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Its not the smoke its the humidity Fire crews dealing with false

first_imgHALIFAX – Fire officials are shedding light on a little-known phenomenon that can cause the number of false alarms to soar in the muggy summer months: Some smoke detectors can be accidentally set off by high humidity.It’s a problem smoke detectors with ionization sensors appear particularly susceptible to, as hot, humid air can be mistaken for smoke.Halifax Fire and Emergency Services said Tuesday crews have responded to a spike in false alarms as a blanket of extreme humidity settles over the region.“We’ve had days where it’s three times the regular false alarm calls,” said Matt Covey, division chief for fire prevention.“Our field people are telling us it’s humidity that is setting off these alarms … it’s definitely a contributing factor.”Fire officials in Toronto and Victoria said they haven’t experienced a similar uptick in false alarms during humid weather.However, they said ionization detectors are more sensitive to steam, and photoelectric smoke alarms are generally preferred close to bathrooms or kitchens.“What we see here when humidity sets off an alarm is, it’s placed too close to the kitchen area or too close to the bathroom door,” said Capt. Adrian Ratushniak with Toronto Fire Services.“That’s the circumstances we’ve seen, not a general ‘We’re having a humid day here in the city and it’s setting off smoke alarms.’”Brad Sifert, assistant chief of fire prevention with the Victoria Fire Department, said he hasn’t seen weather trigger smoke alarms but it sounds “reasonable” that it could occur in cases of intense humidity.The Maritime provinces have been under a heat warning this week, as temperatures reached 36 degrees with the humidex.Ian Hubbard, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said humidity in the region has been higher than normal over the last few days.Although showers are expected to cool temperatures later this week, he said the humidity will stick around.“We’ve got a lot of moist air, a lot of southwesterly flow, and we’re not seeing dry air push in from the west or the north at any point in the next several days,” Hubbard said.“It’s going to stay humid and sticky for most of the week — maybe not as hot but certainly as humid.”A spokeswoman with the Office of the Fire Marshal in New Brunswick said she was not aware of any specific cases involving smoke alarms being set off accidentally due to humidity so far this year.Alexandra Davis said in an email that photoelectric alarms are generally superior to ionizing alarms, which can be set off by humidity and cooking.Meanwhile, Halifax Fire’s Covey said regular maintenance and cleaning of smoke alarms could help prevent false alarms.When an ionization detector is dusty, he said it makes the humidity more likely to contribute to setting off the alarm.Covey recommended following the manufacturer’s instructions, but said that generally a soft bristle brush head on a vacuum or a damp cloth would effectively remove the dust.last_img read more

Everybodys going to feel it Broncos families prepare for sentencing hearing

first_imgChris Purdy, The Canadian Press The hardest thing Chris Joseph ever had to do was get through the first 48 hours after his son died in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.The second hardest, he says, happens this week when he and his wife attend a sentencing hearing for the truck driver who caused the Saskatchewan crash last year that killed 16 people and injured 13 others on the junior hockey team’s bus.“I think this will be harder than the funeral,” said Joseph, a former NHL player who lives in St. Albert, Alta.“I think everybody’s going to feel it.”Joseph plans to stand in court and read his victim impact statement, full of stories about his 20-year-old son Jaxon. He wants the truck driver, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu of Calgary, to hear what he took away from the world.“(Jaxon) was more than just a hockey player on a bus. He was a person that had a lot of love for his family and had a lot of goals and dreams.”His family is submitting about a dozen statements at the hearing which, with 29 victims, could see a few hundred statements entered as exhibits. A makeshift courtroom has been set up in a community event centre in Melfort, Sask., to accommodate all the families, the survivors and the media.Some of the Humboldt players had been changing into suits and others were texting girlfriends as the team’s bus headed to Nipawin, Sask., for a playoff game on April 6. The bus and truck, which was carrying a load of peat moss, collided at a rural intersection.Motorists who stopped to help, as well as some parents who were on their way to the game, came across the carnage.News of the crash made headlines around the world and hockey-loving Canadians responded with an outpouring of support. They pulled on sports jerseys, left hockey sticks on porches and donated millions of dollars.Sidhu pleaded guilty earlier this month to 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death, which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years each, as well as 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm, which carries a maximum 10 years.Lawyer Mark Brayford said after the guilty plea that Sidhu, 30, wanted to take responsibility to avoid a trial and more hurt for the families.Joseph said he wants the Crown to ask for the highest sentence possible, although he also believes the trucker isn’t totally at fault. “He might be a bit of a victim in this whole thing too, because he never should have been behind the wheel.”The facts have yet to be submitted in court, but a lawsuit filed by the family of another player killed in the crash alleges any training Sidhu had was inadequate.The owner of the Calgary trucking company that hired Sidhu also faces eight charges that relate to non-compliance with federal and provincial safety regulations in the months before the crash. He has yet to go to trial.Toby Boulet of Lethbridge, Alta., will set eyes on Sidhu for the first time since he saw him at the crash that killed Boulet’s 21-year-old son Logan. Boulet remembers Sidhu was agitated and talking to someone in uniform.Boulet is also delivering a victim impact statement, but he said the most important thing for him will be to learn what happened. All that’s now known is that the semi was on a secondary road with a stop sign. The bus had the right of way. RCMP have only said publicly that the truck was in the intersection when the collision occurred.“I want to know what he did or didn’t do,” said Boulet, who added that it doesn’t matter to him what sentence Sidhu gets.“I’d like to see him serve more than a day in jail, but ultimately he did not get up that morning … and say, ‘I’m going to run into a bus and have a crash and kill 16 people and injure 13 for life.’”Ryan Straschnitzki, 19, of Airdrie, Alta., is one of two players paralyzed in the crash. He has been busy with rehabilitation, didn’t want to write a victim impact statement and says he and his parents aren’t going to the hearing.“That’s none of our business anymore. It’s the judge, it’s the police, and I don’t really see any point in going,” he said.“It’s in the past and I’m here now and I’m lucky.”His mother, Michelle Straschnitzki, said it’s been devastating watching her son have to lift his own legs. And she can’t forgive the truck driver, even though she’s sure his own family is also suffering.“You destroyed 30 families that day. We’re all going to be living with this for the rest of our lives.”— With files from Bill Graveland in Airdrie, Alta.last_img read more

The Latest UK police probing reports of Heathrow drone

first_imgLONDON — The Latest on a reported drone sighting at London’s Heathrow Airport (all times local):6:15 p.m.The Metropolitan Police is investigating reports about the sighting of a drone near London’s Heathrow Airport.The force said “officers based at Heathrow are currently investigating the reports with colleagues from (the) airport.”It added it first received the reports at about 5:05 p.m. Tuesday.Heathrow officials said shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday that flight departures have been suspended as a precaution.___5:50 p.m.London’s Heathrow Airport says flight departures have been suspended as a precaution after a reported drone sighting.The suspension of takeoffs from Britain’s busiest airport was announced shortly before 6 p.m. on Tuesday.Airport officials say they are working closely with police to clarify the situation.The report follows the pre-Christmas shutdown of London’s Gatwick Airport for parts of three consecutive days due to reported drone sightings.The Gatwick closure led to more than 100,000 people being stranded or delayed, the worst ever drone-related disruption at an international airport.The Associated Presslast_img read more

EC order restraining Modi biopic applies to NaMo TV Official

first_imgNew Delhi: The Election Commission order banning the screening of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi also applies to NaMo TV, which also cannot be aired during the poll period, a senior official of the poll panel said on Wednesday. The official referred to a paragraph in the order which said,”that any poster or publicity material concerning any such certified content, which either depicts a candidate (including prospective) for the furtherance (or purported to further) of electoral prospects, directly or indirectly, shall not be put on display in electronic media in the area where MCC is in force.” The EC has banned the release of the Modi biopic, saying any such film that subserves purpose of any political entity or individual should not be displayed in the electronic media.last_img read more

Bourita UNSC Resolution Urges Algeria to Fully Commit to UN Process

Rabat – On Thursday, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita commented on the resolution in Rabat.The first point that Morocco considers as a “diplomatic achievement” in the latest resolution was the Security Council’s decision to pave the way towards including Algeria as part of the UN-led political process.On Wednesday, the resolution called on all parties, both the neighboring and main parties to the conflict, to “work constructively| to find a solution to the 42-year-old conflict over the region. According to Bourita, the resolution has preserved Morocco’s achievements from previous resolutions: the pre-eminence of the Moroccan autonomy initiative, the serious and credible nature of Morocco’s efforts, and the call for the registration of refugees.In September, the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, invited Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and the Polisario Front to participate in round-table talks.Algeria, however, has long claimed it is an observer and not a party to the conflict, as opposed to Morocco and Polisario.On Wednesday, the resolution noted that it “expresses its full support for the intention of the Secretary-General and his Personal Envoy to initiate a renewed negotiations process before the end of 2018; notes that invitations to an initial roundtable meeting in Geneva on 5 and 6 December 2018 were sent on 28 September 2018, welcomes that Morocco, the Frente Polisario, Algeria, and Mauritania have responded positively, and encourages them to work constructively with the Personal Envoy, in the spirit of compromise, throughout the duration of this process to ensure a successful outcome.”In the paragraph, the Security Council used language that, according to analysts, carries significant political weight because it mentions Algeria and Mauritania on equal footing with Morocco and Polisario. Despite the resolution’s invitation to Algeria to show commitment and willingness to contribute to the UN-led political process, Bouteflika’s regime still believes that the conflict should be solved between Morocco and Polisario only.On Thursday, Algeria issued a statement saying it took note of the new resolution.Repeating its traditional line, Algeria said that the Security Council “again calls upon the two parties to the conflict, which it has clearly identified, namely Morocco and the Polisario Front, to resume direct negotiations without preconditions and in good faith.”In response, Bourita said that the resolution encourages the participants in the round-table meeting, , to “participate without preconditions and in good faith.”He added that the resolution shows a “significant evolution in the process.” He also said that Algeria is “indeed, urged to fully commit itself throughout the process, in accordance with its political, historical and legal responsibility in the dispute.”The Moroccan government also approves the Security Council’s position on the region’s status quo. Bourita recalled that the resolution included two new paragraphs calling Polisario out.The Polisario Front has long claimed Bir Lahlou and Tifariti as “liberated zones.” However, the resolution dismissed Polisario’s claims, calling on the front to “fully adhere to its commitments to the Personal Envoy with respect to Bir Lahlou, Tifariti, and the buffer strip at Guerguerat,” reads the second part of operative paragraph 6 of the resolution.Resolution 2440 also invites the parties to “respect their relevant obligations and assurances, and refrain from any actions that could undermine UN-facilitated negotiations or further destabilize the situation in the Western Sahara.” read more

UNbacked initiative aims to bring jobs to rural Sierra Leones youth

The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has announced a new $10.9 million programme to bring small loans and jobs to the young people of rural Sierra Leone, benefiting 34,000 households in the West African country that saw the end of civil strife and the installation of an elected Government in 2002. The Rural Finance and Community Improvement Programme will establish rural financial services – using a model that IFAD has developed and applied successfully in Benin for 10 years – in the four remote eastern districts of Koinadugu, Kono, Kailahun and Kenema. “To consolidate peace, the programme’s primary target is young people, including ex-combatants, sexually abused young women and single mothers,” said IFAD’s country programme manager for Sierra Leone, Mohamed Tounessi. “IFAD is the only donor working in Koinadugu, the largest district covered by the programme and the most remote in the country.” Under the programme, villagers will learn how to set up and operate their own financial services associations, which will build equity and make microcredit available. The new activity will also create jobs for young people and rebuild key infrastructure like roads, water supplies, schools and health centres. In addition, the programme will conduct awareness-building campaigns, particularly about HIV/AIDS and nutrition. The programme will be funded largely by a grant of $9.9 million from IFAD. The Government will provide additional financing of $500,000, and programme participants will contribute another $500,000. With this latest scheme, IFAD will have financed six programmes and projects in Sierra Leone for a total commitment of $57 million. 27 June 2007The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has announced a new $10.9 million programme to bring small loans and jobs to the young people of rural Sierra Leone, benefiting 34,000 households in the West African country that saw the end of civil strife and the installation of an elected Government in 2002. read more

Climate change could imperil poverty goals ECOSOC hears

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) should send a strong message that efforts to achieve the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) could be reversed if climate change is not addressed, its President Léo Mérorès told Council members today.In a discussion aimed at exploring the relationship between the development goals and climate change, Mr. Mérorès noted that several countries are off track in achieving the MDGs and said that climate change could further hamper countries’ efforts to make headway.ECOSOC’s high-level ministerial session this summer will focus on climate change and development, and Mr. Mérorès said ministers should take action on development and climate change.“In order to achieve the MDGs by the 2015 target date,” he said, “we do not only need to step up our efforts particularly targeted at specific MDGs, but also need to step up our efforts to address the challenge of climate change. Otherwise, we risk seeing hard earned fragile economic and social progress reversed by the negative effects of climate change.”“Climate change is, fundamentally, a sustainable development challenge,” said Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Sha Zukang, which involves not only environmental protection but also economic and social development. “While the list of challenges might seem daunting,” Mr. Sha said, “we should firmly reject a ‘gloom and doom’ approach. Today, we have the tools to tackle poverty and climate change in an integrated and balanced way.”He added that to move forward, it will be necessary “to bridge the divide between actors on the environment and on development which, despite our past efforts, continues to exist.” Ogunlade Davidson, a co-chair of one of the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, asserted that there was no question that climate change was occurring, and that despite the claims of climate sceptics, the evidence showed that the cause of climate change was due to human activity, not natural causes. But he said it was possible to mitigate the emissions that cause climate change, although “not if we continue to do what we are doing.” He said climate policy alone will not solve the climate change policy and that many other policies must be considered, including taxes, subsidies, trade policies, access to modern energy, bank lending policies and insurance policies. 2 May 2008The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) should send a strong message that efforts to achieve the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) could be reversed if climate change is not addressed, its President Léo Mérorès told Council members today. read more

Police officer seriously injured in Manchester sword attack

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A sword is recovered from the scene “That is when the officer tried to disarm him, and you could see them using their weapons (batons) and they were hitting him on the legs – and he was not letting go.”He said he saw one of the officers bleeding from the lip or nose, and another from the top of their head.Police said the 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and assaulting a police officer. “He became even more aggressive and ran towards them with the weapon up in the air … from there the officers tackled him, pushed him over and then I think he ran backwards and fell over.center_img A sword is recovered from the sceneCredit:Joel Goodman/LNP A police officer was hospitalised on Sunday evening after being seriously injured when he was slashed with a sword.Greater Manchester Police said the officer suffered facial and back injuries during the altercation which took place in broad daylight in Whalley Range, Manchester. Dramatic video captured the moment when several officers try to take down the man, using batons and tasers to get him to give up the weapon.A 23-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident. None of the injuries suffered by the officer are life threatening, and he was discharged hours later.A number of roads were closed around the scene.One witness, who gave his name as Haroon, said he saw a man being arrested by officers at around 2.50pm, and claimed he had seen him “attacking the police”.Describing how the man was carrying a “3ft tool or sword”, he said he ran across the road into the front garden of a property on the street.”From there the police tried to stun him because he wasn’t dropping the weapon … I don’t know if the officer made a successful tase,” he added.last_img read more

Les volcans marins produisent aussi des éruptions explosives

first_imgLes volcans marins produisent aussi des éruptions explosivesUne équipe de chercheurs a détecté aux dorsales océaniques, sorte de chaîne de montagnes sous-marines, d’importantes concentrations de CO2. Une découverte qui confirme l’existence d’éruptions volcaniques sous-marines explosives.Si la plupart des volcans des dorsales océaniques rejettent des coulées de lave effusive, certains géologues émettent depuis plusieurs années l’hypothèse selon laquelle les volcans sous-marins pourraient aussi produire des éruptions explosives. Emise en raison de la présence de cendre volcanique à certains endroits, cette thèse n’avait jusqu’alors jamais été confirmée.À lire aussiLe Kilimandjaro, un volcan dormant caché dans la plus haute montagne d’AfriqueDans une étude publiée par la revue Nature, et rapportée par le site Planet techno science, des chercheurs de l’Université montréalaise McGill expliquent avoir détecté d’importantes concentrations de CO2 dans des gouttes de magma capturées par des cristaux recouverts des cendres volcaniques émises par Axial, un volcan située sur la dorsale Juan de Fuca, au large des côtes de l’Oregon. Une découverte qui indique que les dorsales sont plus riches en CO2 que ne le pensaient les scientifiques. Or cette concentration élevée et fluctuante, peut engendrer des éruptions explosives, estiment les chercheurs.Cette étude montre en outre que la quantité de dioxyde de carbone issue du manteau inférieur rejetée dans l’atmosphère terrestre est bien plus grande qu’on ne pouvait le penser, en ce qui concerne du moins certaines régions des dorsales océaniques. Une découverte très importante pour les recherches sur le cycle du carbone.Le 2 avril 2011 à 20:03 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Sony Handycam HDRGW77V camescope et sousmarin HD

first_imgSony Handycam HDR-GW77V, camescope et sous-marin HDHabituellement, nous gardons nos appareils le plus loin possible de l’eau. Pour une fois, vous n’aurez qu’une hâte : plonger ce Handycam HDR-GW77V dans la mer !Ce camescope de vacances waterproof est proposé par Sony pour filmer et prendre des photos sous l’eau. Il immerge ainsi 16GB de mémoire extensible via MicroSDXC (lien non disponible),  un écran tactile 3″ de 1mp, tandis que l’appareil filme en 1080 à 60p ou en 60i. La batterie tient pour 90 minutes de vidéos. Il mesure 32,2 x 70,2 x 105,5 mm et pèse 220 g. Techniquement, le capteur est un Exmor R CMOS de taille 1/3.91e de pouce, d’un peu plus de 5 mégapixels. L’objectif G Lens correspond à un 29,8~298 mm en équivalence 24 x 36. Il est équipé d’un téléobjectif x10 optique, et d’un zoom numérique x17. Une correction active stabilise les images de façon optique.  Les vidéos HD sont encodées avec le très moyen codec AVCHD. Avec une résolution plus faible (SD), on peut tout de même prendre des vidéos avec un meilleur codec (MPEG-2 PS). L’appareil possède aussi une puce GPS pour géolocaliser les photos. (Probabilité que le GPS se lock sous l’eau ? Nulle.)Il s’agit du premier modèle à prise verticale du fabricant japonais à être étanche. Il dispose même d’un mode spécial pour gérer la lumière sous-marine.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Mais dans quelle mesure au juste est-il waterproof ? Sony le spécifie comme pouvant résister par 5 mètres de fond pendant une heure (IPX8). Il s’agira de ne pas tenter le diable sous peine de dire adieu aux 650 euros que coûte ce matériel. Il n’est pour l’instant sorti qu’au Japon.Le 27 avril 2012 à 10:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Chinese Sexbot Maker Embraces 3D Printing

first_img It was only a matter of time before sexbot makers commandeered 3D printing.One of China’s leading colloid model makers, DS Dolls has reportedly adopted additive manufacturing to make parts for its human-like mannequins.As reported by the Daily Star, the advanced technology helps boost production speed and efficiency, allowing DS Dolls to mass produce sexy cyborgs for customers around the world.AdChoices广告“DS Doll is using the 3D printer to make many parts for the robotic doll prototypes,” according to “Sam” (no last name provided), who works for Cloud flagship European reseller Cloud Climax.“They are using this technology to improve the speed and processing times for making improvements to the doll robots,” he told the Daily Star. “Whilst previously casts would need to be made and them moulds, we can now input and print in a much faster time.”3D printing dates back to the early 1980s, when additive manufacturing equipment and materials were first developed. Fast forward some 30 years, and the technology has transformed the manufacturing, medical, food, and fashion industries, among others.The U.S. Marines embrace 3D printing as a quick fix; NASA plans to deliver printed parts into space; and MIT is printing color-changing accessories.DS Dolls, meanwhile, uses 3D printing to develop and stamp out specific, uniform shapes so “all parts will be 100 percent identical,” Sam said, tipping “less wastage and lower development times.”The firm can also scan full human bodies and prototype parts for replication.“This type of technology is excellent for creating new doll bodies and faces, as they can be developed from a real human,” Sam explained to the Daily Star. “It is inevitable that this technology will become a large part of making robotic products in the foreseeable future for DS Doll.”The company constructs 400 custom models each month; its premium-range mannequins sell for around $5,000.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target U.S. Scientists 3D Print Miniature Human HeartGeek Pick: Juku 3Doodler Create+ Is A 3D Printing Pen Set last_img read more

Ian Wright racism part of Raheem Sterling criticism

first_imgManchester City and England forward Raheem Sterling criticism is partly motivated by racism, says Arsenal legend Ian Wright.After scoring against Arsenal on Sunday, Raheem Sterling celebrated his goal with a gesture aimed at silencing his critics after his lack of goals at the World Cup.He faced massive negative media attention before the world for a rifle tattoo on his leg.BBC pundit and Ian Wright has come to his defence, saying racism is partly to blame for the unwarranted criticism that the forward had been facing. Sky Sports reports.“How many people do you see get the criticism Sterling gets?” Ian Wright said.“The football criticism is something every player has to deal with, but what he gets I don’t see any other footballer getting,”Premier LeaguePremier League Betting: Match-day 5 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Going into the Premier League’s match-day five with a gap already beginning to form at the top of the league. We will take a…“They don’t get that stick because for whatever reason they don’t rub up the people in the corridors of power the wrong way. I think there is an agenda against him.”“There is an element of people at the high end of the media who want to keep that guy down. Simple.”“When you look at the wave of criticism that he takes, there is a certain amount of racism towards it – what else can it be?”“They are picking on him because of the background he has come from and they want to keep him down, drag him back down. They don’t want him to continue to be a success.”“People say you are playing the racism card, but you give me a good reason why Raheem Sterling gets the stick he gets for just being a footballer.”last_img read more

Washington fugitive found dead in bunker

first_imgNORTH BEND (AP) — After a 22-hour standoff, police blew the top off a rugged mountain bunker near Seattle on Saturday, only to find their target — a man believed to be a murder suspect who holed up there — dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside.Authorities had not positively identified the body as 41-year-old Peter Keller, who hadn’t been seen since his wife and daughter were found shot to death last weekend, King County sheriff’s Sgt. Katie Larson said.A bomb squad cleared the bunker, built into a ridge in the Cascade Mountains, to make sure there were no booby-traps before detectives entered. Officers shouted warnings before blowing the roof, Larson said. Tear gas pumped into the bunker didn’t work on Friday. With clear weather and a fresh SWAT team in place Saturday morning, it was time to act more aggressively, she said.It wasn’t clear if any officers had heard the gunshot from inside the bunker, she said.The raid ended a tense week for law enforcement officials who tried to track down Keller, a gun enthusiast described by his family as having a “survivalist mentality.” That Keller was likely armed and on the loose in an extremely popular hiking and mountain-biking area east of Seattle kept many people on edge.“There’s been a huge sigh of relief,” Larson said. “Our people are out safe, and the trails are now safe for the community to use.”last_img read more

Four Arrested At Vacant Home Off Halbouty Road In Nikiski

first_imgLuke, Ronellenfitch, Ridge and Oder were all arrested for Burglary 1st and Theft 3rd. Luke was additionally charged with Making a False Report and Violation of Conditions of Release.  Luke also had several outstanding warrants stemming from pending Burglary and felony Theft offenses. According to an online Trooper dispatch, the residence had been unlawfully entered and a hot water heater had been stolen. Four persons were contacted; Bradly Martin Luke, age 25 of Kenai; Dominic Sunrise Ronellenfitch, age 23 of Kenai; Alicia Marie Ridge, age 28 of Nikiski; Kenneth Paxton Oder, age 49 of Nikiski.center_img Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Four individuals were arrested on Tuesday after the Alaska State Troopers responded to a report of suspicious persons at a vacant residence in the Halbouty Rd area in Nikiski. All four were remanded at Wildwood Pretrial Facility where they were held with no bail pending arraignment.last_img read more

India shot down third Pakistani drone in 11 days

first_imgA Pakistani drone attempting to enter Indian territory across the Rajasthan border was shot down by the Border Security Force (BSF), a defence official said.”One Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) intrusion was reported in Ganganagar sector at around 7.30pm, on Saturday. The drone was engaged and brought down,” colonel Sombit Ghosh, PRO Defence Rajasthan, said late Saturday night.This was the second intrusion on the Rajasthan border on the same day.On Saturday morning, another drone tried to enter Indian territory at around 5:00am at the Hindumalkot border near Ganganagar sector.According to the BSF, the moment it was sighted, the troopers started firing, forcing it to return.In last 11 days, Pakistan has sent four drones to the Rajasthan border.On 26 February, a drone on the Barmer border was shot down, while on 4 March, another UAV was shot down by a Sukhoi.Also on Saturday, security agencies arrested a suspected spy, identified as Fataan Khan, a resident of Sonu village in Jaisalmer, said Kiran Kang, Jaisalmer District Superintendent of Police.last_img read more

Poison dart frog neurotoxin synthesized

first_img Explore further Journal information: Science The poison dart frog has been known to scientists (and locals who have used its skin chemicals as a poison applied to the tips of blow-darts, which led to the name of the frog) for many years and several researchers have attempted to synthesize the batrachotoxin molecule in the toxin responsible for causing heart attacks in its victims. Until now, all have failed, and the task has been complicated in recent years due to the diminishing numbers of the frogs in their native northern Colombian rain forests. In this new effort, the researchers used data from other studies to understand the makeup of the molecules, then used what they found to create an artificial version. The team says the process involved 24 steps and also led to the synthesis of the toxin’s chemical mirror image.The toxin causes problems for victims by forcing sodium ion channels to remain open. When this occurs in heart muscle, the inflow of sodium causes constriction. But because the channels are stuck open, it cannot be released., and the result is cardiac arrest. The toxin also causes problems in other body parts such as the nervous system. Interestingly, after testing, the researchers found that the mirror image molecule was also deadly, but for the opposite reason—it forced sodium ion channels to remain closed, preventing the outflow of sodium necessary for relaxation.The newly synthesized molecule has a variety of possible applications. Because the effort also resulted in a chiral twin, the work is expected to help researchers better understand the way ion channels function in general. And now that the molecule can be synthesized in a lab, it will be readily available to anyone wishing to study how it works—perhaps even those wishing to create a bio-weapon. And finally, it could play a role in medical science due to its unique impact on sodium ion channels—by serving as a prototype for creating local anesthetics. More information: M. M. Logan et al. Asymmetric synthesis of batrachotoxin: Enantiomeric toxins show functional divergence against NaV, Science (2016). DOI: 10.1126/science.aag2981AbstractThe steroidal neurotoxin (−)-batrachotoxin functions as a potent agonist of voltage-gated sodium ion channels (NaVs). Here we report concise asymmetric syntheses of the natural (−) and non-natural (+) antipodes of batrachotoxin, as well both enantiomers of a C-20 benzoate–modified derivative. Electrophysiological characterization of these molecules against NaV subtypes establishes the non-natural toxin enantiomer as a reversible antagonist of channel function, markedly different in activity from (−)-batrachotoxin. Protein mutagenesis experiments implicate a shared binding side for the enantiomers in the inner pore cavity of NaV. These findings motivate and enable subsequent studies aimed at revealing how small molecules that target the channel inner pore modulate NaV dynamics. © 2016 Phys.org The first gene-encoded amphibian toxin isolatedcenter_img Phyllobates terribilis. Credit: Wilfried Berns/Wikipedia This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Poison dart frog neurotoxin synthesized (2016, November 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-11-poison-dart-frog-neurotoxin.html (Phys.org)—A small team of researchers from Stanford University has synthesized the neurotoxin present in the skin of the poison dart frog. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes how they accomplished this feat, the steps involved and what they found when they also synthesized a mirror image of it.last_img read more

When Imagination inspires art

first_imgThe show, which is being held by Gallerie Ganesha will celebrate art and artists who find their muse from what they see around themselves.The show, which will be shown at booth no. E-3, India Art Fair in the national Capital, will be held from January 28 to January 31.Artists whose work will be shown include A Ramachandran, Alok Uniyal, Avijit Dutta, Babu Xavier, Badri Narayan, Chotu Lal, Devdatta Padekar, Ganga Singh, Ganesh Pyne, GR Santosh, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Jayasri Burman, KS Kulkarni, Maya Burman, Mohan Singh, Nandan Purukayastha, Nayanaa Kanodia, Neeraj Goswami, Neelkant Choudhary, Paresh Maity, Sakti Burman, Satish Gujral, Shyamal Datta Ray, Sisir Sahana, Sunil Das and Vinita Karim. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Shobha Bhatia, Director, Gallerie Ganesha said: “All that appears real is, in fact, an illusion. It is “maya”. Reality is ever-changing and can be manifested at will, if the sacred texts are to be believed. What appears normal to one person may be unimaginable for another. What may be inconceivable for most may be one person’s daily reality. This show celebrates the element of fantasy in art.”With their heightened imagination and unique power of observation, the artists in the show will visualise reality in a way quite different from our perception of the same. It then becomes their life’s endeavour to express this fantasy, which exists in their minds, in a way that the viewers will feel touched and elevated by the experience. One could say that all artworks are, in a way, a work of fantasy. But there are times when an artist can bridge the gap between fantasy and reality and make it actually seem plausible…when the totally fantastic elements are presented in such a manner that one accepts them in a very matter of fact way.WHERE: India Art Fair, NSIC GroundsWHEN: January 28 till Jan 31last_img read more

Top Jagaddhatri Pujas in Chandannagar to get Biswa Bangla Puraskar

first_imgKolkata: The Mamata Banerjee government will award 10 Jagaddhatri Puja Committees at Chandannagar in Hooghly, with Biswa Bangla Puraskar.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday announced that 10 Jagaddhatri Puja Committees in Chandannagar will be getting the Biswa Bangla Puraskar. Banerjee made the announcement while addressing a gathering after visiting the Puja pandal at Palpara in Chandannagar on Friday afternoon. She also offered puspanjali to Goddess Jagaddhatri at the pandal. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBanerjee said: “I visit many Puja pandals in and around Kolkata during Durga Puja. I also visit Chandannagar during Jagaddhatri Puja. The artwork of pandals here can beat Kolkata. We give Biswa Bangla Sharad Samman for Durga Puja and from now on, there will be Biswa Bangla Puraskar for Jagaddhatri Puja in Chandannagar.” “There will be a committee headed by the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police to select the 10 best Jagaddhatri Puja organisers, who will be getting the Biswa Bangla Puraskar. There will also be four to five eminent people from the area in the committee. The committee will be selecting the 10 Puja committees that will be getting the Biswa Bangla Puraskar,” Banerjee said, adding that Chandannagar is well known for Jagaddhatri Puja. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedJagaddhatri Puja is performed all across the state, including Kolkata. But Chandannagar has its own charisma in this regard as Krishnanagar is famous for its Rash Jatra. Appreciating the world famous lighting arrangements of Chandannagar, the Chief Minister said: “The lighting of Chandannagar is unique and it seems that something is missing if there is no lightning in Chandannagar.” She said that the carnival with idols of Goddess Jagaddhatri during immersion on Grand Strand at Chandannagar, along with processions of which decorative lighting is a major part, is also a unique affair and it had given her the idea of organising the Durga Puja carnival on Red Road. “Here I found that preparation for the carnival that will take place on the day of immersion has already started. I would like to urge the Durga Puja organisers in Kolkata to follow the same and to start the preparation for the carnival a bit earlier,” she said. She also announced that steps would be taken to give a facelift to Chandannagar Stadium. “On way to the Puja pandal I found that Chandannagar Stadium looks a bit old. So, I called up the state Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim, who looks after the Rajya Sabha’s MPLAD fund, to ensure a sanction of Rs 25 lakh to revamp the stadium,” Banerjee said, adding that she wants people to enjoy the benefits of the development works and projects. Banerjee also spread the message of communal harmony while addressing the gathering, saying that it is the tradition and culture of the state.last_img read more

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first_img News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in 10 years for… read more News | PET-CT | June 19, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Install of uMI 550 Digital PET/CT United Imaging announced the first U.S. clinical installation of the uMI 550 Digital positron emission tomography/… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | June 05, 2019 BGN Technologies Introduces Novel Medical Imaging Radioisotope Production Method BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben-Gurion University (BGU), introduced a novel method for… read more Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration -:-Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Technology | PET-CT | January 23, 2019 FDA Clears United Imaging Healthcare uExplorer Total-Body Scanner January 23, 2019 — United Imaging Healthcare (United Imaging) announced U.S. read more News | PET-CT | February 06, 2019 SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Examining the Value of Digital PET/CT Technological advancements in positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) offer both clinicians and pat read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more Technology | September 03, 2008 GE’s New PET/CT Aims for Motion Free Imaging Related Content News | Radiation Therapy | May 31, 2019 RefleXion Opens New Manufacturing Facility for Biology-guided Radiotherapy Platform RefleXion Medical recently announced the opening of its new manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Hayward,… read more News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more Videos | Nuclear Imaging | March 22, 2019 VIDEO: Utilization of PET For Evaluation of Cardiac Sarcoidosis Raza Alvi, M.D., a read more The FDA has granted clearance for GE Healthcare’s newest positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) scanner, which is part of GE’s Discovery family of scanners designed to enable earlier detection and monitoring of disease with advanced molecular imaging technology in both hardware and software.The new system will be optimized for use in oncology, which represents more than 90 percent of clinical PET/CT exams. The system continues using high-sensitivity crystals, along with GE’s exclusive VUE Point HD, high definition imaging to help clinicians advance toward the goal of motion free PET/CT imaging. FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrintShare News | PET-CT | March 06, 2019 Siemens Healthineers Announces First U.S. Install of Biograph Vision PET/CT Siemens Healthineers’ new Biograph Vision positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system has been… read more X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.last_img read more

Mexico governor steps down over student disappearances

first_imgRecommended: Mexico mayor accused of ordering attack on missing studentsCHILPANCINGO, Mexico – The governor of the Mexican state where 43 students vanished following a confrontation with police resigned on Thursday, saying he was stepping down to assist the investigation into the disappearances.Family and loved ones of the missing students had repeatedly called for Guerrero Governor Ángel Aguirre to go in the wake of the scandal which has triggered nationwide and international outrage.“I have decided to take my leave from the state parliament,” Aguirre told a news conference, saying he hoped his decision would create a “political climate which allows attention to these matters and their solution.”Mexican authorities have searched in vain for any trace of the trainee teachers who disappeared on September 26 in the city of Iguala.On Wednesday, tens of thousands marched through Mexico City and other cities to protest the disappearance of the students and failure to find them.Mexico authorities have ordered the arrest of the mayor of Iguala, his wife and an aide, alleging they masterminded the attack which left six students dead and the 43 missing.Aguirre did not specify how long he planned to take leave from his post, stating only that the regional parliament should choose an individual who “must lead this effort in the coming months.”The next gubernatorial elections for Guerrero state are scheduled for June 2015, meaning Aguirre could theoretically not return to office.The student disappearances have shone a light on the murky relationships between corrupt officials, police and drug cartels in Mexico.Authorities say local officials and police worked closely with the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel in the attack, which could prove to be one of the worst slaughters of Mexico’s bloody eight-year drug war.Authorities have found several mass graves in Iguala but say 28 sets of remains examined so far do not correspond to the students. Facebook Comments Related posts:Disappearances and drug cartels: the whispered secret of southern Mexico Mexico horrified by suspected massacre, incineration of 43 students Mexico’s feeble police vetting ended in 43 vanished students Outrage at likely Mexico massacre spreads to Acapulcolast_img read more