian batsmen without the mockery loaded on? “It’s hard to give a reason,” says a smiling Tendulkar shaking his head, “but you’re talking about a lot of quality there.” Laxman includes runs from the top order like Virender Sehwag and his partnership with Akash Chopra in Australia, and believes, “it was a great team, everyone was gelling. It was amazing, we were all in great nick, getting runs for ourselves and the team.” Dravid’s dissection is more precise, “It coincided with the fact that we raised our games. We are the same age, we had similar experience, we peaked at around the same time.” Ability and freedom, says Ganguly, “we played freely, there was no pressure on the four of us.” Down a phone line from Christchurch, their coach at that time, John Wright, offers an odd-ball explanation, “They batted in a functional way,” he says.Throughout their history, Indians have never been functional cavalrymen. Swashbuckling yes, suicidal, very often, but functional? Like household gadgets? Wright explains. “They set some very clear goals-batting five sessions, batting in partnerships. Batting was our strength, if we could bat five sessions, put on runs, we knew we could control games.” So, these batsmen knew exactly what was expected of them? “No,” says Wright, “they knew exactly what was needed of them.”Tendulkar with LaxmanIndia was able to dominate in opposition territory, says Srinath on the back of this clutch of batsmen operating together. “I just wish,” he says with something sounding like longing, “these four guys had been in alignment for longer.”They are together again in England and what they will do will not be governed by the motion of the stars, but by their hunger and drive. If there was a single common chord in these diverse players, it lay in their intent to be the master of their destinies. Just like they orchestrated the perfect storm, maybe they can work out how to script the perfect finale. Despite the fact that Indian cricket doesn’t do fond farewells, only bitter and angry ones. If they could pull that off, it would perhaps be their ultimate victory. But the hours before contest commences in England are not for the anticipation of brute reality but for dreaming. They provide the perfect pause. To acknowledge these remarkable batsmen. To will them to suddenly perform in full-blooded chorus again.To say thank you for the music.last_img read more

Rio Olympics: Abhinav Bindra joins Salman Khan as India’s Goodwill Ambassador

first_imgBeijing Olympics gold medalist and ace shooter Abhinav Bindra today accepted the offer of the Indian Olympic Association to become India’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Rio Olympics.Request every Indian citizen to whole heartedly support the INDIAN OLYMPIC TEAM #rio2016 #Indianolympicteam #indianolympiansarechampionsAbhinav Bindra (@Abhinav_Bindra) April 29, 2016The IOA had stirred up a controversy last Sunday when they named Salman Khan as a Goodwill Ambassador . Many sports personalities had slammed the move and questioned the timing of the appointment. Salman’s movie ‘Sultan’, based on wrestling is due for release soon.The IOA had meanwhile also approached batting legend Sachin Tendulkar to be Goodwill Ambassador but the former India cricketer has not responded yet.Bindra accepted the IOA’s invitation and said it would be an honour to take up the role.”Received a letter this afternoon from the President and Secretary General of the IOA inviting me to be a goodwill ambassador. I am humbled that they thought I am worthy enough for this honour. I respectfully accept this with gratitude,” Bindra tweeted today.Bindra said that his effort would be to do well in the Olympics but added that he would write a letter to every member of the Indian contingent and offer them any assistance they might need.pic.twitter.com/uhNLtmynv0Abhinav Bindra (@Abhinav_Bindra) April 29, 2016last_img read more

Talking Horses: Mark Johnston could set another winners record this week

first_imgTopics Talking Horses: European racing’s showpiece gets its mojo back after Arc Share on LinkedIn Quick guide Tuesday’s horse racing tips Share on Facebook Talking Horses It is amazing that Johnston has got so close to the record just a week into October. But, like all Flat stables, his operation slows down at this time of year and nothing can be taken for granted. As recently as 2014, he garnered just five winners from the final three months of the year.“I’m not thinking of it,” Johnston said, when asked about the record a month ago. “If it happens, it happens.” But surely he can’t avoid thinking about it now, not least because journalists at the races keep mentioning it.I’d guess he had a sinking feeling last week, when he went six days between Huboor winning at Newmarket and Asian Angel scoring at Southwell. But there have been another couple since then, including a Listed prize for Main Edition, so hopefully Johnston is breathing easier.He can’t bag the record on Tuesday, because the abandonment of waterlogged Catterick means he doesn’t have enough runners. But he could creep up so close behind it as to make the end of the hunt a formality, as three of his four runners at Brighton and Chelmsford are priced at 2-1 or shorter.He has another seven declared on Wednesday and plenty of possibles for later in the week. Good luck to him, to all his runners and to everyone at Kingsley Park who has put the stable in this position.Tuesday’s best betsRacing goes ahead at Leicester, which means we get to see if Eponina (5.05) can build on the promise she showed last time when beaten half a length at Thirsk. That was her best effort since midsummer, when she made all on soft ground at Chester. This step back down to seven furlongs should help and 11-2 looks big to me. Share via Email Share on WhatsApp features The Recap: sign up for the best of the Guardian’s sport coverage Hide Chris Cook’s tipsLeicester 1.50 Tigerskin 2.20 Goodwood Sonnet 2.55 Tarboosh (nap) 3.25 Indianapolis 4.00 Karisoke 4.35 Elzaam’s Dream 5.05 Eponina (nb) 5.35 Another Boy Brighton 2.00 Global Agreement 2.30 Overwrite 3.05 Kyllachys Tale 3.35 Oleksander 4.10 Tremwedge 4.45 Necoleta 5.15 Firenze RosaChelmsford 4.40 Dragon Command 5.10 Alcance 5.40 Chairman Power 6.10 Habub 6.40 Spice War 7.10 Dr Jekyll 7.40 Mrs Ivy 8.10 Poetic Legacy Catterick abandoned due to waterlogging Was this helpful? Mark Johnston stands on the brink of another record, just a year after becoming the trainer with most winners in British racing history. The Middleham man has had 230 winners this year and needs just five more to match the Flat-racing record of 235.That record has stood since 2013, when Richard Hannon Sr set it in his final season before handing on the licence to his son. Richard Fahey matched it a couple of years later, though it took him until after Christmas to get there and he had a handful of runners up to New Year’s Eve in an attempt to break it. Share on Messenger Read more Support The Guardian … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Show Since you’re here… Horse racing tips Share on Twitter Thank you for your feedback. Reuse this content Horse racing Share on Pinterest Stallone is the obvious one, having run well in a much hotter race last week. But an extra furlong on this ground is no joke, so soon after such an effort, and his stable hasn’t had a winner for six weeks.Tarboosh (2.55) is the nap at even money, earlier on the card. This is more competitive than your average three-runner race but it was easy to like the way he sluiced through the mud at Beverley a fortnight ago.The ground should be much less testing at Brighton, where Global Agreement (2.00) is interesting at 9-2. The chestnut had no luck on his handicap debut when drawn wide at Bath and had to go all around the houses on his way to finishing a close fourth. It was an excellent effort and he can fare better from the same mark here.Chelmsford also stages a three-runner race, in which Habub (6.10) is the lowest-rated in the line-up. But he’s won on the surface and, most importantly, looks like getting the lead to himself, which should make him really dangerous under the in-form Jim Crowley. He’s 6-4 from 2-1 after early support. Read morelast_img read more

Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade board less than jolly about events future

first_imgWINNIPEG – The board of Winnipeg’s Santa Claus Parade suggests there will be no clatter of reindeer hooves on downtown streets this year unless funding can be found in time to save the more than century old event.The board’s directors say in a statement released Monday that they need about $68,000 by Oct. 5 in order to move forward with the Nov. 17 parade.The statement says the old Santa Claus float was deemed unsafe after more than 65 years in operation, and plans for a replacement were put into action after securing a new sponsorship.That sponsorship was confirmed last year and work began on the float.It’s on schedule for completion in time for this year’s parade but the board says the sponsor withdrew last April, leaving a funding gap.The parade was first launched in 1909.“We are so passionate about this storied and historic Winnipeg event and we sincerely hope we see this tradition continue,” said board chair Rennie Zegalski.“Sadly, as time is ticking, without the necessary funding, the parade simply will not be able to operate.” (CTV Winnipeg)last_img read more

US trade deficit drops to 431 billion in May

first_imgWASHINGTON – The U.S. trade deficit dropped in May to the lowest level in 19 months as U.S. exports rose to a record level. But the trade gap between the United States and China increased sharply, underscoring the economic tensions between the world’s two biggest economies.The Commerce Department said Friday that the May trade deficit — the difference between what America sells and what it buys in foreign markets — fell 6.6 per cent to $43.1 billion. It was the smallest imbalance since October 2016.Exports climbed 1.9 per cent to a record $215.3 billion. Imports were up a smaller 0.4 per cent to $258.4 billion.The United States imposed penalty tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods Friday. China retaliated in kind, starting what Beijing called the “biggest trade war in economic history.”For May, the America’s deficit in goods with China rose 18.7 per cent to $33.2 billion. So far this year the deficit totals $152.2 billion, up 9.9 perce4nt from the same period a year ago. As has been the case for decades, America’s deficit with China is the largest imbalance with any country.During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked America’s trade deficits, contending they were the result of inept U.S. negotiators striking bad deals. He pledged to correct that situation if elected and since taking office he has tried in a number of ways to force China and other U.S. trading partners to alter trade arrangements to boost U.S. export sales.The penalty tariffs that the United States imposed Friday on China are part of an effort to confront Beijing over development tactics the administration contends include stealing or pressuring foreign companies to hand over technology.Washington imposed 25 per cent duties on $34 billion of imports from China in the first in a possible series of increases that Trump says could affect up to $550 billion of Chinese goods. China announced that its retaliatory tariffs had also taken effect.The Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily said they were imposed on a $34 billion list of goods issued that included soybeans, pork and electric vehicles. Washington has “ignited the biggest trade war in economic history,” China’s Commerce Ministry said in a printed statement.The U.S. trade report said that the rise in American exports to an all-time high included a near doubling in exports of soybeans, apparently an effort by farmers to get shipments to China before the tariffs took effect.In addition to the battle with China over technology, the administration has imposed penalty tariffs on China and other countries in an effort to protect U.S. producers of steel and aluminum. Trump has vowed to bring down America’s massive deficits, which he blames on bad trade agreements and abusive practices by U.S. trading partners.In addition to a jump in exports of soybeans in May, sales of commercial airplanes and industrial engines also rose.On the import side, imports of telecommunications equipment and computers saw big gains.The United States ran a $22.7 billion surplus in May in the trade of services such as education and banking. But that was offset by a $65.8 billion deficit in the trade of goods.last_img read more

ECOWAS seeks Moroccos support to promote stability in Sahel region Chairman

Rabat – The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) seeks Morocco’s support to establish stability and peace and promote development in the Sahel region, said Tuesday in Rabat, President of the organization, Kadré Désiré Ouedraougou, who is on a working visit to Morocco. “We have developed a strategy for the Sahel to consolidate peace and stability in the region (…) We came to present this strategy and seek the support of Morocco for the stability, peace and development in the region,” ECOWAS President told the press after a meeting with Minister-Delegate for Foreign Affairs, Mbarka Bouaida.He also noted that a number of development projects are underway with the aim to open up the region,”so that it is no longer a source of destabilization but rather a development platform,” expressing the hope of organization to strengthen and further expand bilateral cooperation. For her part, Bouaida reiterated Moroocco’s readiness to provide support to this organization in its efforts to address security and socio-economic challenges threatening the countries of the Sahel-Saharan region within the vision of King Mohammed VI.She also recalled the strong relationships between the Kingdom and ECOWAS as evidenced by the country’s active participation in its last two summits.The Minister further highlighted the growing interest shown by Moroccan businesses in ECOWAS countries to promote shared growth and fruitful solidarity in the service of the interests of all the people of the region. read more

Top UN envoy in Afghanistan calls for total cessation of violence to

11 September 2007The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan today appealed for a total cessation of violence across the country on 21 September, marked around the world as International Day of Peace, and for days of tranquillity ahead of that date to allow for vital humanitarian initiatives to be carried out. The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan today appealed for a total cessation of violence across the country on 21 September, marked around the world as International Day of Peace, and for days of tranquillity ahead of that date to allow for vital humanitarian initiatives to be carried out. “In Afghanistan, we all know about conflict and insecurity,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Tom Koenigs told a news briefing in Kabul, the capital, where he was joined by representatives of almost every UN agency working in the country. “But what we have seen in these past weeks is that Afghanistan wants peace.” He called on all groups, all individuals, and institutions to support the peace effort in a country that has suffered nearly 30 years of war, and in the past 18 months has seen a rise in a Taliban-led insurgency. Although 21 September is marked worldwide, this year in Afghanistan, a special effort has been underway for nearly two months to promote support for an actual day of peace and non-violence. Adding their support to the appeal, several agencies stressed the need for a week of tranquility to precede the actual Peace Day, to allow for essential humanitarian activities, including polio vaccination drives and food deliveries to people in insecure areas of the country. Scores of groups have pledged support and action for the campaign, including business, civil society groups, media organizations, government ministries and regional authorities. The campaign has grown to encompass every region of the country, and numerous activities are planned over the remaining 10 days. These include special prayers in mosques around Afghanistan, and cultural events such as poetry readings, painting and writing competitions. Radio and television stations are programming round-table discussions and phone-ins to discuss peace. There are also arms handover ceremonies, immunization campaigns, town and district clean ups, and a ceremony to hand over a large tract of land that has been cleared of mines. The major wireless networks have committed over the next 10 days to sending text messages of peace to all Afghan mobile phone subscribers. “The response has been vast and it continues to grow,” Mr. Koenigs said. “Help us make Peace in Afghanistan real.” read more

SPTSX highlights

Closing TSX Open 15,157.05 Close 15,219.90 Low 15,153.01 High 15,266.66 Change +71.37 Volume 313,864,333 Value 6,084,968,090

Heres a quick glance at unemployment rates for February by province

Here’s a quick glance at unemployment rates for February, by province OTTAWA – Canada’s national unemployment rate was 6.6 per cent in February. Here are the jobless rates last month by province (previous month in brackets):— Newfoundland and Labrador 14.2 per cent (13.8)— Prince Edward Island 10.0 (9.8)— Nova Scotia 8.1 (7.7)— New Brunswick 8.9 (8.9)— Quebec 6.4 (6.2)— Ontario 6.2 (6.4)— Manitoba 5.8 (6.1)— Saskatchewan 6.0 (6.4)— Alberta 8.3 (8.8)— British Columbia 5.1 (5.6) by The Canadian Press Posted Mar 10, 2017 6:49 am MDT Last Updated Mar 10, 2017 at 7:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

South Darfur clash leaves two NGO workers dead highlights regions insecurity –

A senior United Nations humanitarian official in Sudan warned today that the “heinous act” leading to the deaths of two non-governmental organization workers in South Darfur – an urban shoot-out between Government troops and rebels – highlights the unstable security situation and threatens to disrupt the flow of relief aid to the strife-torn region. “Humanitarian workers in Darfur are there to improve the lives of others. They should not have to pay for their noble work with their own blood,” said United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan, Ali Al-Za’tari, in a statement on the events that occurred in South Darfur. Mr. Al-Za’tari expressed the sadness of the UN System and its partners in Sudan over the killing in Nyala of two Sudanese workers from World Vision International. According to the statement, a third World Vision staff member was also critically injured during the fighting between Government forces and an armed group. He also expressed the same feelings for the human and material losses that afflicted Nyala and its inhabitants as a result to the “horrific events” it has gone through. Press reports say that the World Vision staffers were critically injured when fighting erupted in heavily populated areas of Nyala city late last week. “I insist on all parties to this conflict to respect their obligation to protect humanitarian workers and other civilians. I urge the Sudanese Government to launch an investigation and bring the perpetrators of this murder to justice,” said Mr. Al-Za’tari. While expressing his deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of those killed and injured “by this heinous act,” Mr. Al-Za’tari underscored: “The events which led to the deaths of our World Vision colleagues – a shoot-out in an urban area of Darfur’s most populated city – highlights the continuing unstable security in this region that threatens to disrupt the flow of the much needed humanitarian assistance, destabilize reconciliation efforts and derail progress towards greater economic and social development.” “If humanitarian work in Darfur is forced to scale back because of the unsafe and insecure conditions for our staff and partners, then many more people in Darfur will suffer,” he said Mr. Al-Za’tari echoed concerns similar to those expressed last week by Hervé Ladsous, UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, as he wrapped up a visit to Darfur. Speaking to reporters on 4 July in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, Mr. Ladsous noted with concern the recent intensification of conflict in Darfur and its impact on the civilian population. “We have witnessed deterioration in the security situation. More people have been displaced—over 300,000 since the beginning of this year—due mostly to tribal clashes,” the head of UN peacekeeping said. Mr. Ladsous called on all parties to cease hostilities and praised the efforts of the joint African Union-United Nations Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), “who serve in very difficult circumstances, to protect civilians, secure the delivery of aid and support the peace process.” He further stated that on 3 July, three peacekeepers were injured in an ambush on a UNAMID convoy near Labado, East Darfur. “Attacks on peacekeepers are a crime,” he said, adding that in violation of international humanitarian law, a UNAMID ambulance was fired upon by the unidentified armed group that had mounted the ambush. Condemning the incident and noting the peacekeepers’ robust response to the attack, Mr. Ladsous stressed that the perpetrators of the incident must be apprehended and prosecuted. read more

Ohio State football program nations most valuable for second straight year

A view of Ohio Stadium during a game against Penn State on Oct. 17 at Ohio Stadium OSU won 38-10. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorFor the second year in a row, the Ohio State Buckeyes have been named the most valuable football program in the NCAA. A study composed by Ryan Brewer, assistant professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University in Columbus, Indiana, valued the Scarlet and Gray at a whopping $946.6 million. Findings from the study first appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  To put the figure in perspective, it nearly doubles the worth of the average NHL hockey team, which is about $505 million. In fact, the Scarlet and Gray are valued higher than every NHL team except for the New York Rangers ($1.2 billion), the Montreal Canadiens ($1.18 billion) and the Toronto Maple Leafs ($1.15 billion), according to Forbes Magazine. Astoundingly, the Buckeyes’ value is worth more than 19 of 30 NBA franchises as well, including the Oklahoma City Thunder ($930 million) and the Cleveland Cavaliers ($915 million), according to Forbes.OSU Vice President and athletic director Gene Smith said he believes Brewer’s numbers are accurate. Smith leaned toward several reasons why OSU is valued so high, but he primarily pointed to fan support. “We are the most watched (Football Bowl Subdivision) program since 1991,” Smith said in an email. “Last year only four regular season games drew over 8 (million) viewers, and we were part of three. Buckeye Nation is the largest and most passionate fan base in the world.”Joe Odoguardi, the university’s chief financial officer of athletics, said in an email the Buckeyes’ TV media rights revenue earned $24.7 million alone in 2015. Smith said donations to the university are at an all-time high, exceeding more than $200 million over the last few years. Pair that with OSU’s apparel deal with Nike, which after being extended late last week, is valued at $252 million over the next 15 years, and the recipe for OSU’s financial supremacy is clear.Performance from the student-athletes is also a large contributing factor to OSU’s success, Smith said, as the Buckeyes’ football team was ranked in the AP Top 10 for the entire 2015 season, including holding the top spot for the first nine weeks.“I am extremely proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff,” Smith said. “Our focus on the total student-athlete development model continues to be a national model.”  OSU was the only school to place above $900 million in the study. Texas ($885 million), Michigan ($811.3 million), Notre Dame ($723.6 million) and Alabama ($694.9 million) round out the top five schools in the study.In 2016, OSU athletics will be represented by more than 1,000 student-athletes across 36 intercollegiate sports, which, in turn, requires a lot of funding. Odoguardi said OSU’s athletic budget is set at $153 million for the new year. Smith said in OSU’s yearly strategic plan, “A Higher Purpose,” it is the athletic department’s goal to develop the student-athletes while continuing to build on the university’s rich history.“The department exists to motivate student-athletes to develop into exemplary champions, who in turn inspire future Buckeyes,” Smith said. “The department of athletics also is committed to financial self-sufficiency while contributing to the university’s academic priorities.”In what may come as a surprise to some, the Buckeyes projected value actually dipped from the previous year, as in 2014, Brewer’s study valued OSU at $1.1 billion, but that was mainly due to the championship run it had in the inaugural College Football Playoff.Without that occurring again, the dip below the $1 billion mark took place, but Smith said he does believe it to be possible for OSU to surpass that value plateau again in 2016.“As long as we stay the course with our values and focus on the student athlete, we have a chance to,” Smith said.  Brewer, the study’s author, did not respond to multiple requests for comment. read more

Quinn says CRC board should resign Burton says salary claims are disturbing

first_imgUpdated 23.06pmEDUCATION MINISTER RUAIRÍ Quinn has called on the board members of the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) to resign in the wake of revelations that some senior executives salaries were topped up through charitable donations made to the clinic.His Labour colleague, Social Protection Minister Joan Burton has described the claims as “extremely disturbing” and said that the CRC needed to clarify its position in relation to fundraising.“I am sure there is a huge amount of concern about the revelations, because charitable donations are not meant to fund lavish salaries, way in excess of what the Taoiseach of the country is earning,” she said at the Labour conference in Killarney tonight.Earlier, Quinn told RTÉs Drivetime that disclosures of charitable funds being used for top-ups at a time when the CRC has been cutting services for children and adults with physical disabilities are “utterly unacceptable”.He added:Everyone in the public sector has had reductions of pay, and certainly there’s been a pay cap that voluntary organisations that receive substantial money from the taxpayer through the relevant government departments are not an exception to that rule.He said that Ministers Brendan Howlin and Michael Noonan have made that “very clear”, adding that if the board refused to step down and payments of this kind continued, then there would be “consequential actions”.Burton said that issues needed to be clarified and added: “I think they need to produce full accounting details and records and information in relation to it and where it’s inappropriate I would certainly hope to see them change or modify that.”The ministers’ comments come just a day after Shane Ross TD called for the board’s resignation, stating they used the funds to “line the pockets of its top earners”.Finian McGrath, whose constituency the CRC is in, told RTE’s Six One News that he was “appalled” and “gutted” adding: “We need a clean out of the board and directors”. He said a fresh start is needed for the CRC if it is going to be saved from the negative publicity.- additional reporting Hugh O’Connell Read: Can abuse of salary top-ups be avoided? ‘With great difficulty,’ says HowlinRead: Public Accounts Committee chair calls for CRC to “come clean” on top-upslast_img read more

Eyes down Its TheJournalie Big Fat Quiz of the Year Part I

first_img [Photocall]1. “Yes, standard orbit captain, and we’re detecting signs of life on the surface”. Commander Chris Hadfield sent this message from space via Twitter. But who was he talking to?2. “A businessman and friend”. That’s how Vladimir Putin described this well-known Frenchman before granting him Russian citizenship. Who are we talking about?3. “100 per cent” of prison inmates thought he shouldn’t have been behind bars, according to this Irish businessman who spent some time in jail. Who?4. “Collusion at senior levels” took place in the misappropriation of €4 million in Irish aid by which nation? The cash was handed back in January.5. Villagers “exploded with joy” as children received a kilo of candy each to mark the birthday of which Asian head of state?6. “President Obama has officially decided I am NOT being deported”. Which TV interviewer said this on Twitter, after some Americans took issue with his comments on gun control?7. “Under no circumstances will I step down”. Which ex-Labour TD said this about his elected role within the party.8. Regularly asked “what you talkin’ about” over the eight-year run of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, one of the most popular US sitcoms of the 70s and 80s, actor Conrad Baines died in January, aged 89. What character did he portray in the show?9. “He paid for the course entirely out of his own resources and no public funding at all was involved”: The Irish Mail apologised to which Irish ex-politician, after publishing pictures of him attending Stanford University.10. The White House officially rejected a petition to build a real-life version of which fictional space station because of a “fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship”?FEBRUARY1. Picture clue! Pictured above are members of the Norwegian Army, engaging in an internet dance craze that swept the world back in February. What was it called?2. Two RTÉ current affairs veterans joined forces for the new line up of Prime Time, alongside younger anchor Claire Byrne. Their names please.3. Michael D. Higgins had to cut short a visit to Italy to sign emergency legislation, approved after a dramatic overnight Dáil sitting. What was the aim of the Bill?4. “Wud climb back in window but drainpipe broken”. Which high-profile TD and social media aficionado got locked out of his home and live tweeted the entire  ordeal?5. Which practice was formally outlawed in Mississippi — 150 years after it was abolished in the rest of the US?6. There was a daring €37 million heist at Brussels Airport. Of what?7. He starred in the Good Life, and had a role opposite Robert De Niro in Kenneth Brannagh’s Frankenstein, and he died aged 79 in February. Who was he?8. Enda Kenny issued a formal State apology. To whom?9. Which political party announced legislation aimed at creating a new national holiday on the anniversary of the Easter Rising, to be called ‘Lá na Poblachta’.10. Which former muse of Woody Allen Tweeted that “you can tell who’s doing coke” during the Oscars?MARCH1. 2013 was a big year for both Morrissey and Robbie Keane [pictured above] with the singer releasing his much anticipated autobiography and the Republic Of Ireland striker (amongst other achievements) making this child’s day on the Late Late Toy Show. News also emerged of a bizarre connection between the two. What is it?2. President Higgins said he was “very sorry” hear of this world leader’s death aged 58, while Eamon Gilmore said he had been “an important figure on the world stage”. Who?3. “The five of us are determined to be back on air together as soon as possible” read their statement after the broadcast team formerly known as ‘Off the Ball’ left Newstalk. They now trade under a different name. What is it?4. Keith O’Brien admitted after stepping down from his role in the Catholic Church that his sexual conduct had “fallen below the standards expected of me”. What was the position he resigned from?5. Which Irish politician displayed a unique interpretation of the social media term ‘fraping’ in an Oireachtas commitee meeting?6. Which outspoken TD effectively blew the whistle on himself and revealed in the Dáil that he had had penalty points quashed on two separate occasions?7. Who won the Meath East by-election?8. Fans of ‘Withnail & I’ knew him as ‘Uncle Monty’. This well-loved British actor died in March, aged 65. His name, please?9. Youth advice website Spunout.ie was forced to defend itself from criticism from Fine Gael’s Michelle Mulherin over an article on which sexual practice?10. “The greatest guitarist in the history of sound,” is how Slash was described when introduced on stage in Dublin by which US actor said to draw his power from the blood of tigers.APRIL1. “Did you throw it away right afterwards or did you wait until you got back to the hotel?”: Graham Norton’s question to Tom Cruise, after the movie star was presented with which honour by Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore during a promotional visit to Dublin?2. Releasing a statement, saying she no longer wanted to support a Government that is “actually hurting people,” which Labour MEP confirmed she was leaving the parliamentary party?3. “Her role in international affairs was equally belligerent whether in support of the Chilean dictator Pinochet, her opposition to sanctions against apartheid South Africa; and her support for the Khmer Rouge.” Who was Gerry Adams talking about?4. Announcing he would be waiving a €100,000 bonus, and citing plans to return home to London to pursue other interests, this man announced he would be stepping down from his role as Irish Financial Regulator. His name…5. Actor Wesley Snipes was released from prison in the US after serving a three year sentence. What for?6. Several animal artefacts were stolen from the National Museum Archive in Swords, Co. Dublin. What were they?7. “The costs are not small but, given the level of public interest and the international significance, are justifiable,” RTÉ head of news Kevin Pankhurst was speaking about the broadcaster’s €167,000 spend on coverage of which international event?8. A surprising twist: In the wake of the horse-meat scandal, Ikea pulled its moose lasagne from the the shelves after it was found to contain traces of which meat?9. Famous for his trademark phrase “two thumbs up,” this renowned American film critic and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist passed away in April. His name, please…10. It was announced that Jay Leno is to leave US TV institution The Tonight Show (again). Which former Saturday Night Live star, known for his inability to keep a straight face alongside Will Ferrell, is to take over as host in February?MAY1. A German current affairs TV crew arrived in rural Kerry to interview the gentleman pictured above for a segment about drink driving. Who is he?2. His take on Europe’s austerity policies in a newspaper interview led to criticism from some quarters that this Irish office-holder had overstepped the remit of his role. Who are we talking about?3. Thin Lizzy fans in Dublin and around the world were said to be ‘outraged’. Why?4. Boston Cardinal Seán O’Malley refused to attend an event in the city due to the planned presence of which Irish politician?5. He gained worldwide media attention during Hurricane Sandy, and in May this  portly US Republican politician revealed he had undergone gastric band surgery? His name, please…6. A row erupted between Alan Shatter and Independent TD Mick Wallace over a comment made by the Justice Minister when the two appeared on Prime Time. What was the issue?7. A Fine Gael TD’s assistant was accused of taking a bizarre course of action to protect his boss from negative publicity. What was he said to have done?8. Alex Ferguson’s resignation as Manchester United manager made headlines worldwide. How many years was he in charge at Old Trafford?9. Founding member and keyboardist of The Doors and the man responsible for the immortal organ solo on ‘Light My Fire’, this musician died on 20 May aged 74…10. This Cork radio personality, who last made the headlines over an incident on board an airplane, was criticised over a scripted on-air lecture criticising Irish society for, amongst other things, providing ‘medical cards to Africans while Irish children go sick’. What’s his name?JUNE BOIL THE KETTLE, rustle out the last of those Chrismas cookies, find a comfortable chair and settle down to test your 2013 news knowledge.One proviso before we begin — you’ll need to make a pact with yourself not to cheat! It’s just for fun, so if you decide to just Google everything — well, you’re only fooling yourself!We’re taking it month by month, so it may well get easier as we go along.For the moment though, we cast our minds back to a time when Lucinda Creighton was still a high-flying junior minister, and your grandmother was blissfully unaware that ‘twerking’ was a thing…Oh, and you may need a pen and paper!JANUARY [Peter Morrison/AP/Press Association Images]1. A movie about the murals in Belfast was released on Netflix on 1 June. It was produced by which Hollywood actor, better known for his comedy roles alongside the likes of Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller?2. The Editor of the Irish Examiner said the people of Limerick were “jumping to the wrong conclusion”. Why were the residents of the Treaty City upset at the newspaper?3. A Dublin-born academic was named by the White House as the new US ambassador to the UN. Her name?4. “Someone who wants to be pope does not really like themselves”. Who said this?5. Describing herself as a “wife” and “mom” as well as a “pantsuit aficionado”, this world figure joined Twitter in June. Who?6. The country marked the 25th anniversary of one of the country’s most notable sporting moments on 12 June.  What were we celebrating?7. A high-profile Fianna Fáil TD drew criticism over his comment that, in certain circumstances, the State should pay for ministers’ partners or spouses to travel with them on official overseas trips. His name, please.8. Author of the The Wasp Factory, Complicity and The Crow Road, this Scottish writer died on 9 June at the age of 59…9. He would hold an historic phone conversation with President Barack Obama later in the year, but this moderate cleric was elected as the 7th President of Iran on 15 June. His name?10. “You showcased us as a nation of pimps – prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head”: Which left-wing TD said this to the Taoiseach, in the wake of the Obama family’s visit to Ireland?Check back tomorrow for part two!Click here for the answers >last_img read more

Top 10 nostalgia anime of our weeaboo youths

first_imgGundam Wing appeared on Cartoon Network’s Toonami programming block in 2000, launching a mecha fandom that still enjoys watching, reading, and building Gundams to this day.Rurouni KenshinIf you’ve already read my super long analysis of the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie, you probably already know I’m a huge fan of the franchise. The anime is a true product of the 90s, with the gigantic mullet hair of all its characters swaying in the wind.The series tackles themes of redemption and friendship, all while set in Meiji era Japan. Although the series suffers from one too many filler episodes, the core of its story has real heart and repercussions for its characters. With 93 episodes of the TV series it’s a ton of anime to watch, but make sure not to miss out on the OVAs Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal that deals with Kenshin’s origins. They are a real tear jerker.Although incredibly hard to get down to just this list, we know our readers will inevitably have more to add. Let us know your what your favorite nostalgic anime are the comments. As an early 90s’ anime fan, it is my god given duty to roll my eyes a little bit when people talk about their first exposure to anime. What was that again, youngin’s? Was it Naruto? Bleach?Don’t get me wrong, we love those series too. But for the 90s’ kids in the house it was all about the magic and mystery of anime appearing in our homes one day unannounced. Perhaps we turned on the TV at midnight and caught a glimpse of a heavily edited Ninja Scroll on Toonami. Or maybe we awoke at 6am and saw a troupe of magical girls in sailor uniforms.Our interactions with anime oftentimes came with surprise and delight. Of course, upon brief research at our local Suncoast Video (RIP), we could find the films that shaped not only our generation, but the history of anime as a whole.We present to you, in no particular order, the top 10 anime that shaped our 90s’ youth.Sailor MoonSailor Moon began airing in the US in 1996 in the wee hours of the morning before the east coast 14-year-old version of myself had to set out to school (yeah, yeah, do the math if you want). In that 30 minutes of morning magic, Sailor Moon brought anime to the mainstream for young girls.Portraying a group of close-knit teenagers who used their powers and friendship to overcome obstacles was revolutionary for this time in animation. Put in a pretty, sparkly package of soldiers from the 9 planets, this anime changed the course of many a fan’s life for years to come.Speed RacerOften overlooked by many anime fans as one of the very first anime to come to North America, Speed Racer created a genre all its own. A 50s classic in Japan, the series’ original title was Mach GoGoGo, and the titular character’s real name was actually Go Mifune. Haven’t you ever wondered about that big “G” on Speed’s shirt? Go also means “five” in Japanese, so there’s a lot of puns running around this thing from the beginning.Speed Racer was drastically rewritten and edited for its US release in 1967 by producer Peter Fernandez. He made famous the frantic “fast” dubbing done on the series, as well as edited the content to be more kid-friendly. In 1993 MTV began to rebroadcast the series in the early hours of the morning.Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustWe are talking about the 2000 film version here, okay? There are many iterations of D, but this one is the nostalgia bomb resting in our hearts. This film teeters at the end of the 90s, but good lord is it a keeper!One of the quintessential films produced by studio Madhouse, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was one of the first Japanese animated films created specifically for US theatrical release. Most of us probably only remember seeing it on sweet, sweet VHS, huddled in our homes hoping our parents wouldn’t glance over and notice how gory it was. This beautifully animated film is a classic in the horror genre of anime, as well as a shining example of incredible animation work.Ninja ScrollThis classic anime film was released in 1993 in Japan, and made its way to the US in 1995. Most of us recall the film being chopped up into episodes for broadcast on MTV’s Liquid Television segment. This film was also created by studio Madhouse, boasting the heavy outlines and exaggerated body frames that mark their signature aesthetic.Ninja Scroll was very graphic for an animated feature at its time. Limbs, blood, and organs spewed about freely on screen, creating a grittiness in animation that Madhouse is renowned for. This is a true anime classic. If you haven’t seen it, you are really missing out on a piece of history.AkiraThe most famous anime film of all time, Akira debuted in 1988 in Japan and 1989 in the US. This film set a new standard for what anime films could achieve, with incredible story line, animation, and design. Akira is credited with having been the catalyst that brought Japanese animation to the eyes of the West, helping it to gain popularity and proving to studios that Western fans did indeed want to see more quality anime.The film itself is credited with having major influences on artists and filmmakers for many years after its release, most notably in The Matrix.Princess MononokeAll of Studio Ghibli’s films are masterpieces. It is as difficult to rank one above the other as it is to decide which family member you love the most. This iconic Ghibli film dealt not with the struggles of man against man, but man against nature.Unlike My Neighbor Totoro, this isn’t a flight of whimsy for the viewer, but a journey into the inevitable defeat of nature against man. The musical score in this movie still gives me goosebumps anytime I hear it.Ghost in the ShellIn the 1995 original film, Ghost in the Shell wowed viewers with its stunning visuals. Innovative in its use of combining traditional hand drawn cel animation with CG, this film also provided a story that none could forget.Ghost in the Shell explores the relationship between humans and technology, and how the synthesis of both creates a paradox of what it is to truly be alive and be oneself. An important film in both the anime medium and science fiction genre, Ghost in the Shell is a must-see for any lover of animation.Neon Genesis EvangelionGet in the frikkin’ robot, Shinji! This much loved anime franchise has been rebirthed many times over since the first iteration of the series in 1995. Set in a barren future where a bunch of unstable young kids have to jump into gigantic mechas to fight the alien invasion of “angels,” Eva gets real dark, real fast.The crowning achievement of anime studio Gainax, Eva is hailed as the epitome of the sci-fi genre in the 90s. However, the series’ infamous final two episodes left fans feeling betrayed and confused. Decide for yourself, and make sure you watch this series from tip to tail, taking a journey into the end of the world (spoilers?).Gundam WingTruly the anime franchise to overshadow all other franchises, Gundam has spawned multiple TV series, OVAs, movies, and thousands of figures. Seriously, thousands.The original Mobile Suit Gundam series was the introduction into this world of mecha madness, which debuted in Japan in 1979, but it was the Gundam Wing series that popularized the franchise here in the West.last_img read more

First major fall storm expected to bring high surf in San Diego

first_img KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: November 28, 2018 November 28, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The first significant rainstorm of the season in Southern California could produce light rain throughout San Diego County Wednesday evening before periods of heavier rainfall Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.San Diego is expected to receive around one-tenth of an inch of rain Wednesday evening and up to seven-tenths of an inch of rain Thursday, according to the NWS.Oceanside is forecast to see up to three-quarters of an inch of rain through Friday and Escondido could get up to 1.4 inches of rainfall.The storm, packing 30 mph winds, will spread southeast into Southern California Wednesday afternoon and the heaviest rainfall is expected late Thursday morning into Thursday night, according to the NWS.High surf and strong rip currents prompted the NWS to issue a high surf advisory that remains in effect until 8 p.m. Saturday.center_img KUSI Newsroom, Big swells are headed our way. Pretty serene this morning @KUSI_GMSD pic.twitter.com/Dl08m4h19V— Allie Wagner (@alliewagnertv) November 28, 2018Surf levels of 6-10 feet, with sets around 12 feet, are expected to peak Thursday into Friday morning with minor coastal flooding through Saturday, forecasters said.Snow levels will drop to about 7,000 feet as the system unwinds Thursday. High temperatures Wednesday are expected to reach 67 degrees at the beaches and inland, 70 in the western valleys, 65 near the foothills, 67 in the mountains and 78 in the deserts.A weaker storm system is predicted to sweep into the region on Saturday. First major fall storm expected to bring high surf in San Diego Countylast_img read more

3 road workers dead after collapsing underground in Key Largo

first_imgA Key Largo volunteer firefighter attempting to save these men collapsed underground, as well, and was pulled from the hole. The firefighter was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital.“The firefighter was unresponsive, not breathing. A couple of sheriff’s deputies were able to revive him with CPR measures,” Ramsay said. “Last I heard, he was in a coma state, so I think his condition is pretty critical.”Two deputies who were on the scene were also affected and taken to Mariner’s Hospital for evaluation.A hazmat team from Miami-Dade County was called to the scene to assist in the recovery of the workers.The immediate area was also evacuated as a precaution, including five homes, which were evacuated due to the incident.According to officials, the workers were employees of Douglas N. Higgins and under contract with Monroe County to perform road repairs.The scene along Long Key Road remained active with a heavy police presence, Monday afternoon. The street remained blocked off as of 4:30 p.m. as officials continue to investigate the cause. KEY LARGO, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are investigating after three construction workers in Key Largo died while working underground, Monday morning.According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, at around 8:30 a.m., three workers went inside a drainage manhole on Long Key Road to investigate a newly paved road when they collapsed.Monroe County Sheriff’s Office released the identity of the victims as 34-year-old Elway Gray of Fort Lauderdale, 49-year-old Louis O’Keefe, of Little Torch Key and 24-year-old Robert Wilson, of Summerland Key.Two of the three workers were pulled from the trench and confirmed dead at the scene, near Mile Marker 106, by authorities. The third employee has yet to be found and is presumably dead, police said.“Unfortunately, all three individuals have passed away,” said Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “We are right now just trying to decontaminate the firefighters who went inside the hole and decontaminate the area.”Several of the construction workers were overcome by fumes.“The smell is just a really strong, strong rotten egg smell, and I’m assuming it’s the smell that comes from below the earth,” said area resident Barbara Guerra. “It was very strong this morning.” Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Hasina expands cabinet in final yr

first_imgPresident Md Abdul Hamid administers oath to three ministers – Narayan Chandra Chanda, AKM Shahjahan Kamal, and Mustafa Jabbar – at Bangabhaban on Tuesday. Photo: BSSIn the final year of her five-year tenure, Bangladesh Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday expanded her cabinet inducting three new faces into it and promoting a state minister to a full one.President Md Abdul Hamid administered the oath to three ministers – Narayan Chandra Chanda, AKM Shajahan Kamal, and Mustafa Jabbar – and one state minister – Kazi Keramat Ali – at Bangabhaban in the evening.Currently state minister for the fisheries and livestock ministry, Narayon Chandra has been made full minister as fell vacant with the death of minister Md Sayedul Haque.An IT expert Mustafa Jabbar has been made minister under technocrat quota.The current 10th parliament is scheduled to expire by the third week of January 2019 and a general election shall be held within 90 days preceding the expiration of parliament.last_img read more

VIDEO Conor McGregor rips Floyd Mayweather He cant even afford a suit

first_imgMcGregor also predicted he’ll knockout the undefeated Mayweather inside 4 rounds.Conor McGregor: I’m going to knock him out inside 4 rounds, Mark my words. Mystic Mac has made his prediction folks. #MayMac pic.twitter.com/fQqwW3lFv5— Chamatkar Sandhu (@SandhuMMA) July 11, 2017 Advertisement Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather held the first press conference in their press tour to promote their mega-hyped August 26 boxing match in Vegas. If the fight is half as good as the first presser, it may be worth the $100 PPV price tag.McGregor showed up decked out in an expensive suit, and mocked Mayweather for wearing a track suit to the big event. He jokingly referenced Mayweather’s recently public IRS troubles, saying he may not have the cash to buy one.“He can’t even afford a suit anymore.”Conor McGregor shares his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather’s attire(Video via @viral__sports)pic.twitter.com/RiGME8HKx5— YourSports (@YourSports) July 11, 2017 There was also no shortage of mean mugging and face-to-face trash talking, mostly dominated by McGregor’s legendary mouth. He may lose the fight, but he definitely “won” the presser.Big pro McGregor crowd pic.twitter.com/Wyv7XGwiOm— BlackSportsOnline (@BSO) July 11, 2017 Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather talking trash face-to-face pic.twitter.com/FFqPMjW7Xz— gifdsports (@gifdsports) July 11, 2017 In his turn at the podium, Mayweather offered McGregor a choice, leave on your face or on your back. He added some colorful expletives.And Floyd Mayweather had some harsh words for Conor McGregor. (? @SInow) pic.twitter.com/95uDTEdKsh— RealClearSports (@RealClearSports) July 11, 2017 Oh, and those aren’t pinstripes on McGregor’s suit. Now that is how you troll, kids.last_img read more

Market Mismatch Leaves Few Options for Starter Homes

first_imgMarket Mismatch Leaves Few Options for Starter Homes in Headlines, News Share Most potential home buyers are looking for starter homes, but a Market Mismatch Report by Trulia has found that these homes are becoming more difficult to find, particularly in Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. The report examined market mismatch, which is interest versus available listings, in a side-by-side comparison of inventories. The mismatch score was based on all for-sale listings on Trulia in the largest 100 U.S. metros. Site traffic was matched to the property and the price. Price categories were based on a distribution curve made for each geographic. Listings price determined which price category the home fell into: starter, trade-up, or premium. Depending on the price and the number of days a house was listed, the number of searches it had, and the price, market mismatch percentage points were determined.  The report found that Premium homes are at a surplus of 11 percentage-points nationally, while start-up and trade-up homes shortfall search interest by 5.7 and 5.3 percentage points each. This market mismatch has widened since Q4 of 2014 and indicates that buyers and sellers are drifting apart on prices. The competition for starter homes has ramped up with 26.9 percent of searches looking for 21.2 percent of listings. Trade-up homes similarly show a higher demand than supply with 30 percent of searches chasing 24.3 percent of listings. Not all markets feel the pinch equally however. Raleigh, North Carolina, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, have the largest gap between search volume and availability with a 14.0 and 13.1 percentage point market mismatch. Philadelphia on the other hand has a surplus of starter homes, 11.6 percentage points. A larger perspective of the report showed just how prevalent market mismatch was. “During the most recent quarter, of the largest 100 metros, 75 had a larger percentage of search interest in the starter homes category than percentage of listings that were actually starter homes. Ninety-two metros had a listing shortfall relative to search interest in the trade-up category. Meanwhile, only 11 of the largest 100 metros saw a larger percentage of search interest fall in the premium category compared with the percentage of listings in that same tier.” Markets with low premium home inventory typically share a theme of slower population homes, population declines, and more low quality housing. Detroit and Philadelphia are the only two markets with a surplus of listings in the starter and trade-up categories. Although inventories are declining throughout much of the country, the impact of the decline impacts local shoppers differently. For example, declines in start-up or trade-up homes in Philadelphia won’t impact shoppers much since most are looking for premium homes. But places like Houston and Dallas, interest in starter homes is met with too many premium options. The market disparity is the largest it has been in two years and it means that Americans are searching for homes in a market with dwindling options while sellers for premium homes will be left waiting longer to sell.Read the original report at Trulia.com.center_img February 8, 2017 562 Views Starter Homes Trulia 2017-02-08 Rawan Shishaklylast_img read more