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To have a certain degree of love in Shanghai Shanghai dragon chain products

      1, first of all, love Shanghai encyclopedia need to know is that we want to take the public as the primary goal to do. Our purpose is to add advertising, but means that by adding content to the encyclopedia need add some advertising content. So usually should accumulate some knowledge in these aspects. Whether you are still looking for online handwriting.

      the highest level of the website operation is not rely on search engines to play their own brand, this website operation is the most healthy and best. Of course, individuals have a personal method, at present micro-blog marketing is a method, blog sprocket is also possible, but need long-term support! Fully cooperate with the various forums we need marketing planning and editing department, no matter what method is OK, as long as doing well each method will let you by the open smile! read more

How to let the spider eyes see your website

by testing your website will show Flash and JavaScript are not Shanghai dragon love. A solution (recommended as a best practice in Shanghai dragon) is included in the < IMG > ALT image tag attribute description of meaningful, but be careful not to use too many keywords in it because of the risk of penalties stack keywords. The alt attribute is required, when you use the links instead of text links, you can use alt text description.

to optimize a website is great but the important thing is how to make search engines see your efforts. But even the most careful optimization does not guarantee the position at the top of the search results, if your site does not comply with the basic search engine optimization truth, then this site in the search engine will not score. Check your work in Shanghai dragon is how the search engine to see the read more

How to optimize the design of the long tail word class website


, Xiao Bian has a habit, is the use of different methods for mining, for example, some third party key tool, love Shanghai own keyword tool, are in use. Then, Xiaobian this sorted out, finishing about twenty thousand keywords. Then, the long tail word were removed with their own website main content do not want to pipe. Because we are engaged in graphic design, brochure design, packaging design, I put the inside of the industrial design and decoration design word removed, leaving only related to our website theme. I believe that to stay is the Shanghai dragon they want. read more

The rapid increase in the weight of the wise remark of an experienced person new website

In addition to

in the layout of the page keywords Keywords: I think too much will distract the weight. Thus the title and content of the matching degree of decline, in order to get better reflect the general new planning 2-3 main keywords. And these words have to consider the ranking with the other. Through the experiment, later add 1-2 a word to title, although the change is equivalent to title, but will not affect too many snapshots and weight, but it is easy to add keywords ranking.

in the program: because the author is not a technical background, program optimization is not very good, every time the new station requires only one point: dynamic path parameters not too much, URL address as short as possible, and try to follow Home + + + channel page column page content page etc. provisions. Although the love of Shanghai does not discriminate against the dynamic web site, but I believe that the best or static. read more

Yue Huai Shanghai Longfeng interview notice Zac teacher talk to you ZAC

> ? website

Zan Hui, Shanghai dragon net of Zac, every one of the authors. Shanghai dragon "actual combat password", "network marketing of actual combat password", "Shanghai Dragon Art" author, translator, famous network marketing experts. In 1992, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Department of Electronic Engineering Bachelor degree, master degree from Beijing Film Academy in 1995. 1997 to singapore. In 2000 the first personal hobby website (www. zac贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) and get out of hand. read more

Forwards lists six kinds of commonly used tools in Shanghai Dragon

3, the home station webmaster tools, online tools, http:tool. Chinaz. Com. Shanghai Longfeng tools a comprehensive, almost won the Shanghai dragon and other related tools station. Here are a few good tools for the red box marked a personal preference. The query data is relatively accurate, the only regret is the need of continuous query interval of about 20 seconds.

4, the webmaster helper nets, online tools, http:www. Linkhelper. Cn. One of the Shanghai dragon tools more professional, is also very rich, and faster. A few good tools for the red box marked. read more

Share the love Shanghai product promotion experience library and encyclopedia

come to talk about love Shanghai Encyclopedia:

encyclopedia in the hearts of our generation is the basic symbol of authority, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love belongs to love Shanghai products, the exposure rate is extremely high, so the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has given people the feeling is a high degree of authority. We trust this one basically is completely fix, then waiting for us to do the promotion. There are two types of encyclopedia promotion, either pure text ads, either with a silent advertising links. Due to the weight of reason, extension staff only text ads based on read more

Teaching new site four site after molding we do how to optimize

three, learn to self review and inspection

external links represent a key step in the very important for search engine optimization inside, so we can not underestimate the webmaster every external links increase, but for the novice webmaster have many do not know how to increase the external links, here I teach a few tricks, we can find some good the original and the end and our website keyword and URL and release to some related similar forums and websites on their website, that is the effective external link promotion, if there is some forum account such as an account in the A5 forum, we can put their own personal signature is also added. And in our words, while browsing the forums when is silently in the external links, and the fastest and most direct way is to write Contributions to A5, as long as the A5 approved so you outside of the chain increase is very fast, because every day there are many sites in the A5 collection of news articles there are a lot of people think of your article is good to reprint. read more

Do exchange chain website needs to pay attention to what

two, Shen of low correlation Links

We all know that

three, and has no health information website links.

for the Links we should all know very clearly, in fact Links is equivalent to their own website to do a high quality of the external links, we should not only look beyond the high PR for friends of the chain to be connected to the site, we should go on a rational point of view, even if the other side of the rankings again good, no other external conditions are determined not to do link with this site, if not carefully let the other website involve your website is down right so that Links The loss outweighs the gain., website to, a good friend chain site is more important, but a lot of Shanghai Shanghai dragon company the owners have to say, some sites do not have Links but included rankings or traffic as well, this is another matter. read more

Shanghai Longfeng work do not hesitate, do one thing under cover of another

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a complex work, whether you are an entrepreneur or are working for others, eventually do website optimization, always cannot do without a good attitude. In the face of repeating the same thing every day and stay up late into the night, to maintain a good attitude, then your life is gradually mature and the exercise you take it leisurely and unoppressively and the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Today I saw a very good article that is compared to the optimization of the income, the income of tens of thousands, but the income is not high, may be lower. Would you ask why such a big difference, of course, have a great relationship with their own state of mind, not a good attitude, in the face of any website is incomprehensible, not to keep the common heart to treat this is the difference. read more

Shanghai Longfeng, please don’t be a person to fight

especially now love Shanghai, for the quality requirements more and more high, is not only a person by the acquisition will be able to do site optimization, with the chain group tools will be able to bring up the rankings, with the sale of the link can achieve the home page in the key words. Although the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, individual Shanghai dragon feeling more and more difficult to do. Even the article will go to the original manual on their own, the pseudo original tool has been more and more far away from their own, all the chain for the emperor, the chain is king hang in the mouth of the Shanghai dragon ER is now slowly about the user experience, the article discussed the original. read more

Snapshot not update included several factors influence snapshot has increased

web site regularly to update, can let the habit to grab the spider, also can let the confidence of the website promotion, update rules can make good articles included more timely, but every day the update, the snapshot will update? This is not me, this site is updated daily articles, although the number is not more generally, update 5 articles, can be made in time, but the snapshot still does not change, so the content update, I think the main factor is not driving the snapshot update, let the snapshot is updated every day, and not in the station every day to get more new articles. read more

See the Chinese optimization from a small bit of noble baby project operation

3, the bottom of the copyright reserved: to add link keywords effect return set;


before a certain operation history, a total of 3 optimization keywords, Shanghai Shanghai environmental protection bags, non-woven bags and canvas bag of www.sh-guichuan贵族宝贝 dynamic and client site, after keywords fluctuations in April 25th of this year, after it has been no words are online, keywords in late October Shanghai non-woven bags, canvas bags are the nobles before the baby 5 pages, plus the need of the project, so the fluctuation of keywords operation become my on-line target for November, my main work and related experience in the next half a month before the time: read more

Teach you how to get out of the box Google grassroots

Shanghai dragon may not need too much attention to the content of the above contents in the above, but with the improvement of search engine optimization technology, these are standardized, so these contents are more and more quality, high quality, original, these are not those reproduced and pseudo original low degree the article can be replaced.

has set up the website is not easy in the search engine rankings above, this is the request in the website optimization process to pay attention to the diversification of Web site optimization, can not take the easy route, as a mere formality, to establish good optimization methods, this will get the favour of noble baby. If your site read more

The 10 reason love Shanghai snapshot

many webmaster do Shanghai dragon too eager to make a keyword, but a few days later, found the keyword ranking has not gone up, then quickly changed the words, change the title, description, let the crawler disoriented.

we all know, the chain can improve the site included, on the one hand, external links can increase the weight of your site, cause love Shanghai reptile on your web site’s attention, another.

three, frequent change site title

now uses the information collection sites have a lot of content, although the update will be very convenient, update frequency can also be ensured, but little original content, plus the acquisition rules is not flexible, the collection of content in a complete mess, highly repetitive content is too much, will not love Shanghai crawler to patronize, because are you content here, it has seen more than tens of thousands of times, not diligent update. read more

The Shanghai dragon pattern first and then build the steady development of the new weight flow layou

refers to the network marketing, many people will immediately think site, followed by Shanghai dragon. This shows the status of the website in Internet marketing, also shows an Shanghai dragon in network marketing. In network marketing, promotion and promotion of free charge does not exist advantages and disadvantages, has its advantages and disadvantages, and free promotion is not without cost, regardless of what kind of promotion way is to get traffic, contribute to the ultimate profit. Most of the sites will profit to define the procedure as the basis for the establishment of the website: then the implementation of the Shanghai dragon, the keywords in the search engine rankings to get traffic, the third step is to negotiate with customers, achieve the purpose of marketing, the structure of flow: read more

You also please the webmaster forum is a piece of pure land

used to optimize work to strengthen my lottery website, I build a forum, hope to use lottery related forums to promote their Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/, but also for their own website brand, use well reputation. But I was fantastic, the forum was built in less than a month, I will give up, have no confidence, not many forum members, posting machine groups. How to prevent post machine is the webmaster often talk about. The webmaster also afraid to post such machine is too strict blow, the website does not flow, that this forum is a shell. read more

Know why Shanghai dragon blog will be unpopular it

some Shanghai dragon blog updated daily, this looks very good, because it is difficult to write a blog every day, but is written by some of the running account, such as today, ranking number rose today, the chain increased much, today for a few Links, because every update can please search spider, in order to improve the snapshot the update, but the content is very poor quality, let a person do not bear to look at.

because I also do Shanghai dragon, the blog also wrote Shanghai dragon, I naturally do not exclude Shanghai Longfeng class blog, I will be more of this kind of blog, for the reason you know. Also sometimes and readers who disliked the Shanghai dragon blog like this kind of reflection, because many of them are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. The following order to common causes of several Shanghai Longfeng blog will be unpopular. read more

How to check the system of cosmetic website home page by reason of K

, of course, is not just so simple, in fact, deep-seated problems maybe when I haven’t realized that in space before, our website administrator had changed a few times title and keywords website also re defined. The problem should appear in the steps, that we have always stressed.

I have doubted is the site of the space is a problem, the main site is changed before the new space, the original space is an Internet company, then the company privately to help cosmetic website for a new space, it is also the change of the space, the main cause of the web site keywords decline even the front page of the site was the result of K. In addition, the space itself is before or are problems. read more

How to optimize the e-commerce website in order to increase the page

, for a certain vertical


we often encounter this situation, regardless of how to increase the content of a website, love Shanghai included the number that do not, even decline, this situation may be due to the low weight website, due to the low weight of the search engines crawl the lower frequency, plus the content similarity is higher, search engine a number of new data index after control of old data, found that the repeatability is relatively high, it will be considered that repeated data to delete, experiments show that the site the higher the weight, the proportion of repeat delete will be smaller, the solution is to improve the quality and quantity of the chain, there is no simple method. Three, the structure of chaos website read more