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Love Shanghai Zhibo network detailed snapshots seconds

network and Zhibo website of Shanghai Longfeng workers every day, watching all kinds of changes in love Shanghai snapshot, analysis of the reasons to love Shanghai snapshot change, after long-term observation after I draw a conclusion that love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, followed by the Shanghai love snapshot time is to you the query time and love Shanghai update snapshot of the time difference of

before writing this article I read A5 introduced a lot of love Shanghai snapshots seconds tips, in fact, love does not exist in Shanghai called the seconds, just behind the time close to love Shanghai update snapshot time. So we don’t want to love Shanghai seconds because the weight of the website the so-called internal factors, of course, to be sure, as long as we adhere to the update, the spider will frequently to grab information, the updates will be very timely snapshot. read more

How to optimize the design of the long tail word class website


, Xiao Bian has a habit, is the use of different methods for mining, for example, some third party key tool, love Shanghai own keyword tool, are in use. Then, Xiaobian this sorted out, finishing about twenty thousand keywords. Then, the long tail word were removed with their own website main content do not want to pipe. Because we are engaged in graphic design, brochure design, packaging design, I put the inside of the industrial design and decoration design word removed, leaving only related to our website theme. I believe that to stay is the Shanghai dragon they want. read more

How to capture the benefits of long tail keywords

so how can be better to choose to make a profit on the long tail keywords? I believe that from the three aspects, the first to use love Shanghai love Shanghai index index, data evaluation of a variety of keywords, long tail keywords general index at around 100 with high attraction, which indicates that the long tail keywords have a certain popularity, on the other hand also highlights the long tail keywords competition degree is not so high, so suitable grassroots webmaster to optimize, because the competition degree is not high, so better able to enhance such a long tail word ranking. read more

Analysis of the influence of the whole process of modification of the title included love Shanghai

spiders crawl and crawl is very normal, but why not update included? This is caused by the effect of modification of the title. Now have to wait longer for the examination, so if we really need to change the site title, then how to do? Love Shanghai currently on the new assessment period within 2 months (according to my observation.

In fact,

many novice webmaster at the beginning of the establishment of the time there is no detailed consideration to the use of the site title, is often in a hurry on the line, in fact, this situation is not good, because in the process of optimization of the late when you find the title is not very suitable could not help modify the site title, this is a new station built in the early a particularly bad situation, of course, you may say after optimization and later how to know the title is not perfect? Here I can tell you is not the title of a web site can be 100% perfect, but the imperfect title we can have other solutions. read more

That new Shanghai dragon plan how to write URL directory navigation

1, 3,

site navigation directory URL for writing a good user experience and search engine, on the one hand is to meet the search for dynamic path and pseudo static path, a convenient user experience for users and search engines are an important reference index score and good dual boot.

many people are writing a new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, the navigation layout is good, then no matter how to write URL navigation directory, make navigation directory randomly generated address, but we didn’t know how to do, is not very responsible for a new Shanghai dragon plan, is an irresponsible Shanghai we are on the site of dragon worker, irresponsible. How should we navigate directory to write URL, following by Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we share some of their own experience, I hope to help you. read more

Share shopping website optimization points

three, baby apt unique title

But due to the

since it is a picture guide program, jump to the Taobao shopping platform page is necessary. At that time, as everyone knows, the weight of the page is limited, if you are each page with a link to other sites, do not say first search engine will give you a single weight is illegal, the loss is a big loss. Adding "nofollow" label on all outbound links or directly jump into JS. Jump all the time to pay attention, make a new page to open, not open on the same page, users avoid reducing the residence time and increasing the exit rate of the website. read more

Ways to quickly improve forum layout popularity

domestic forums no less than 800 thousand, and the development of relatively successful less than 10%, many forums because there is no popularity and dying. Because the forum consists of a number of plates, all as long as the first plate popularity, in fact, get the forum popularity. Today we will talk about how to improve the popularity of the forum sector, so that your forum back to life, quickly flourishing

first of all, we can’t build too many plates in the early stage of the forum construction. Too many plates will only scatter the already inadequate popularity. Suggest less than 10. Once the plates have been set up, each page will have to send at least 1 pages of content for new friends to browse through. Then we start using the following ten tips to promote the popularity of the forum. (Note: content is the key, there are content to retain people, so as far as possible before the propaganda of a number of fine posts) read more

Taiwan youth Xiamen entrepreneurial story collection

Xiamen as a Taiwanese Investment Zone, attracting a lot of young entrepreneurs in Taiwan, where young entrepreneurs in Taiwan a story, let us look at their entrepreneurial story!

, as the establishment of the first Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone, once together influx of Taiwanese entrepreneurial hot spot. In June 2015, the Fujian Free Trade Zone in Xiamen District, Haicang Park listing of cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base ", because of preferential policies to support Haicang once again become the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship incubator, attracted many young people in Taiwan with their own dreams, come across the Strait" nest "business……. read more

How far is the road to small websites

financial storm, for the young Internet world a big impact, just over a month since, Ali, Baidu, etc. Chinese network giant star shares fell sharply. The young network world little more than half of the millionaires, from shortly before the Alibaba moves, let website alive "Ali mother and small owners to grow together" to today’s "Mom, what do you collect?" Ali dissatisfaction is just a few months…

Internet’s winter is coming, the door started with small website for the winter, but a small website? Advertising prices fell, and the gateway of the storm passed, the individual owners live hard, Google Advertising now fell an average price of only $0.05, due to the impact of a Baidu has ah, also began to the small amplitude forced website using Taobao ads for Taobao promotion and traffic to read more