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Google research web site optimization segmentation

also said in the ordinary novarg, the concept of the keyword "translated into" people, noble baby thinks that natural language technology still has some value. For example, he said: "New York" and "York" are not the same, but "Vegas" and "Las Vegas (Las Vegas)" is a meaning of "Jersey" and "New Jersey (New Jersey)" may be the same, may not be the same. This is the noble Babi Corp concerned natural language technology, they pay more attention to the words and phrases, rather than analyzing the user input the whole sentence. read more

According to the Shanghai website optimization search results to adjust and optimize the idea of lov


third, to the user experience as the core improve site richness. Website optimization today and yesterday already cannot be mention in the same breath, content is king the chain for Huang’s idea is to change, we must change the optimization ideas, on the basis of quality, more diversified show different information through the website, which is very worthy of our attention, the problem is in abundance, the quality of the content, picture display, video presentation, a lot of micro-blog, the use of instant plug-in are details of the main points of improving the richness, website optimization, user behavior and motivation is about search results showing a very important branch, and as a webmaster we also. read more

From cooking Lenovo to search engine optimization

of a product can be successful, the product manager is not shirk its responsibility, because the dominant direction is directly linked to the product manager and the quality of the product itself.


this week to talk about the main logic problem. Most of the time, before the construction of a web, need to do a web product planning. What is the web product planning!? is the function of the product itself, then the properties of the product itself to expand. For example

seems very simple, in fact, according to the 28 principles of product planning, be able to do a good job, 10 only 2 read more

Webmaster discussion how to use , want to make moneyNovice Adsense spring earn CPA advertising fee s

Many webmaster think

page or blog can, the title is of course free keyword file 7 , this can easily be included in the front row, the content is for foreign countries, Africa step, step by step, it is true, and apply to certain is 6-7 at the end of , the most important step: because the application number and the number we use is not within a database, we need to go to customer service complaints about, said to be in the foreign application, now home. Let them adjust to you. In most cases, you will not be rejected if you have a good attitude. If you don’t apply, add me :XXXXXXX, and I can help you read more

A disabled person is how the Internet wealthLi Kaifu Taiwan business environment needs heavy drug tr

blog to see a disabled users write the wealth of experience, very inspired, put the copy and paste. I also do Wangzhuan for a long time, but can not improve their website traffic. But this friend has obtained the income of enough living through the Internet, his method and perseverance are worth learning and drawing lessons from. The text reads as follows:


Li Kaifu believes that Taiwan in the network revolution, the software revolution are lagging behind, and now still talking about the hardware industry. The whole environment in Taiwan is not friendly enough for entrepreneurs. The government should introduce experts from venture capitalists to introduce leading entrepreneurs; to improve many laws and bad habits, do not bully young entrepreneurs. munan read more

Zhongguancun pioneering Street opened 3rd anniversary hatch team 1900How much traffic can Baidu brin

said, mogujie.com, as with the beautiful street community sharing website is popular, they began to crazy swallow Taobao guest Commission countless, do not know if you have noticed, now space certification space more and more, these certification space only one objective, that is to seek the attention attracted traffic, but they found that the certification space this piece of cake has not meet their application, and began eyeing the Tencent, operational thinking is basically the same, that is to choose the most popular platform, put their own developed products, thus obtaining their target users, but why choose Tencent, too obvious the total number of Internet users, our country is more than 500 million, but the active accounts reached 700 million, there is no way in this world has no one can stop Tencent, before always listen to others to say the most profitable Internet company is only three, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, I do not believe, I believe, the Internet is complementary to each other, I think only they three are complementary. read more

Business focus shifted to Japan, Softbank plans to reshuffle the boardStarting dry goods 4 ways to f

, Softbank also nominated Goldman executives Mark · Schwartz Mark Schwartz, the largest sovereign wealth fund public investment fund managing director Arthur · Al · Yang romao Yasir Al Rumayyan served as an outside director.

As an entrepreneur,

is always asked about entrepreneurship and always works under a magnifying glass. But that may be one of the reasons for calling it an entrepreneur, proving that you can do what other people think you can’t do. In fact, you can tell others that business is not all about business, making money, and more about achieving your own ideals. read more

Rural baby talk and network bonds, so that the monthly income of over 10000Don’t look at Philippines

shop packing with the supply available, the rest is the promotion, but for my ignorance, "Ella Posuo" customer service is very attentive to help me solve, they now also help promote the promotion of cheats. The promotion of online shop is also the most important, increasing the flow of online shop can bring more baby volume. Therefore, a certain advertising should also be taken seriously, so I have been worried about the problem solved.

introduced a friend to a model company to work, do half a year, every day bitter, tasteless, a year on busy for two months… Is a friend said, we do work, although high wages, but also the most inferior occupation. In order to change the boring, killing youth life and struggling to find a cudgel thinking, but for the way. read more

Online advertising who has the final sayCool easou classification information general manager Pan Ju

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan

many personal webmaster site has not reached a certain size, or a person in the struggle, but insisted after a period of time, probably because of loneliness, lack of patience or profit is likely to have the idea of giving up. In fact, the webmaster is not lonely, because there are many webmaster in order to ideal, day and night struggle. Do pay attention to, adhere to this thing is easy to say, it really insist on even painful suffering, but as you adhere to a few years, when every day to pay more time, will understand the profound meaning of the stick. read more

How do I earn ten thousand through the garbage collectionBeauty Adsense do what alliance to make mon


above is the beauty of the station will do five league, reputation I can guarantee, absolutely I have received all the money union.

1: popcorn alliance. Address: union.pomoho

2:888 color League address: union.sms888.net/

5, notice

make it clear that you do garbage stations, don’t spend too much time on a site, and don’t waste time looking for programs and changing templates. Don’t think you can be an industry tycoon. That’s not what we want. How to use the existing resources to achieve the highest efficiency, the smallest risk, the biggest profit is the question we need to think about. Don’t worry too much about a single site being punished by a search engine read more

Several methods to write soft Wen WangzhuanShare personal webmaster for Network Entrepreneurship fou

method to write the soft Wangzhuan is divided into the following categories:

network business — not in the blue ocean in the Red Sea, looking for the blue ocean

Blue ocean

the word first appeared in the Chinese is 2006, two is a professor at INSEAD, in 2005 wrote a book called "Blue Ocean Strategy" English Blue Ocean Strategy proposed, if you want to study the blue ocean strategy in the book to see blue refers to the creative to! Create a market, making new demands, new industries. For a start, less competition, even only one person, so money is very easy, it is like swimming in the quiet blue ocean. While the relative blue ocean is the Red Sea, refers to the competition in the current market space, by constantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and even Dutch act type price competition, so we are stuck in a bloody red sea. read more

Empty fox founder Yu Xiaodan again sound dirty water, I’m not afraid.Taobao female owner 2 years, 4

, just briefly.

– I didn’t get my salary for a year. After the first round of financing, my salary was 20 thousand. Until the third round of financing, I got 40 thousand of my salary. At the same time, the post office staff salary is 50 thousand, COO is 2 million annual salary. I think COO’s salary is higher than the market price

credit rating: four crown

graduated from the University for 06 years, lost two years of postgraduate work +, spent two years in muddleheaded. I love the shopping online from University, postgraduate failed, at the time that the online sales is a very good opportunity, but do not just graduated from start-up capital and experience, then listen to their parents, to find a job safety class peace, live in nine late five life time is 08 years. My work is easy, is civilian in Pharmaceutical Engineering Department, basically every day work done can have some time on the Internet, at that time the company also allows employees outside the network, so basically every day in Taobao above, not shopping is to see the forum learning experience, we often see some posts to start empty-handed rookie seller sales of over 10000 and so on, the heart a burst of excitement, hope that one day can become one of them. Slowly from some of the seller’s experience learned that, in the hands of goods, but also want to open Taobao shop, you can start from commission. So the Internet to find suppliers can be sold. In their purchase, do two suppliers after a total consignment, the first is crystal jewelry, but because the shipping price is too high, and has just opened without experience, several months, even a baby did not sell out. When frustrated, we found a supplier who could sell daily necessities. The price was low and the quality was good. At that time, we began to have sales gradually from zero. It began in 2010, from 0 to 2, and took more than three months. read more

In the face of temptation, you choose to enter 100 or 500 into the dayThe winter came the small webs

website, advertising or to vote, or webmaster every month hosting costs come from, in this winter, may wish to choose some Zoupian Jian Feng, the Ali Mama advertising alliance not known to do, try offbeat advertising, or can gain better effect than now, I now the ads website alliance, Qingfeng wealth alliance, the main content is dating advertising video, stock.

1, the relative popularity is not high, the company at the time of the operation, in order to attract more investment to the main website, the service and payment is their first question to consider, if this is not done well, there may be very difficult to operate it. The company will focus on the location of small and medium-sized Web site owners, produce mutual benefit and win-win situation. read more

Taobao freeze things and do Wangzhuan integrity trackingWebsite profit way, share Taobao guest websi

I want to say, on the Internet site to make money, characteristics of each site in each industry are not the same, according to the investment funds, owners in the background, forces the operation mode of the website are not the same, the group purchase website, group purchase website will not profit a lot, but through public financing, capital heavyweights management consciousness we can not see, a lot of small sites are not listed, while Taobao guest Yisifumu taobao, but still not listed, people did not understand, but it can not stop the pace of taobao is to make money, like not show Guo Degang, not necessarily must wait until the listing to make money on the Spring Festival, not necessarily to fame read more

Valuation of 2 billion 100 million of the flight steward in the new board this year, second of the c


on the flight steward C round of financing

use: part of the system into the company, and the other part is the RMB fund and dollar fund replacement.

, of course, not to say that you must learn SEO to make money, in fact a fast way to make money is not to say no, the following is about an example about the actual examples, from a friend, a television station, this station some time ago by sh419 and shlf1314 K, a friend asked me this station, there is a fixed flow around 1000IP, throw away waste, how to use this station to make money. I said something about the method, of course, this method is not like the so-called online training class, so exaggerated, can easily earn 5001000 a day, and so on. read more

How to operate online shop correctlyLook at the prospect of Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan guest

because Taobao customers in the promotion platform of goods is too small, it is difficult to attract more Taobao customers, especially the strength of the site for Taobao promotion. So, Ali mother launched the publicity to the shopkeeper, and will participate in promotion limit down to as long as the credibility of 3 hearts can. After a period of publicity, to participate in the promotion of dispensers more, Taobao customer promotion platform in the number of goods and categories are more. In particular, some dispensers have tasted the benefits of this, particularly interested in, but also to share experience, and more to promote the matter. Remember Ali mother community, once was all the shopkeeper looking for Taobao guest’s post. In this period, only a single product was promoted, which was the most favorable period for the shopkeeper. Some dispensers, the entire shop, only three or four items to participate in the promotion, and most of the remaining transactions are not required to pay commission. read more

How the 30 year old boy, family members do not understand the technical successEarn 2000 yuan per mo

and the publisher shall not be in violation of shlf1314 site administrator quality guidelines shlf1314/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py? Answer=35769quality web advertising shlf1314. Please provide a partial excerpt of these guidelines, and suggest that you take some time to look at their full version.

finds out which of my friends knows how to make a product;

every choice has a lot of challenges that’s not an excuse:

promised these friends that they needed only a small amount of work before I set up a team; read more

Review old useful chat room ways to earn moneyMan nation Taobao customers earn 3000 yuan a simple w

website put on shlf1314 AdSense advertising, every day there are about 4 to 6 dollars in income, at this time a person plus my to rent my website, bid is 100 yuan a day, day by day give money.

why use member , member still needs 10 dollars a month? The purpose of using member is to make the rank first in the display list of chat rooms.

chat room, which is very popular, and most of them are looking for exciting men, women rarely. So, what’s a normal chat room? What can one day get so high a profit? A machine can log on 6 and enter 18 chat rooms. Requirements are using member , and both use the coral version of . read more

Online shopping online shopping spree to help people master seckill a second to earn 50 yuanHubei’s

Lai Chunlin in Wuhan before the Optics Valley conference Internet plus "innovation development also revealed, Sheng day network business for 10 years, had moved 13 times, the most is the beginning of entrepreneurship in the corridor.

employer: "spike" spreads can save thousands of

for the preparation of IPO Sheng day network mixed

enterprises prepare IPO listing is a long-term process. When the prospectus was first published, the main business of the day network was to engage in Internet Entertainment read more

Early O2O automobile service brand car ants issued dissolution statement, bankruptcy has become a fo

in the previously reported venture to those things, we have revealed the development status of the domestic mobile market for the majority of entrepreneurs, I believe we have to understand a few mobile tycoon, we continue to encounter the other thing about the way of entrepreneurship.

this picture is today’s employee pay photo

According to

media today, media reports, the early O2O car service brand car ants have closed down, during the period, claiming to be car ants former staff broke the news that the car ants have been formally announced last night. The first contact was made with the ants, and the employee said that he had made a statement last night. read more