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Chonnam life new station every day hundreds of IP is not difficult

really start the new day hundreds of IP is not a big problem from what the first day! The train is not pushed, the cow is not blowing. In fact, it’s very simple, I say you will, without any technical content. Look at the package, you won’t find me,


, I’m an old new station owner. I’ve been in the station for some time, but it’s still new. Web site optimization will not do, my site is using the default template, but simply changed the website name and copyright at the bottom of the site, so. Of course, my website’s daily visit from search engines is not very high, but it’s not very high. I think that’s normal. Because not, SEO. I think many beginners, like me, do not SEO, so we have to come here to exchange feelings. My search engine traffic is all from Baidu, GG and other, occasionally, a few, very few links, and even no links. Very junior webmaster. I guess that’s why GG doesn’t come to traffic. It’s time to start anti chain. Search engine no flow how to do? Can’t wait for Baidu to come here, optimization I won’t, how to do? This is all the novice favorite ask, how to do? read more

Analysis of the advantages of Chinese station station

is the so-called fame: as early as possible! In an era of rapid development of Internet, the Internet has been known to every family in our Chinese,! Want to be famous, do stand, do stand, fame. This is what I summed up a sentence, ha ha.

I think China has a lot of advantages that contribute to the development of personal websites. There are several specific points:

1 Chinese the population is the largest country in the world, so also the achievements of the number of Internet users China, has rich resources of the Internet object! So as to provide needed resources for the object China network development, the website will have more people to see! This IP personal website is fully guaranteed! As long as you have the website content is how many people see read more