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The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion (on)

, a website similar content, exclusive

search engines after treatment

two, the site code is similar, the search engine

there are a lot of free source and site program, this is exactly the same as in the background of the website code, a little rational webmaster can also modify and adjust reasonably on their website code, but most of the owners will not adjust their website code, one is lazy, two is too troublesome, it is also because of this idea, now many sites in the Internet source code is basically the same, just change a title and keywords only, in the face of this situation can give your site search engine rankings? This is certainly unrealistic. read more

The webmaster should do to meet the three love Shanghai algorithm change

two, do website content, the original

content is king, is always the essence of Shanghai dragon. Webmaster friends should always do the content, website content should be based on the original content, especially for some low weight of new sites, should start from the content method; I think the original content is the search engines love, even if the quality is not very high, but the search engine is still very face, included rate is very high. Many web site map, do not have Sitelinks, no website structure is very good, but the ranking is still very good, because good content exists. If a website has a lot of the original article, " read more

The new owners in the optimization way of taboo

believe that every webmaster will have their own set of optimization scheme, especially the new owners who are learning optimization technology of predecessors, embarked on the road of optimization. But things have a limit. There is a philosophical principle of moderation, more than this is bound to bring changes in some things. Shanghai dragon master can be optimized to make their sites have a good ranking, it is because they are a good grasp of the optimal scale, many new Adsense optimization method in understanding, began crazy optimization, resulting in the site is down right or be K tragedy. Then we are in the process of Web site optimization how to prevent excessive read more

Rural baby talk and network bonds, so that the monthly income of over 10000Don’t look at Philippines

shop packing with the supply available, the rest is the promotion, but for my ignorance, "Ella Posuo" customer service is very attentive to help me solve, they now also help promote the promotion of cheats. The promotion of online shop is also the most important, increasing the flow of online shop can bring more baby volume. Therefore, a certain advertising should also be taken seriously, so I have been worried about the problem solved.

introduced a friend to a model company to work, do half a year, every day bitter, tasteless, a year on busy for two months… Is a friend said, we do work, although high wages, but also the most inferior occupation. In order to change the boring, killing youth life and struggling to find a cudgel thinking, but for the way. read more

Online advertising who has the final sayCool easou classification information general manager Pan Ju

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

many personal webmaster site has not reached a certain size, or a person in the struggle, but insisted after a period of time, probably because of loneliness, lack of patience or profit is likely to have the idea of giving up. In fact, the webmaster is not lonely, because there are many webmaster in order to ideal, day and night struggle. Do pay attention to, adhere to this thing is easy to say, it really insist on even painful suffering, but as you adhere to a few years, when every day to pay more time, will understand the profound meaning of the stick. read more

How do I earn ten thousand through the garbage collectionBeauty Adsense do what alliance to make mon


above is the beauty of the station will do five league, reputation I can guarantee, absolutely I have received all the money union.

1: popcorn alliance. Address: union.pomoho

2:888 color League address: union.sms888.net/

5, notice

make it clear that you do garbage stations, don’t spend too much time on a site, and don’t waste time looking for programs and changing templates. Don’t think you can be an industry tycoon. That’s not what we want. How to use the existing resources to achieve the highest efficiency, the smallest risk, the biggest profit is the question we need to think about. Don’t worry too much about a single site being punished by a search engine read more

The most impressive station promotion experience in a year

has recently run my work in Zhuzhou home network, A5 many friends and group under the help of the people, my website is PR3 and is gradually on the right track, I was in the running process of the website, I continue to search information in A5, in the forum have asked the number of questions will also fluctuate now, there has been a little experience, in order to return this platform A5, I will be some good ways to search my promotion website free of summing up what I can say is do stand more than 1 years of experience, a part of you know, I just put them all together, we find convenient don’t just see a result, only the words, if you do, to understand, it can definitely make your website a qualitative leap, things have patience, perseverance to succeed . read more

Founder Dictation fresh O2O electricity supplier from zero capital to day sales 20 thousand

in the dark horse business district, the dark horse learning to mentor, learn from each other, is the most common thing. Through learning and communication, every dark horse can benefit from it, adjust the direction of his progress, and achieve success more quickly.

dark horse members, Qingdao cloud Network Information Co., Ltd. founder Wang Peiya wrote an article in the year 2014, more than half a year he FuPan the entrepreneurial experience, content, dry cargo, Xiao Bian think very worthwhile for everyone to share. Other entrepreneurs are also welcome to talk about your experience, please reprint this article, please indicate the source. read more

Long learning network training experience

is pleased to be able to stand here and explore the entrepreneurial experience with you. I’m the head of the http://www.lesson9.com.

below, I have three parts to introduce my entrepreneurial experience.

student’s dream when young

one day in March 1997, my relatives to go to the town post office to receive telephone in the list, looking at the typist beat a few key from a computer print out of the phone, I touched the computer, you said that this TV set. The typist said it was a computer. read more