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Qatari revenge in Berlin

germany handballQatar handball After a “small disaster” in Leipzig two days ago, Asian champions from Qatar made a brilliant com-back in Berlin, where sold-out Max Schmelling Arena with 8.500 fans wasn’t place of happiness for Dagur Sigurdsson and his boys. At the end, Valero Rivera team won 26:24 (14:11)…Germany – Qatar 24:26 (11:14)Germany : Lichtlein, Wolff, Heinevetter; Gensheimer (4/2), Sellin (3/2), Lemke, Wiede (2), Strobel, Groetzki (3), Müller (3), Pevnov (1), Dahmke (3), Kühn (3), Späth, Ernst (1), Pieczkowski, Drux (1)Qatar : Stojanovic, Magdi; Markovic (8/4), Bagaric (1), Roine (2), Capote (5), Lopez, Murad (3), Memisevic, Vidal, Mallash (5), Tomic, Sami, Benali (1), Venic, Hassaballa (1) ← Previous Story Wisla beat Kielce in Polish “Holy War” Next Story → Season is over for Kai Hafner read more

Key prosecution witness tells court attack on Irish student lasted less than

first_imgTHE TRIAL IN Chicago of a 34-year-old man accused of the attempted murder of an Irish student in the Bucktown area of the city three years ago has heard the entire attack lasted just three minutes.Natasha McShane, from Silverbridge in Armagh, has been left with extensive brain injures and speech problems as a result of the assault, and still needs help walking.Heriberto Viramontes is on trial in the US city charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and armed robbery in connection with the baseball bat attack on Natasha and her friend Stacey Jurich in April 2010.The court heard yesterday from prosecution witness Marcy Cruz, who says she was with the alleged attacker on the night in question.Cruz, who has pleaded guilty to her part in the attack, testified against the accused as part of a plea deal. According to Chicago Sun Times, Cruz said Viramontes parked her minivan in the Bucktown area of the city and left the vehicle carrying a baseball bat, telling her he didn’t want her to be involved in what he was about to do.She said he was gone just long enough for one song to play on the radio, and that he returned carrying two purses, jumping through the rear sliding door and telling Cruz to drive off.Cruz told the court that they later stopped in an alleyway to divvy up the credit cards and other contents of the purses.She told the court that Viramontes had said the girls were “really pretty” and that he had done some “bogus sh**”.According to the Chicago Tribune, Cruz admitted she lied to authorities at first. Questioned by Viramontes’ attorney, Chandra Smith, she said she had initially claimed to have bought the two purses from a man named ‘Jamaica’ for $80. She said Viramontes had told her to lie.Viramontes’ lawyers claim he is an innocent man, and that the evidence linking him to the crimes is circumstantial.Last week, jurors in the trial were shown video evidence of Natasha, who’s now 27, struggling through physical therapy and having difficulty carrying out basic everyday tasks.Her mother Sheila told the court that her daughter, who had been studying at the University of Illinois, “doesn’t speak or walk on her own”.Read: Medical team pulled a stone from the back of Natasha McShane’s throat >Read: Friend of Irish student tells Chicago court of savage attack>last_img read more

Divers rescued after drifting three miles out to sea at Wexford

first_imgTHREE DIVERS WERE rescued off the Wexford coast this afternoon after they drifted almost three miles out to sea.The three men had been due back on their boat at around noon but the alarm was raised when they had not returned  an hour and a half after the expected time.They had been diving at the Connigmore rocks, one mile south of the Saltee Islands, which is a popular spot for diving groups.The Coast Guard helicopter, the Kilmore Quay RNLI and two local charter vessels were all alerted after the skipper of the dive boat raised the alarm.The three men were spotted by the helicopter and the lifeboat was directed to their exact location. One diver was brought on board the lifeboat using specialised equipment, while the lifeboat crew threw out a line to pull in the remaining two divers.All three were reported to be in good spirits and did not require any medical assistance.“The dive boat skipper did exactly the right thing in reporting the men overdue and happily we were able to recover them safely onto the lifeboat,” said volunteer crewmember Aidan Bates of the Kilmore Quay RNLI.“They were certainly relieved to see us coming and we were delighted to be able to bring everyone home safe.”All images of the rescue via the Irish Coast Guard/Rescue 117Read: Two men rescued from stricken yacht > Read: Missing hikers found after 10 days in New Zealand wilderness >last_img read more

Awesome LED Table Can Be Whatever You Want

first_imgA company called Nkcharms has begun taking orders for this super stylish table that incorporates 1700 LED lights to turn the display into anything you want.One sample style is the tree seen above, but it could obviously be custom created for any design you want. So in case you were worried that you weren’t using enough electricity as it is, this may be the perfect solution for you.The man who created the tree design, Dennis Veut, explained in a statement, “The tree becomes wood becomes light, a metaphor for the circle of life itself.” Deep stuff… We don’t really get it, though. But we do think the table is pretty darn cool.Via Tom’s GuideAdChoices广告last_img read more

Thermomètre quel type de thermomètre choisir et où prendre la température

first_imgThermomètre : quel type de thermomètre choisir et où prendre la température ?Le thermomètre est l’un des outils essentiels de la trousse de premiers soins. Il existe différents modèles de thermomètres et différentes méthodes de prise de température corporelle. Quelle est la méthode la plus fiable ? Quelle est celle que l’on devrait privilégier chez les bébés et les enfants ? Quel thermomètre devrait-on choisir ? Tour d’horizon sur cet outil indispensable.Quels sont les différents types de thermomètres ?Vous vous sentez fiévreux ? Fiston est brûlant et vous voulez prendre sa température ? Ne cherchez plus le bon vieux thermomètre au mercure de votre enfance à la pharmacie du coin, il est interdit à la vente en France depuis 1999. Trop néfaste pour l’environnement et pour la santé. Voici donc les différents modèles de thermomètres qui sont aujourd’hui disponibles sur le marché : – Le thermomètre à gallium : C’est le thermomètre qui a remplacé celui au mercure. Il renferme un mélange de gallium, d’étain et d’indium qui, sous l’effet de la chaleur, se dilatent dans le thermomètre. Il est, comme son ancêtre, en verre gradué et permet de lire facilement la température. Fiable, c’est le thermomètre le plus basique et le plus économique. On peut l’employer pour mesurer la température axillaire (sous les aisselles) et buccale et certains modèles permettent aussi de prendre la température par voie rectale. – Le thermomètre électronique : Très facile à utiliser, il affiche la température en quelques secondes sur un écran à cristaux liquides. Au bout d’une vingtaine de secondes, un bip sonore indiquera que la température a atteint le bon niveau. En cas de fièvre, certains thermomètres électroniques possèdent un bip spécifique. Un peu plus cher que le thermomètre à gallium, il reste tout de même très économique et fiable. On peut l’utiliser autant pour la prise de température buccale, axillaire et rectale. – Le thermomètre à infrarouges : C’est un thermomètre très pratique puisqu’il donne la température en quelques secondes. Il permet de prendre la température dans l’oreille, sur le front, sur la tempe et parfois même sans contact. Pratique lorsque bébé dort ou que le jeune enfant refuse qu’on lui prenne sa température… Le thermomètre effectue très rapidement une série de mesureset retient le résultat le plus élevé. Les thermomètres infrarouges auriculaires sont les plus fiables, mais aussi les plus chers. Ce sont d’ailleurs ces types de thermomètres que les médecins utilisent le plus souvent. Pour ce qui est des thermomètres infrarouges qui prennent la température sur le front, sur la tempe ou sans contact, le chiffre affiché peut varier d’un degré. Bien que ce type de thermomètre puisse donner une bonne indication, il est préférable, chez le bébé et le jeune enfant, d’avoir aussi un thermomètre à gallium ou électronique afin de prendre la température par voie rectale. – Le thermomètre tétine : C’est peut-être un gadget, mais le thermomètre tétine peut s’avérer pratique si on n’a pas d’autre thermomètre sous la main. Une fois encore, chez le bébé, la prise de température par voie rectale est la plus fiable et la plus précise. – Les thermomètres à cristaux liquides : Il s’agit de bandelettes de plastiques contenant des cristaux liquides qui apparaissent à la chaleur et que l’on place sur le front. Ce type de thermomètre n’est pas le plus fiable.  Quelles sont les différentes techniques pour prendre la température corporelle ?On peut prendre la température par voie buccale, rectale, axillaire (sous les aisselles), tympanique, frontale et temporale (sur la tempe). La température rectale est la méthode la plus précise et la plus fiable pour s’assurer que la fièvre ne passe pas inaperçue. Elle est conseillée chez les enfants de moins de 2 ans. Il est important de bien nettoyer le thermomètre avant et après chaque utilisation avec de l’eau savonneuse. Pour un nourrisson, allongez-le sur le dos avec les genoux repliés et insérez doucement le thermomètre dans le rectum jusqu’à 2,5 cm pendant trois minutes. La prise de température par la bouche est déconseillée pour les moins de 5 ans. Le thermomètre doit être bien placé sous la langue avec la bouche fermée pendant trop minutes ou jusqu’au signal sonore afin que le résultat soit le plus précis possible. Nettoyez bien le thermomètre avant et après utilisation. La température sous l’aisselle n’est pas la plus fiable puisque le résultat peut être faussé par la température extérieure. Cette méthode peut toutefois être un bon indicateur de fièvre. Si vous employez cette technique, placez l’extrémité du thermomètre au centre de l’aisselle en recouvrant bien avec le bras contre le torse pendant trois minutes ou jusqu’au bip sonore. À lire aussiACC (anticoagulants circulants) : définition, rôle, comment analyser les résultats ?La température par l’oreille avec un thermomètre à infrarouges offre un résultat rapide et fiable, mais la sonde doit accéder directement au tympan. Ce thermomètre demande une certaine technique puisqu’il doit être placé d’une certaine façon pour afficher un résultat précis. En cas de cérumen dans l’oreille, le résultat peut aussi être faussé. Les méthodes privilégiées chez les enfantsChez les nourrissons jusqu’à l’âge de 2 ans, la prise de température par voie rectale est la plus précise, sinon, optez pour la température axillaire. Chez les enfants de 2 à 5 ans, la température rectale permet également d’obtenir le résultat le plus fiable. Les deux autres méthodes à privilégier sont la voie tympanique et la voie axillaire. Chez les enfants de plus de 5 ans et chez l’adulte, optez en premier lieu par la prise de température par la bouche et ensuite, par le tympan et par l’oreille.Le 5 août 2016 à 16:03 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Klopp responds to Kyle Walkers tweet

first_imgLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp claims he never celebrated another team dropping points after Kyle Walker made a mockery of the Reds 1-1 draw with Leicester on TwitterHarry Maguire’s first-half leveler ensured Klopp’s men would not go seven points clear at the top of the Premier League after City’s 2-1 loss to the Magpies.Walker posted a popular meme of Maguire from the World Cup with the caption: ‘So basically they thought they were gonna go seven points ahead’. He deleted it, but it quickly went viral.Kyle Walker just posted this tweet and quickly deleted it…👀 pic.twitter.com/7I4IHvysrE— PurelyFootball (@PurelyFootball) January 31, 2019When quizzed about it City boss Pep Guardiola said: “I’m not concerned about the social media of the players, what they tweet or Instagram, or other social media. I cannot control it.”Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, LiverpoolMo Salah laughs off Sadio Mane incident with a brilliant video Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Mohamed Salah laughed off his little spat with Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane by posting a brilliant video showing they’ve made up.Klopp who didn’t know about the tweet, told the BBC: “I cannot help that. I am not sure what that says about us, it says something more about the other person.“I never celebrated that another team dropped points or lost a game. For me, that’s not allowed.“For supporters, it is a little bit different, for people involved I don’t understand.”He added: “There will always be a bunch of people who hope you win and another bunch who hope you will lose.“You have to ignore both in your preparation, and in the end hopefully you celebrate with the ones who want you to win something.”City are five points adrift of Liverpool, with 14 games of the season remaining.last_img read more

No spring chinook retention in Lewis Kalama rivers in 2013

first_imgSpring chinook retention in the Lewis, North Fork Lewis and Kalama rivers will be closed beginning Feb. 15 due to weak runs forecast for 2013.The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced the following regulation changes:o All chinook must be released on the Lewis River downstream of the forks.o All chinook must be released in the North Fork of the Lewis River from the mouth of the East Fork upstream to the powerlines downstream of Merwin Dam.o All fishing is closed is closed between Johnson Creek (downstream of Lewis River Salmon Hatchery) and Merwin Dam, including steelhead. Steelhead fishing remains open in the Lewis and the North Fork downstream of Johnson Creek.o All spring chinook must be released in the Kalama River from the mouth to Kalama Falls Hatchery. Steelhead fishing will remain open.State biologists are predicting a return of 1,600 spring chinook to the North Fork of the Lewis River and 700 to the Kalama, but some years actual returns are smaller than forecast.Four hundred-fifty spring chinook are needed for hatchery spawning in the Kalama River and 1,300 in the North Fork of the Lewis.last_img read more

Montgomery County Authorities Raid Facility That Treated Priest Accused of Sexual Abuse

first_img Share Montgomery County District Attorney’s OfficeThe Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Conroe Police Department and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office executed a search warrant Wednesday at a rehabilitation facility where a priest who has been recently arrested for sexually abusing children was treated in the early 2000s.The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Conroe Police Department and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office executed a search warrant Wednesday at a rehabilitation facility located in Splendora where a priest who has been recently arrested for sexually abusing children was treated in the early 2000s.Conroe Police Sergeant Scott McCann said the raid took place at a facility called Shalom Center which describes itself as a “Residential Renewal and Treatment Center” on its website.The search warrant was conducted to collect evidence in the case against priest Manuel LaRosa-Lopez.LaRosa-Lopez is charged with four counts of indecency with a child and was released on a $275,000 bond last week, according to Tyler Dunman, chief of the Special Crimes Bureau at the Montgomery County DA’s Office.LaRosa was the priest at Conroe’s Sacred Heart Church when he committed the alleged sexual abuse.last_img read more

cruiseDame Helen MirrenGodmotherScenic Eclipse

first_imgcruiseDame Helen MirrenGodmotherScenic Eclipse A Godmother to beat all Godmothers … Dame Helen Mirren has been announced as the Godmother for Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yacht. The maiden voyage of this luxury vessel is scheduled for 15 August, 2019, departing Reykjavik Iceland on a 13-day discovery sailing, ending in Quebec on August 27.“Scenic Eclipse is a unique ship that requires an equally unique person to act in this role,” said Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of Scenic. “We are delighted to welcome Helen Mirren as Scenic Eclipse Godmother – her style, beauty and spirit of adventure are true to those embodied in the design and ethos of Scenic Eclipse. Combined with the international acclaim as one of the world’s finest actresses, Helen Mirren makes the perfect Godmother to preside over the ship”Helen Mirren added “I am very honoured to have been chosen as the Godmother to such a beautiful vessel as Scenic Eclipse. She will have many adventures and a wonderful life as she transports her guests in immaculate style and great safety to beautiful places.”In keeping with Scenic Eclipse’s stature as setting the standard for luxury exploration ocean vessels, it is only fitting that New York City has been chosen as the site for its christening on 10 September, 2019.Helen Mirren won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007 for her riveting performance in The Queen. Mirren’s other Academy Award nominations include The Madness of King George (1994), Gosford Park (2001), and The Last Station (2009). Some of her other notable film roles include The Long Good Friday, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989), Teaching Mrs. Tingle (1999), Calendar Girls (2003), Hitchcock (2012), Woman in Gold (2015) and in television as Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect and Elizabeth I. She will next be seen in the highly anticipated HBO/SKY limited series in the title role of “Catherine the Great” and in the equally anticipated Warner Bros.’ film “The Good Liar.”As a traditional maritime role – the Godmother plays an important part within the ship’s christening ceremony and is responsible for the breaking of the champagne bottle against the ship’s hull. Many royal figures, actors, sports personalities and other persons of note have acted as a Godmother.last_img read more

Rep Hauck testifies about bill to end driver responsibility fees

first_img Legislator says fees unfairly target low-, middle-income families Categories: Hauck News,News State Rep. Roger Hauck today testified before the House Michigan Competitiveness Committee on his bill, part of a sweeping bipartisan package to eliminate driver responsibility fees and forgive unpaid fees by October 2018.Hauck, of Union Township, said driver responsibility fees were imposed on people beginning in 2003 in a misguided effort to fill a hole in the state budget. Hauck said the fees are ineffective and only serve to put families struggling to make ends meet even further in debt. His bill provides immediate forgiveness of outstanding fees to people who have been making a good-faith effort to pay their fees via a payment plan.“Research shows more than 1,100 people in the Mount Pleasant area are paying driver responsibility fees with the average payment of $2,036,” Hauck said. “In many cases these fees prevent people from driving, leaving them the choice of driving illegally and risking additional fees or dropping out of the workforce and dependent on public assistance.”The committee continues to consider the legislation.#####The bills are House Bills 5040-5046, 5079 and 5080.center_img 11Oct Rep. Hauck testifies about bill to end driver responsibility feeslast_img read more

Medical licenses may be revoked under Rep Noble plan

first_img Categories: News,Noble News 13Apr Medical licenses may be revoked under Rep. Noble plan Legislation is part of House package in response to the Larry Nassar scandalDoctors who are convicted of sexually abusing a patient under the guise of a medical procedure will automatically lose their professional license under legislation introduced by state Rep. Jeff Noble.The bill is part of a bipartisan 17-bill reform plan developed following the House’s inquiry into the recent Larry Nassar scandal.“State law already allows for a medical license to be discontinued for incompetence or fraud, but we need to go further by mandating that same result when a health care professional has been proven to have physically violated a patient’s trust,” said Noble, of Northville. “Larry Nassar did that to hundreds of young women and his victims are still recovering years later. When a doctor  like Nassar is convicted, we need to make sure that he or she never again has the opportunity to practice medicine and prey on more patients.”Noble’s legislation requires a conviction under partner legislation that provides enhanced criminal penalties for health care professionals who engage in sexual contact or penetration under the guise of a medical treatment. Under current law, a doctor who is convicted of such sexual misconduct does not necessarily lose his or her medical license.House Bill 5789 has been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee.#####last_img read more

Citizen Rent Control Campaigns on Upswing

first_imgShare23TweetShare2Email25 SharesNovember 9, 2016; San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media CenterLynda Carson, an independent journalist writing for the S.F. Bay Area IMC (IndyBay), reports on three successful citizen-initiated rent control campaigns in the Bay Area communities of Oakland, Richmond, and Mountain View. These campaigns were sparked by the explosive increases in rents in the San Francisco Bay area. Three other citizen-backed measures in San Mateo, Alameda, and Burlingame were unsuccessful. The San Jose Mercury News writes of this confluence of initiatives:In the Bay Area, controlling runaway rents is a theme to watch. It’s been nearly 30 years since East Palo Alto became the last city to adopt rent control. On Tuesday, the issue will be on the ballot in five cities—Mountain View, San Mateo, Burlingame, Alameda and Richmond. Oakland voters will consider strengthening its tenant protections.Ms. Carson reports that Oakland’s Measure JJ passed with 73.9 percent of the vote. Dubbed the Renter Protection Act of 2016, the issue will:Require landlords to petition with the Rent Board for rent increases that exceed the Consumer Price Index,Expand Just Cause eviction protections, andIncrease the duties and powers of the Rent Board and Rent Adjustment Program to increase accountability, including the creation of a searchable database, which will give tenant advocacy organizations better access to much needed data.Richmond has been the scene of extensive landlord tenant conflict, which culminated in Measure L with a 64.34 percent margin. In addition to providing “reasonable renter protections in place to help stabilize families and communities from unscrupulous landlords and realtors involved in price gouging, and eviction-for-profit schemes,” the election also brought three new tenant-friendly councilmembers into office.In Mountain View, home of Google and other tech powerhouses, voters approved Measure V, which was billed as an effort to protect “families, teachers, nurses and experienced employees who are leaving as rents become unaffordable.” The citizen-sponsored effort was approved by 53 percent of the voters on Tuesday while a competing weaker initiative sponsored by City Council members failed to get a majority of the voters’ support. Ms. Carson calls this “a huge defeat for the City Council, greedy landlords, realtors, speculators, the San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR) and California Apartment Association (CAA).”The California Apartment Association spent big bucks to resist the six renter initiatives on this week’s ballots. According to the East Bay Times, “The California Apartment Association, a housing industry trade group leading the opposition to rent control, has spent more than a million dollars on advertising, leaflets, and polling to fight initiatives in the five cities this election season.” The Times notes this is about three times the amount spent by proponents.Ms. Carson attributes the success of the three initiatives to strong grassroots efforts combined with credible political and newspaper endorsements. In a recent email exchange, she wrote, “The real work was done by all the people who wrote the legal ballot measures to be voted on, the people who chipped in their money to finance the rent control campaigns, and the people on the street who went knocking on doors and collected signatures for the ballot measures, and handed out door hangers, and lawn signs, etc.… That is the hard part and real struggle to bring the measures to the voters.”NBC News reports on two failed ballot measures.Citizens in Burlingame and San Mateo turned against the measures on their ballots. Folks in Burlingame opposed Measure R, another rent stabilization proposal, by a tally of 67 percent to 33 percent and San Mateo voters declined to back Measure Q, deciding to negate the similar statute with a 61 percent vote in favor of the opposition.A third measure in Alameda, California also failed to a City Council sponsored initiative, which was endorsed by landlords.Ms. Carson predicts that local citizen initiatives will continue to arise if rents and predatory rental practices fail to come under control. It’s sad that these important citizen movements don’t get much coverage beyond the insights of independent journalists like Ms. Carson.—Spencer WellsShare23TweetShare2Email25 Shareslast_img read more

Does Being a Nonprofit Matter to the Market The HMO Tax Status

first_imgShare6TweetShare6Email12 SharesFebruary 11, 2017; Twin Cities Pioneer PressEconomist and columnist Edward Lotterman observes that Minnesota is about to be the last state to permit the establishment and operation of for-profit health maintenance organizations, or HMOs. Lotterman looks at for-profit HMOs and ruminates on the broader nature and effects of regulation for-profit versus nonprofit corporate operations on consumers and the market.The HMO was a health care insurance innovation in the 1970s that promised data-driven managed care (and, more importantly, care costs) by covering “care rendered by those doctors and other professionals who have agreed by contract to treat patients in accordance with the HMO’s guidelines and restrictions in exchange for a steady stream of customers.” HMOs pioneered the concept of the primary care physician as the gatekeeper or initial access point for all medical services, a concept that predated the “medical home” model built into the Affordable Care Act of 2010.Originally established as a federal mandate in 1973, HMOs were set up in all states. Twelve states prohibited for-profit HMOs, fearing that profit-seeking by investors would drive out weaker competitors and defeat the key purpose of the organization—to help manage health care costs and health insurance costs while maintaining or improving health care for patients. Conversely, there were concerns that nonprofits were using government bans to eliminate competition and take the market for themselves. In practice, the HMO model had its problems, but abuses by for-profit corporations weren’t among them, according to Lotterman. Over the years, states with prohibitions removed them with little change seen in the market. Minnesota’s action is anticipated to have little or no effect on providers, patients, or competitors. After all, as Lotterman observes, Minnesota’s health care expenses are low by national standards and margins continue to shrink, reducing the opportunity for profiteering by anyone, for-profit or nonprofit.Lotterman uses this example as a jumping-off point for a broader discussion. Does the traditional thinking still hold true that nonprofits are encouraged when it is considered either unprofitable for for-profits to enter a market or when a well-defined group (like a nonprofit mutual organization’s membership) has specific market knowledge that will enable it to serve its members better than a more distant for-profit entity?It’s easy to assume that for-profits are greedy and shortsighted and nonprofits are altruistic and future-focused. However, for-profits must satisfy a consumer need in a typically competitive and fickle market or risk extinction. On the other hand, while most nonprofits are mission-driven and often neglect their own capacity-building and executive development needs, there are nonprofits that are insulated from the marketplace by government contracts, grants, and other support while using the nobility of their stated mission as a shield against accountability and a support in maintaining job security for their staffs. Both extreme perceptions are harsh; in practice, the truth lies somewhere in between and is highly situational.The key benefit to nonprofit status is the freedom from profit-seeking by investors, up to and including the temptation to sell the organization’s assets or change its mission and activities to seek additional asset value. For 501(c)(3) charities, there is additional benefit in the opportunity to accept tax-deductible support in the form of charitable gifts. These benefits, however, are not without considerations. Charities can attract gifts, but nonprofits (including charities) find it very difficult or impossible to attract investors. Also, especially in volatile markets like health care, nonprofits are merging, being acquired, or going out of operation just like their for-profit counterparts. Nonprofits and charities alike are feeling pressure to pay some taxes or provide payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs), so the concept of nonprofits as tax-exempt is not absolutely true.He believes that “when you get to very large organizations, the day-to-day incentives for managers don’t differ much between ‘for-profit’ and ‘nonprofit.’” Nonprofit executives don’t have access to asset-based compensation, but it’s common for pay to be tied to corporate performance and company size just like their for-profit counterparts. Nonprofit status doesn’t guarantee good customer or member service, according to Lotterman: “The uniformed services mutual that I have gotten insurance from for decades is one of the best-run enterprises I have ever dealt with. And my college teachers insurance and retirement mutual is one of the worst.”Whether a corporation is tax-exempt or not doesn’t matter as much as what the corporation does as an organization, according to Lotterman. The keys to success are similar—meet a market need in such a way as to satisfy stakeholders. Operate within the bounds of the law and propriety, since the government and the public are stakeholders, too. Be both mission-driven and sustainable, while maintaining sufficient flexibility to adapt when necessary or prudent. The market seldom notices or cares about the tax exemption of its providers, especially when considering large for-profit and nonprofit corporations.That said, in some fields, nursing homes and hospice in particular, tax status and the practices that go along with it do appear to make a difference in quality of care and costs to taxpayers. We would love to hear from readers on these issues.—Michael WylandShare6TweetShare6Email12 Shareslast_img read more

Increasingly Pressed Mayor de Blasios Blood and Guts Shelter Plan

first_imgShare8TweetShare7Email15 Shares“NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio” by Kevin CaseFebruary 27, 2017; New York Times and N.Y. NewsdayHomelessness in New York City has been steadily climbing for three decades as wages have stagnated and housing costs increase. Yesterday, the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced his plan to address the city’s 60,390 people without homes: NYC will open 90 new shelters in five years.The city will open 20 new shelters in 2017 and 20 in 2018. Existing buildings will be used to open shelters, and 30 current shelters will be renovated and expanded. The city would have access to $300 million in the capital budget and direct funds from the homeless services budget to accomplish their goals, which include decreasing the number of homeless people in the next five years by 2,500.The mayor’s plan will replace the hotels and cluster sites (multiple apartments in low-income neighborhoods) currently in use, scattering shelters among the five boroughs. The goal is to stop using hotels to house the homeless by 2023 and stop using cluster sites by 2021. Cluster sites have drawn the focus of lawmakers, advocates for the homeless and the communities where they exist.In a speech before social service advocates, de Blasio conceded that the plan would not win many friends politically. “It doesn’t take us to Nirvana by any sense of the imagination,” he said. “This is a blood-and-guts war strategy because we will be fighting this war for a long time.”The mayor didn’t specify the sites for the future shelters, but did emphasize the point that the communities affected will be included in the conversation. “We owe communities…better notifications, more accountability, more community input.”Christine Quinn, the mayor’s adversary in the last election, runs WIN, a nonprofit shelter network for families and women. Quinn was present at the speech; she sees the goals as “realistic,” saying, “There is no quick fix.”—Marian ConwayShare8TweetShare7Email15 Shareslast_img read more

Yesterdays Election Results in a Wave that Looks Like All of US

first_imgShare114Tweet28Share10Email152 Shares“2017.07.26 Protest Trans Military Ban, White House” by Ted EytanNovember 8, 2017; CNNIf yesterday’s election was an indicator of our way forward, it definitely held some promise—and not in simply partisan terms. Earlier this week, we wrote about “a wave of underrepresented people” running for office this year. The results are in, and in many victory speeches, a diverse set of winners committed themselves to fighting bigotry and the politics of exclusion. It was a momentous day that we cannot help but hope will be repeated many times over.There was a Democratic sweep of state and local offices in Virginia yesterday, including in the closely watched race for governor, where Ralph Shearer Northam beat Republican Ed Gillespie. Northam, who was supported not only by Democrats but by moderate Republicans, declared, “Virginia has told us to end the divisiveness, that we will not condone hatred and bigotry, and to end the politics that have torn this country apart.”There were other noteworthy elections in Virginia: Kathy Tran is the first Asian American woman to be elected to the Virginia House of Delegates; Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala defeated Republican incumbents to become the first two Latinas elected to the Virginia House of Delegates; and Danica Roem, who is openly transgender, won a seat against Bob Marshall, the Republican who introduced the state’s “bathroom bill.”“Discrimination is a disqualifier,” a jubilant Roem said Tuesday night as her margin of victory became clear. “This is about the people of the 13th  District disregarding fear tactics, disregarding phobias . . .where we celebrate you because of who you are, not despite it.”Roem was not the only trans candidate to win in races across the country. In Minneapolis, transgender activist Andrea Jenkins was elected to the city council. The Star Tribune endorsed her for her long experience working as a policy aide to city council members along with her attentiveness to underrepresented communities. In Erie, Pennsylvania, Tyler Titus won a seat on the school board, becoming the first openly transgender person ever elected in the state.Justin Fairfax is Virginia’s new lieutenant governor elect and only the second Black candidate to win statewide in Virginia. “This election showed that Virginians believe in our unified vision for the Commonwealth, not one based on fearmongering and division,” Fairfax said. “That positive vision is the one we’ll go to Richmond with—and the one that we’re going to spend the next four years making.”Across the South, this picture was repeated. Brendon Barber was elected as Georgetown, South Carolina’s first-ever African American mayor; Mary Parham Copelan will become Midgeville, Georgia’s first black woman mayor; and at the age of 27, Booker Gainor become Cairo, Georgia’s first Black mayor. Jonathan McCollar, the first Black mayor of Statesboro, Georgia, attributes his win to the “movement” that supported him.Going further north, New Jersey elected Sheila Oliver as its first Black women lieutenant governor. In Manchester, New Hampshire, Joyce Craig was elected as the first woman mayor in the city’s 266-year history, unseating the Republican incumbent, Ted Gatsas. And, in New Jersey,Hoboken…elected Ravinder Bhalla as its mayor Tuesday night, which will make Bhalla the first Sikh American to be elected mayor of the city. Last week, Bhalla was the target of racist flyers that showed a picture of him along with the words “Don’t let terrorism take over our town!” plastered above him.Heading west, Wilmot Collins, a refugee from Nigeria, will become the first Black mayor in Montana’s history, while Jenny Durkan will be Seattle’s first lesbian mayor and its first woman mayor in almost a century. Janet Diaz will become the first Latina member of Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s city council, declaring, that “We need a government that looks like the people it serves…that looks like its constituents.”—Ruth McCambridgeShare114Tweet28Share10Email152 Shareslast_img read more

The Puerto Rico Privatization Battle Wages On—Now Its Schools

first_imgShare189Tweet24Share5Email218 SharesBy U.S. Department of Agriculture (Summer kids eat lunch) [CC BY 2.0 or Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsNovember 8, 2017; The InterceptEfforts are underway in Puerto Rico to reform the island’s education system, with post-Katrina New Orleans—the only city in the country to have a school system that is entirely composed of charter schools—as a point of reference. But teachers and local residents are fighting back with a guerrilla campaign to reopen the public schools themselves.There are currently no charter schools in Puerto Rico. But the Intercept’s Aida Chavez wrote, “Last month, Puerto Rico’s Public-Partnership Authority director spoke optimistically about leveraging federal money with companies interested in privatizing public infrastructure.” As NPQ and others have noted repeatedly, this response is part of the crisis capital playbook known as Shock Doctrine.Puerto Rico has been in an economic depression for over a decade and its schools were struggling before Hurricane Maria. Between 2006 and 2016, 700,000 students left the island. Earlier this year, Puerto Rico closed 200 schools as part of its austerity effort.Further, 90 percent of the island’s public-school students were low income before the hurricane. Last year, fewer than half of the island’s students scored proficient in Spanish, math, English, or science. The graduation rate is at 75 percent.Julia Keleher, Puerto Rico’s Education Secretary, says that Hurricane Maria gives Puerto Ricans a “real opportunity to press the reset button…to create new, better schools.”Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, which supports “choice and charter schools,” notes that Keleher doesn’t seem to have grassroots support on the island in spite of the fact that she’s been working to transform its education system since 2007. Referring to Keleher’s approach, she says, “We really thought there would be a much larger conversation going by now, and so far, it seems limited to the grasstops, not the grassroots.”After the hurricane, all 1,113 schools across Puerto Rico closed. At the beginning of November, still 598, almost half, are closed. Thousands of the island’s 347,000 students have left for the US mainland. Teachers have also fled, though they have until January 8, 2018 to return and reclaim their jobs.Chavez writes,Puerto Rico’s Department of Education gets to determine which schools reopen, but the process has been anything but transparent. Public school advocates fear that the Department’s refusal to open habitable schools foreshadows permanent closures and school privatization. The department has already estimated up to a fifth of schools will never reopen.In order for a school to open, it must pass inspection—it “must be cleaned, repaired, and disinfected.” Chavez notes that in many cases, it is teachers and community members who are doing this work to prepare the schools. Yet, many don’t understand why their schools are not reopening, even as they are sound enough to be used a community center for displaced Puerto Ricans.Lulu Arroyo, an assistant to the executive director of Instituto Nueva Escuela, a nonprofit that supports Montessori schooling in Puerto Rico, says, “The Department of Education is saying, ‘Oh, you can’t open your school because it’s not ready,’ but it is ready, and if it can be used as [a community center], why can’t it be used for its normal operation?”Aida Diaz, president of the island’s teachers’ union, Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, which has 40,000 members, says she is concerned about Keleher’s reform efforts. “This is why we are reopening the schools, this is why teachers are cleaning and rebuilding those schools. We don’t want anyone to come here and start doing charters here.”Ana Maria Garcia Blanco, executive director of Instituto Nueva Escuela, says that she and other public-school advocates are frustrated with the “callousness” of school reformers. She contends that the focus should not be on restructuring, but on serving the island’s children, many of whom would benefit from the daily meals that would be provided at the schools if they were allowed to open.The island’s teachers’ union recently called for greater transparency regarding school inspections and the terms of the contract between the island’s government and the CSA Group, the company contracted to conduct the school inspections. CSA Group has previously been investigated for conflicts of interest. In response, Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello canceled the contract with CSA last week.As the privatization battle wages on in Puerto Rico, schools are operating without authorization. Arroyo says, “We don’t really know what’s their agenda, but our mission is for all schools to open as soon as possible.”Paul Pastorek, Louisiana’s superintendent of schools during Katrina and whom Keleher contacted after Maria, says, “You can look at lots of different situations, but the real question is, ‘What do the Puerto Rican people want for themselves?’”—Cyndi SuarezShare189Tweet24Share5Email218 Shareslast_img read more

Hollywood studio Universal Pictures is extending i

first_imgHollywood studio Universal Pictures is extending its Facebook movie application internationally following a successful launch in the United States.The NBC Universal-owned movie studio will make Rowan Atkinson-fronted comedy action feature Johnny English available in the UK and Australia through the social networking site. It will make the film available through its Facebook Social Cinema experience app as the movie’s sequel Johnny English Reborn is launched around the world.The company originally launched a raft of movies including The Big Lebowski and Scarface through Facebook earlier this year in the United States after striking a partnership with developer Milyoni.last_img read more

Norwegian cable operator Canal Digital KabelTV ha

first_imgNorwegian cable operator Canal Digital Kabel-TV has added a raft of channels from South Indian broadcaster Star Network to its pay TV offering.Canal Digital Kabel-TV has launched Star Plus, Star Gold and Star Life OK in the Optional Basic Pack. Star Plus and Star Life OK are general entertainment channels, while Star Gold airs Bollywood movies. All channels air in Hindi with English subtitles.Gisle Pedersen, CEO of Canal Digital Kabel-TV said: “The Star Channels with their Hindi entertainment and Bollywood movies will be a popular addition to our optional basic package, which surely will find its audience. We are delighted to now be able to offer the channels to our subscribers”last_img read more

Karim Michel Sabbagh SES president and CEO Romain

first_imgKarim Michel SabbaghSES president and CEO Romain Bausch is due retire from the satellite operator after more than 18 years in the job, with board member Karim Michel Sabbagh named as his successor. Bausch informed the SES board of directors that he plans to step down at the next annual general meeting of shareholders in April 2014, SES announced today.In a meeting last week the board appointed Sabbagh as Bausch’s replacement, joining the company on September 1 as CEO designate, before officially taking up the role – after a handover period – on April 3.Bausch, who turns 60 next month, has been president and CEO of SES since 1995, before which he had a career in the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance. He will continue to serve as a non-executive director on the SES board.Sabbagh has served as a member of the board at SES and its audit and risk committee since April 2011. Until recently he was also a senior partner and global and regional practice leader for communications, media and technology at management consultants Booz & Company, which he joined in 1998.“Karim’s vast knowledge of our industry, his experience in the emerging markets as well as his management skills will further enable the company’s growth potential. We are confident that, under Karim’s leadership, SES’ management and employees will continue to drive innovation and quality of service to support our customers and business partners and create shareholder value,” said SES chairman of the board René Steichen, who also praised Bausch’s almost 20-year tenure in the post.last_img read more

Ukrainian cable operator Volia has launched the hy

first_imgUkrainian cable operator Volia has launched the hybrid version of its Volia Smart HD offering in Kyiv and Kharkov and is expanding the number of suppliers of boxes for the Smart HD service after signing a deal with set-top supplier Dune HD. Volia said it had signed up the first 100 customers for the hybrid offering in August. The launch marks the beginning of the second phase of rollout for Volia Smart HD. In March, the operator began making a pure OTT version of the service available via partner networks and to consumers outside its own network areas. The latest phase will see the rollout of hybrid DVB-C/IP receivers to existing cable homes, enabling Volia cable customers to receive interactive services via IP.Dune will expand the range of suppliers of boxes for Volia, which expects to complete integration work and begin offering Dune HD receivers by the end of this year. Volia had previously announced Entone as its initial supplier of set-top boxes.“In developing set-top boxes, we’re always focused on various parameters such as compactness, quality of hardware and performance,” said Igor Kovalev, vice-president of Dune HD. “All Dune HD set-top boxes are exemplary in each of these parameters, and our Ukrainian software development team based in Kyiv allows us to create not only reliable, but truly unique devices that are unparalleled in the market. We are very happy that Dune HD set-top boxes have been chosen by Volia, the largest digital TV and Internet services provider in Ukraine.”last_img read more