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Some ideas about the new features of HTML5 how to guide future web construction

HTML5 is an upgraded version of HTML4, compared to the latter, HTML5 increased Web "performance, but also increase the local data forms, and other new features, for the construction of our website is a new experience, but also an opportunity, because HTML5 many functions of innovation and reform is a very good the guidelines for our future website construction.

HTML5 a new < canvas> tag

Flash you know, this is a very troublesome thing for everyone, some owners to make the picture more gorgeous feeling, so in the home loaded with a variety of Flash video, as a result, "although the effect has been improved, but the site access speed will go down. Because when visitors open a website, the bloated Flash video will be loaded only after loading can appear, if your host is shared, then your site loading speed will be very miserable. read more

The site was blocked by search engines


has failed in the college entrance examination, contact network maintenance and promotion also have half a year. During the first half of the year, has experienced many aspects of website promotion and site optimization knowledge. Have a certain understanding. When the PR value of the site and improve the flow level when the heart is very happy, after all, since the labor production has yet? In the site now also encountered many problems of

some time ago to see the web traffic, a sudden fall in half, I wonder. Well, how the flow was reduced so much! Looking for a few days or did not find the reason, also ask some network maintenance master. There is no breakthrough in what read more

WordPress novice do stand you have to understand a few questions

reason: not very readable, please keep on trying,

WordPress novice, do stand, you have to understand a few questions!

!A lot of

SEOer into the SEO industry, all love to get a personal blog, the comparison of the fire program is what 112 blog blog a few days ago, Soybean Milk machine uses WordPress to make a stand, because it is the first contact with this blog program, many of the problems encountered in the process of installation and use also in this share and share, to avoid similar problems in the process of doing stand read more

Pay attention to optimize the page inside the website in order to have a qualitative breakthrough

Although the homepage of

website is the core of a site, it can not ignore the inside page. Whether a website is popular with the user, the individual feels more important is inside the page. Because users search for the information they need to understand the key words, but also want to see directly the details of this keyword, and not the site of the home page is about to introduce.

so, personally feel that the importance of web pages optimization, more qualitative breakthrough. We go back to the past to see, many sites only focus on the optimization of a web page, then gradually appeared many websites for website page optimization excessive and the right to be reduced, so webmasters have more time and energy to save website. The following figure is that I only focus on the home page optimization before, and lead to follow-up website was down right: read more

Webmaster story do stand the trick is fast accurate ruthless

PR7, day PV30 million, and is vertical industry traffic, such a station is how to make


, SEO, yes, SEO. But, if it’s only SEO, can you do that,


a friend, one day someone was drunk, tell the truth. For rivers and lakes morality, hidden its Web site, station name.

1, content should be fast, fast word, consistent with the true meaning of SEO, in line with customer needs. Can you decide whether you can walk in front or not?. I do vertical trade station, any change in the industry, there must be a substantial response within 24 hours. read more

58 the acquisition of Chinese talent talent why degenerate 58 why Recruitment hunger and thirst

today (May 8th), "this is a magical day."". 58 city officially announced the acquisition of Chinese talent nets, but the transaction did not disclose the amount of the transaction. Upon completion of the merger, China will continue to operate independently, maintaining brand and team independence.

it is understood that the project will be carried out in two phases: the China Resources Corporation, the parent company and the Irish Dragon Group, which will withdraw from its business in China and will be fully responsible for the follow-up related to the staff. 58 city in the transaction, in addition to the completion of China Talent Network brand and other assets acquisition, and will employ most of the team staff. read more

Grassroots webmaster improve website PV hard process

himself has been in touch with the Internet since 2005. Marx used the program to do the movie station, about half a month later. I was afraid of giving up copyright infringement, and at this point I understood GOOGLEAD. And registered the account. Then I studied SEO.

because there is no reason to learn website until April 2008, see the relevant domain name trading success I search for "blood Zhi auxiliary" found that www.rxuezhifu.cn and www.rexuezhifu.cn has not been registered in the domain name city, and CN made a website and have good ranking. So I took the only 100 yuan I bought on the Internet for 60 of the domain name, and began to learn PHP, of course, the choice is dedecms. And bought space in Taobao spent 25 yuan, there are 30 yuan database. Begin my warm blood assistant official station trip. read more

Discussion on the operation of local real estate website

local real estate network and national real estate websites should be different and relatively large in the operation idea and profit model, I made a sunshine real estate network recently) on the status and business ideas with colleagues to explore.

as a local real estate network in order to achieve accurate positioning in place, it can be conducive to the development of the website, my sunshine real estate network, in the real estate website to find the program when a location, status and local second-hand housing transactions, both individuals and intermediary second-hand housing information can be released through the website the number of local new projects should also be involved, of course, related information should also be involved in some of these, there is no need to read too much, as many national website, let everybody to care when everyone is closely related to the relevant real estate information should be updated. read more

know about doing operations a sister who knows almost 3 years of operation experience

Abstract: it’s been 3 years since we left. It’s getting better and better. Although I have been out of date, there is not much precipitation, but the product and operation mechanism are still able to motivate the author. I have added many fans every day during the years when I’m not active in history and people’s communication, and there are countless

has been away for almost 3 years. It’s getting better and better. Although I have been out of date, there is not much precipitation, but the product and operation mechanism are still able to motivate the author. read more

From the mobile phone users online habits WAP site navigation construction

, according to the CNNIC twenty-fourth statistics report, as of June 2009, the use of mobile Internet users reached 155 million people, an increase of 32.1% in six months. The joint efforts of the government and operators to promote 3G licenses, strengthen the concept of mobile Internet, mobile and China Unicom simultaneously lowered mobile Internet tariffs, respectively, launched G3 and 3G brand, to promote market development. The Internet is rich in content and applications. The quantity and quality of mobile phone Internet content gradually, mobile phone, mobile phone video blog, mobile phone and TV are developing rapidly, to provide users with more choices, to promote the expansion of mobile phone users, mobile phone Internet industry is showing rapid growth momentum. read more

Free classified information website operation experience

recently in the reorganization of the company SEO promotion personnel extrapolation assessment, the use of procedures automatically analyze whether the chain was deleted, and found that the previous promotion personnel posted information on the platform network is basically all invalid. Click to enter, only to find that the platform network already does not exist. In fact, a long time ago, the platform network has been closed, but only did not care.

said the classification information website platform, webmaster, perhaps is a profit, without considering the content without considering the included, built the platform waiting for visitors queuing to publish content advertising. But the fact is not the case, the individual operators of classified information platform, business network free information release platform, it has been operating for three years, summed up this three years of experience in the operation of classified information platform here, but also to share with everyone. read more

Peng Yucheng how to use soft text to promote products

last week by a push forum "master Song Jianming: first visits the soft and site optimization that something" opportunity, Peng Yucheng on how to use soft Wen promotion products and this guest Song Jianming was discussed, finally the author summed up some of the soft Wen promotion methods of operation, of course, these methods not all of the products, promotion is effective, but at least for most of the products are effective. Here are some of our dialogue and my personal how to use soft Wen promotion of some personal summary, I hope to have read this article friends have some help. (Peng Yucheng referred to as Peng, Song Jianming referred to as "song"), read more

Website operation through the success of Afanda

all box office have become cannon fodder in the "Afanda" before, including James Cameron’s "Titanic". Why in just a few weeks, "Afanda" will break the "Titanic" to keep 12 year old box office record success? Perhaps we watched from the movie "Afanda", that is the planet Pandora long tails Na’vi, up to hundreds of meters, towering trees dense forests, colorful and full of all kinds of weird animal romantic love story, pure mysterious tribes can freely communicate the spirit of all singular language…… Successfully created the world’s most popular movie. read more

The PR value and weight of double high BBS web site Daquan

core tip: PR value and weight higher BBS, friends can use signature to their website, increase the chain,

http://s.www.admin5.com webmaster Trading Forum PR 6

http://s.www.im286.com/ outdated webmaster forum PR 6

http://s.www.171zz.com webmaster forum PR 4

http://s.bbs.yesky.com/bbs.php PR 6


http://s.bbs.xunlei.com/ thunder forum PR 5

http://s.bbs.51.la, I’d like to count PR 5

, http://s.club.alimama.com, Ali, mum forum, PR, 7

, http://s.bbs.zzchn.com, webmaster, communicate, PR, 4

http://s.bbs.021zhan.com Shanghai webmaster forum PR 4 read more

Taiwan youth Xiamen entrepreneurial story collection

Xiamen as a Taiwanese Investment Zone, attracting a lot of young entrepreneurs in Taiwan, where young entrepreneurs in Taiwan a story, let us look at their entrepreneurial story!

, as the establishment of the first Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone, once together influx of Taiwanese entrepreneurial hot spot. In June 2015, the Fujian Free Trade Zone in Xiamen District, Haicang Park listing of cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base ", because of preferential policies to support Haicang once again become the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship incubator, attracted many young people in Taiwan with their own dreams, come across the Strait" nest "business……. read more

Some research on blog Tags

recently on Digg, digg want to see what is good for SEO, the label is really useful for the blog? Do not know do not have a charm? Here to talk about my achievements, to share with you.

blog classification label is a flexible way, every blog post can add one or more tags, the tag can contain the same label in the blog blog together, I think we can understand the personal blog inside Links, even better.

now most blog sites have tag search pages, some blogs in my article classify most below have a [label] bar, shown here is the latest blog label, it is said that the current search engines are more likely to add a label to the article search. read more

Summarize the experience of Forum promotion

as long as we know a little SEO people know that we in order to make their sites have good PR and in the search engines have good keywords ranking, will not get away from the Forum promotion, whether it is SEOER or master, or just beginning to learn SEOER or

!So what are the benefits of

forum to promote it, so many SEOER in the promotion of their own site are invariably adopted this method BBS promotion? I think the benefits of this forum to promote the three point:

the first point, BBS promotion can bring traffic to our website. I once saw a netizen to do Yahoo Webmaster Station world, his daily flow reached 30000IP (the data I was by his mother ah in advertising that see), and why it can be so much traffic, I looked at, it is through the forum to promote the. That stationmaster, the stationmaster of world station is the moderator of a happy joke of Yahoo Forum! read more

Scholar Adsense don’t fall into the website promotion misunderstanding

on the website promotion this, in fact, I am not very proficient, and not very broad involvement in the surface, but still want to write some of their experience and experience, and share with you.

during the Spring Festival, I worked for an Internet company in Xiamen and promoted them as a dating website. At first, I was full of confidence, I believe I have the ability to do this job for them, and help them develop the web site. But obviously, they did not know where the website promotion principle, after all, is a small company, what website not mentioned, do not want to advertise for them without any cause or reason, after all, the end result is a part. read more

Personal Adsense talk about industry station comprehensive experience chapter

has its own site for three years, download stations, articles, stations, blog, forums, e-commerce and so on have done a lot. Three years ago popular QQ station, but because do QQ station webmaster more and more, basically every webmaster has a QQ station. So many webmaster began good times don’t last long, transfer to industry industry station station! Although the potential users, but we all know big market opportunities the truth! Today is to get some experience by doing industry station to talk, for everyone to share. read more

Recruitment websites need to be good third for enterprises and job seekers

during this period, A5 company was recruiting new employees, but it took many time and still didn’t find the right one. A colleague said, in the past years to find people, a recruitment information sent, will receive more than N application resume, this time received response information is very few, very strange, also more depressed. In the online search area recruitment website, recruitment network, large-scale recruitment of many sites, but there are no effective means of communication between employers and job seekers, so employers still can not find a suitable employee, job seekers are difficult to find suitable work. read more