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Giants have retreated in fact for better development

recently had a lot of Internet giant, a retired first generation member of news, Ma left the Ali group CEO post, followed by Lenovo transition from the Liu Chuanzhi era to the era of Yang Yuanqing, after Chen Yidan resigned to the Tencent’s chief executive, we are seeing business leaders more and more people leave the Internet, leave once the hard work of the world, to enjoy a life of leisure.

about these giants of retirement, some friends understand jiliuyongtui, that money earned almost, to begin to enjoy the. If so, after all, whether the choice of retirement is no ground for blame, are the rights of others, but they will only leave as the rest, I feel somewhat simple live. Because from a certain point of view, their departure to the enterprise is not only the lack of experience, but may be another way of thinking to join. After all, the Internet industry with each passing day, relying solely on a person’s thinking, want to do long-term enterprise, obviously not practical, so these giants have a deeper meaning to leave. read more

t’s easy to say love you how keywords rank Baidu first page

how to provide steps to provide Baidu rankings, so Adsense in the pursuit of. Many webmaster said is not easy to say love you, always sigh in my website how to teach in the Baidu keyword ranking, in dozens of outside. But today I want to speak to these webmaster. Baidu, want to say love you very easily, can let your station keyword ranking Baidu first page. You will do the following.

1, you need to select the appropriate domain name, which contains the best ranking keyword Pinyin, Beijing gift website address www.lipin-bj.cn for gifts, the chosen domain includes gift Pinyin read more

Godaddy virtual host to improve the competitiveness of foreign trade station

line with Chinese Internet and the world of the Internet, more and more people through the Internet to China products and love Chinese products, a number of e-commerce sites specifically for foreigners with the birth of the.

to do foreign trade station, it is necessary to choose a foreign virtual host or server, for foreign trade station, choose what kind of virtual host is more appropriate?

1. foreign trade station virtual host must be stable, access speed, not downtime, to ensure that users can access at any time. This Godady virtual host is still doing very good, Gdoaddy virtual host computer in the United States, as the internationalization of the virtual host Godaddy access speed in foreign countries is very fast, and Godaddy virtual host guarantee 99.9% online time, stability is not to say, believe in a friend is know the. read more

A brief talk on the lessons of website day 3000P dropping to 300P

I have a web site called visual editing, which started in June last year and has been here for over a year now. There are successes and failures. It can be said that now I have no confidence to go on, and if someone wants it, I can sell it. Why? The reason is that I have a natural day 3000IP traffic to the website has now made on the IP300 website, this experience, who is not sad? Maybe you want to know how to do, bear with me:

I do this site since the beginning of June last year, at the time of use in the United States free host hongbo. I what other SEO, the chain and so on, what all don’t understand, just know plus article. Also did not go to the Internet to COPy, that is, the existence of the computer, CD-ROM content, as well as their own written added. Insist on 10 articles per day. In this way, after a month’s time, Baidu included, there are traffic. And there are 500 IP every day. But at this time, that is, 2 months later, the site suddenly can not open. It is found that IP blocked the domestic (this is the official version, Hongbo) so I was in the space business for domestic charges, and then through the proxy server login, web site backup, and then uploaded to the website of the domestic space to continue my way. During this period, until May of this year, I insist on updating 10 articles a day. IP also steadily increased, and finally reached the day 3000IP. PV has more than 10000. read more

Experience sharing talking about the profit model of website

, we are very clear that the purpose of doing their own website, whether it is money or interest, in the end, a large part of the site will embark on the road to profitability, this is inevitable. Because I believe that no one is willing to a profitable thing has been investing and didn’t expect he can bring you some money, maybe you do for love and do a website, but everyone is ambitious or greed, ambition and greed is different in size and target.

I believe that people who have been on the website will think about how to make a profit, and I think I should think about it more than once, and I should think it over and over again. Because everybody is very puzzled, everybody is not satisfied, just rely on such a little advertising fee to continue this website. Of course, if you do N websites once and take N advertising fees, you really don’t have to say, "you’re better than us. That’s because you have good energy.". read more

Enterprise promotion how far is ideal and reality

recently liked a song, "happy tears", a song by Gao Jin for Xiao Shenyang. When I heard the song, my heart was very sour and sour, and I deeply realized that Xiao Shenyang was not easy. Xiao Shenyang, the popular star of the song and dance duet, makes everyone familiar with it. And his new creation of this song, maybe we are not very familiar with, have time to listen to it, very taste, I like Xiao Shenyang, his character, his shape, his strong, I admire. Yu network, since its inception, like Xiao Shenyang’s song, as in the crowd behind me through tears, but that is the tears of happiness, because I am proving myself, I did not regret, I am pleased. I remember Yu contained in "network marketing" who are you in such a few words once said: "there are some enterprises because of contact with the network for a long time, will feel very understanding of the network marketing, and even began to ignore some good advice. What is more feel is experts, that is some modest, they saw a lot of theoretical articles for the size of the network marketing, but really practical, can produce results for their own use and not many, perhaps some people really understand some knowledge of the network, of course see more will naturally understand a few minutes." Because they think they know the network of customers, because customers who are insatiable, I hurt feelings, their behavior makes me very helpless. read more

Can alimama help you make money

this topic, may cause some controversy, but I do when I catch the catch, I just have this topic, I must have my pain.

has been in alimama for several months, and the previous one still sold for weeks, but as the content of the site is not rich, the traffic is not improving. The price is raised with a little, believe it, we can understand how people can not always in the same place, when you compare a good, you can’t sell the original price, I believe this point is the webmaster friends have experienced things. read more

Accidentally met a person brought me into the network to make money

said I was a student, with a small, he is a technology of absolutely ignorant of people, in August 07, when it is summer, the Internet inadvertently met a man brought me into a profitable industry network to.

step by step to teach me to do from the domain name to the space station, from the analysis to upload, from HTML to CMS, so that no technology, I start with a stop at the scene, a chirping sound in the head, from the beginning of the idea of building site to SEO, really, very excited, I am very clear remember these processes, a CN started to buy corn, and a 100M space, spent 76 yuan, 75 yuan of space, 1 yuan read more

How did Expensify achieve it within 6 months of doubling its users

First Round Review from this article, they prepared the article, both story telling, but also to provide entrepreneurs with strong operational recommendations, to help build good companies. In the article, Expensify CEO Barrett shared the secret of Expensify doubling its users in 6 months. In the acquisition of users, Barrett’s views are very non mainstream, he cited the current majority of Companies in the user acquisition of the existence of five errors, and made targeted solutions.

David Barrett began programming at the age of 6, and then went out of control, and almost all of his time and energy were devoted to the creation and management of Expensify. The services provided by Expensify mainly help companies manage overhead costs. read more