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The text link is not valid outside the chain

well, and the three commonly used anchor text of the chain platform, we talk about the feasibility of the three platforms, the chain is in need of an extensive, what is widespread, my understanding is very simple, is the source of the chain is more and more natural. If you are outside of the chain is on the blog, link anchor text to do too much, you estimate by K station is not far away. Therefore, I think, all made the chain anchor text is obviously unrealistic and unworkable

2, if the text link is not valid outside the chain, then the following doubts I have read more

The high quality of the chain is made out of the

Even if

give you some, I think we should know how to make a high quality the chain! As the saying goes: "wine is not afraid of deep alley, so the first thing we need to do is have a content, the second is the publicity out of our content, like every time I site in Adsense nets through it, I will go to some of the QQ group promotion, let them see my articles, let them help me to the top of my article, to reply to my article, let them share a lot of my article, so that a high quality articles do not come out. read more

The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion on

, a website similar content, exclusive

search engines after treatment

two, the site code is similar, the search engine

there are a lot of free source and site program, this is exactly the same as in the background of the website code, a little rational webmaster can also modify and adjust reasonably on their website code, but most of the owners will not adjust their website code, one is lazy, two is too troublesome, it is also because of this idea, now many sites in the Internet source code is basically the same, just change a title and keywords only, in the face of this situation can give your site search engine rankings? This is certainly unrealistic. read more

Understand love Shanghai do website optimization algorithm

first, the chain operation algorithm to love Shanghai.

this year, love Shanghai for the content of screening has also been the focus on the quality, this is mainly through the original spark program. The content of the adjustment of the algorithm focus on the correlation between the article and the page, and the added value of the content itself. The number of this reprint is the most obvious manifestation of this is, will give the starting site is not a small bonus Oh! This is also the author has emphasized the main reason to do high quality articles. read more

Novice collection Shanghai dragon basic contents and general steps

(1) external link categories: blog, forum, B2B, news, information, and classification Post Bar quiz, Wikipedia, WeChat, micro-blog, community space, and other related information network to maintain the diversity of the link.

Shanghai dragon Optimization of internal

(2): the formation of the chain every day to add a certain number of external links, to enhance the stability of the keyword ranking.

8 step optimization

structure of the website search engine crawlers preferences is helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Architecture of website analysis includes: removing bad website architecture design and implementation of directory tree structure, site navigation and link optimization. read more

How to optimize the basic standard long tail word or not

, if you don’t know if it really should not, why? Because traffic is mostly caused by the long tail word, a core word optimization is difficult, want to do love Shanghai home is not a day two days of things; second, the long tail word is indeed users often search keywords, so relative to the users search more accurate vocabulary. For example, the core word is Wuxi Shanghai dragon company, so we can expand the long tail keywords: Wuxi Shanghai dragon company which is better? Which one is the most professional Wuxi Shanghai dragon company and so on some of the long tail word?. read more

How to do Taobao off a single page ranking

Keywords said that although there are a lot of people for the website ranking is not so important, but in the search engine is to help spider also grab this kind of data, so setting up perhaps the website ranking will be of some help, generally not more than three or four.

page title must appear relevant keywords, rather than blindly setting, because the weight of the search engine to give the web page title is very high, so whether the site has rankings, the title of the page is very important, usually with three labels, are separated by "_". read more

Lead weight and website traffic halted the arch criminal where

1, the lack of original content. "Content is king" is no doubt, if most of the content of a website is collected or is not of high quality pseudo original, so that a search engine will be on your web site, the value that love Shanghai spiders in the content capture interest will gradually weaken, so included, the ranking, flow and weight naturally not good.

3, website structure. The structural design of the website should be based on the search engine crawlers as reference, try to be able to effectively guide the crawler to pay attention to the content of your website. The basic requirements of each page should have at least one channel. If the association between web page is strong, should build a quick pages link between pages. read more

Love is the official website of the Shanghai certification application method and process

extension in Shanghai love love Shanghai credit account login (贵族宝贝trust.baidu贵族宝贝/vstar/official/index/) website, go to choose a certified official website page, submit information according to the demand, and upload your business license and company name can be.

B. or direct you to find.

application submitted after the time is 7 days, if successful, generally 3 days after you can apply through, if not smooth, the general problem is in the key words above, don’t try to choose words (with the commercial value of the word), recommended to choose the brand word, words like I selected: Jiuwen, net long heard from the media, since the media network jiuwen. read more

Summarize some love Shanghai webmaster FAQ Algorithm Engineer

seventh, can be used to love Shanghai and love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit a site change data, make timely treatment.

third, included, industry control, influence, the new algorithm to update the growth cycle, how to speed up the audit cycle, Taobao. The huge data, meet the user’s original is included in the benchmark; love Shanghai will have a certain regulation on the industry; have a big change during the algorithm with the heart, is likely to affect the algorithm site; the growth of this new influence factors may have the update period; on the site of the loyalty business; Taobao can track user behavior Shanghai, love is blind. read more

That new Shanghai dragon plan how to write URL directory navigation

1, 3,

site navigation directory URL for writing a good user experience and search engine, on the one hand is to meet the search for dynamic path and pseudo static path, a convenient user experience for users and search engines are an important reference index score and good dual boot.

many people are writing a new station in Shanghai Longfeng scheme, the navigation layout is good, then no matter how to write URL navigation directory, make navigation directory randomly generated address, but we didn’t know how to do, is not very responsible for a new Shanghai dragon plan, is an irresponsible Shanghai we are on the site of dragon worker, irresponsible. How should we navigate directory to write URL, following by Nanning Shanghai dragon small and we share some of their own experience, I hope to help you. read more

Share shopping website optimization points

three, baby apt unique title

But due to the

since it is a picture guide program, jump to the Taobao shopping platform page is necessary. At that time, as everyone knows, the weight of the page is limited, if you are each page with a link to other sites, do not say first search engine will give you a single weight is illegal, the loss is a big loss. Adding "nofollow" label on all outbound links or directly jump into JS. Jump all the time to pay attention, make a new page to open, not open on the same page, users avoid reducing the residence time and increasing the exit rate of the website. read more

Shanghai Dragon Master is tenable only by theory


Shanghai dragon say on theory untenable, because Shanghai dragon is a continuous process of development and change, because the search engines are undergoing new changes in every moment, if you only stay in the theoretical stage, then you will soon be thrown away from the track of network marketing.

, a lot of Shanghai dragon master is the opposite, they talk about Shanghai dragon theory but they don’t know how to speak, just tell you that Shanghai dragon more is more practice and summary, took more than a few stations slowly study, adhere to the basic work of Shanghai dragon well every day, constantly, slowly change website ranking Shanghai Longfeng index, then all you will understand. read more

The difference between the nobility and other search engine optimization

4, as Chinese nobility baby search engine and love Shanghai had little difference, but after the exit Chinese market, more is to English keywords keywords, directly affect the "matching of keywords generated content after processing this noble baby in English environment, and other natural segmentation algorithm the search engine makes the difference, we all know that Chinese translated into English keywords is different, so the user search habits will also change.

noble baby optimization compared to other search engines, mainly has the following obvious difference: read more

The webmaster should do to meet the three love Shanghai algorithm change

two, do website content, the original

content is king, is always the essence of Shanghai dragon. Webmaster friends should always do the content, website content should be based on the original content, especially for some low weight of new sites, should start from the content method; I think the original content is the search engines love, even if the quality is not very high, but the search engine is still very face, included rate is very high. Many web site map, do not have Sitelinks, no website structure is very good, but the ranking is still very good, because good content exists. If a website has a lot of the original article, " read more

You still have free nternet economy forward

these days is deep in the A5 and the owners of the House voted for the original article, although it is a pediatrician for a lot of god. However, all this is I spent half an hour, or even one hour finishing out. Into the high weight of the platform, one is to promote the site, and also increase the chain high weight. However, I see his submission to the A5 and the owners of the house site articles on many sites can be seen, even from A5 and home owners gathered in the past, even more exasperating is that the copyright is removed, and even changed his name, said to be the original content. I just want to say one thing today, free Internet economy has come to an end, do not do things in forwarding and acquisition. Why do you say, can see from some of the read more

The new owners in the optimization way of taboo

believe that every webmaster will have their own set of optimization scheme, especially the new owners who are learning optimization technology of predecessors, embarked on the road of optimization. But things have a limit. There is a philosophical principle of moderation, more than this is bound to bring changes in some things. Shanghai dragon master can be optimized to make their sites have a good ranking, it is because they are a good grasp of the optimal scale, many new Adsense optimization method in understanding, began crazy optimization, resulting in the site is down right or be K tragedy. Then we are in the process of Web site optimization how to prevent excessive read more

Website optimization webmaster over just wrong

as a warning for the future, we may wish to think calmly, the webmaster is go to this point today, aren’t all the mistakes are the webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er he kind of consequences?

I think all the website optimization, network marketing people are aware of the fact that the network marketing industry, especially the website optimization, Shanghai dragon is a social industry, that is to say the occupation industry is no standard to follow any of the relevant countries and areas in the field of education policy. Take the website optimization, marketing is based on the search field in the major search engines such as Google and love Shanghai, a snapshot of the information ranking algorithm to match their website resources, so as to achieve the final front site ranking in search results. According to the search engine ranking factors, from the macro perspective is nothing more than two directions of website content resources and station resources. However, in the process of the two kinds of resources in some excessive or speculative behavior, the industry called the optimization excessive or excessive optimization, then we search from within the field of these large search tools to analyze, the so-called "excessive" is not only the stationmaster’s fault. read more

Wang Yang the content of the website optimization hospital page

> to attractHow to improve the

1, keyword density


The total number of words is divided by

3, click

title is very important, especially for the love of Shanghai can not get a good ranking Title accounted for a large factor in the headline of time should pay attention to the following points:

The content of

we must understand the word limit in the search results list page title, love Shanghai displays up to 30 characters Chinese, noble baby probably can display 32 Chinese characters, more than part can not be displayed, will use the ellipsis instead. Since this cannot make it more friendly to patients, are unable to display the full title imagine, how can attract patients click? So write the title must be concise, not more than 30 words. read more

The secret of the PV page in the station optimization

. Analysis of the types of pages is to let you go to screen out unimportant or can not be used to do the long tail keywords of the page, the weight does not let these pages allotment site. For example, the registration page, shopping cart page, page order query, the PV value of the page will be very high, if not be shielding will be divided out too much weight.

In addition

analysis of this data is best done repeatedly, and then adjust the page, it will be more accurate.

page of the PV value of read more