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Can alimama help you make money

this topic, may cause some controversy, but I do when I catch the catch, I just have this topic, I must have my pain.

has been in alimama for several months, and the previous one still sold for weeks, but as the content of the site is not rich, the traffic is not improving. The price is raised with a little, believe it, we can understand how people can not always in the same place, when you compare a good, you can’t sell the original price, I believe this point is the webmaster friends have experienced things. read more

Accidentally met a person brought me into the network to make money

said I was a student, with a small, he is a technology of absolutely ignorant of people, in August 07, when it is summer, the Internet inadvertently met a man brought me into a profitable industry network to.

step by step to teach me to do from the domain name to the space station, from the analysis to upload, from HTML to CMS, so that no technology, I start with a stop at the scene, a chirping sound in the head, from the beginning of the idea of building site to SEO, really, very excited, I am very clear remember these processes, a CN started to buy corn, and a 100M space, spent 76 yuan, 75 yuan of space, 1 yuan read more

How did Expensify achieve it within 6 months of doubling its users

First Round Review from this article, they prepared the article, both story telling, but also to provide entrepreneurs with strong operational recommendations, to help build good companies. In the article, Expensify CEO Barrett shared the secret of Expensify doubling its users in 6 months. In the acquisition of users, Barrett’s views are very non mainstream, he cited the current majority of Companies in the user acquisition of the existence of five errors, and made targeted solutions.

David Barrett began programming at the age of 6, and then went out of control, and almost all of his time and energy were devoted to the creation and management of Expensify. The services provided by Expensify mainly help companies manage overhead costs. read more