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In the face of temptation, you choose to enter 100 or 500 into the dayThe winter came the small webs

website, advertising or to vote, or webmaster every month hosting costs come from, in this winter, may wish to choose some Zoupian Jian Feng, the Ali Mama advertising alliance not known to do, try offbeat advertising, or can gain better effect than now, I now the ads website alliance, Qingfeng wealth alliance, the main content is dating advertising video, stock.

1, the relative popularity is not high, the company at the time of the operation, in order to attract more investment to the main website, the service and payment is their first question to consider, if this is not done well, there may be very difficult to operate it. The company will focus on the location of small and medium-sized Web site owners, produce mutual benefit and win-win situation. read more

Discussion on the operation of local real estate website

local real estate network and national real estate websites should be different and relatively large in the operation idea and profit model, I made a sunshine real estate network recently) on the status and business ideas with colleagues to explore.

as a local real estate network in order to achieve accurate positioning in place, it can be conducive to the development of the website, my sunshine real estate network, in the real estate website to find the program when a location, status and local second-hand housing transactions, both individuals and intermediary second-hand housing information can be released through the website the number of local new projects should also be involved, of course, related information should also be involved in some of these, there is no need to read too much, as many national website, let everybody to care when everyone is closely related to the relevant real estate information should be updated. read more

Experience sharing in creating industry site navigation stations

first introduce my site navigation station: solar industry site navigation, site was established in November 11th, through the promotion of a wide range of 2 days, the total amount of access (PV) has been close to 50 thousand times. The goal is to strive to achieve industry famous website, I believe that through our team can achieve this goal, the following introduction I created this website experience, I hope everyone can give valuable, can bring you a real inspiration, rather than simply a soft. read more

Can alimama help you make money

this topic, may cause some controversy, but I do when I catch the catch, I just have this topic, I must have my pain.

has been in alimama for several months, and the previous one still sold for weeks, but as the content of the site is not rich, the traffic is not improving. The price is raised with a little, believe it, we can understand how people can not always in the same place, when you compare a good, you can’t sell the original price, I believe this point is the webmaster friends have experienced things. read more