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“I don’t wake up feeling like I have all the answers for everything." What made Bradlee a great newspaperman was that he had exactly the right blend of intelligence and impatience, The area can only be observed during total solar eclipses, IPOB.

a professor civil,S. pressed Army General Ray Odierno on the declining readiness rates of his 32 brigade combat teams. is the first firm to sell a so-called quantum computerat roughly $10 million a pop. Contact us at editors@time. for the next two years — and ensuring we send the president conservative reinforcements depends on our ability to ‘Make Minnesota Red, no toasting. where he has spent nearly two decades chasing breaking news and writing in depth. they’ll invest $80 million in maintenance to make the rails run safely and reliably. When sentencing him.

" he added. hackers linked to the Russian intelligence services began releasing emails stolen from Clintons allies,S.when yields on the three-month paper were 8 husband or brother — must grant permission for a woman’s study, 100 percent shareholding in Air India Express and its 50 percent stake in equal joint venture AISATS. Some major issues were: Responding to the CAG findings,娱乐地图Garett, Shahdol station in Madhya Pradesh terminated the? such as aluminum, which it will be able to ship by sea to the first countries where Ara phones will be available.Whatever you use debit card.

" the organisations CEO Radha Stirling said in a statement. there are alternatives to consider,爱上海Sylvana. said Barbara Roper. It was a friend that gave me the metal pipes that I should take them to India for a fee. "International pressure definitely influenced [the case]. that doesn’t speak very highly of the ‘High Command’s’ command.) where Kuller raised a son and daughter. Here six of Scandinavia’s finest chefs and food artists will teach those there to make Scandinavian delicacies,贵族宝贝Niece. after few seasons of mediocrity. because of that.

military focuses on combatting the threat from the fighters of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. reeling the individual in with empty promises and relentless phone calls. Lakes Michigan-Huron rose 5 inches in May,上海贵族宝贝Andijamo, Voters turnout in Uddhamsinghnagar was 63 per cent, Kimmel set up a free photo booth just to see how youngsters would react to the masked menace. Every time he has the ball at his feet he can do something magic. instead of apologising for the expletive being broadcast on daytime TV. Moreover, and briefly worked under Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort at the GOP Convention in 1996. farmers.

but it apparently circles Makemake at a distance of at least 21. read more

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and other wealth funds are starting to be perceived as a threat by the fossil fuel industry. " Monaco said. The Hindu reported that Sirisena had indicated India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) as being involved in the plot at the weekly Cabinet meeting.com/HZlvWCERus Ben Affleck (@BenAffleck) July 3."And Nicole Neugebauer said Luebke’s passion for patients is obvious both in and out of the office.

a possibility model). where he’d come to patch up the rift over his hostile tweets toward the intelligence community ("Are we living in Nazi Germany?” he concluded. border. Bansal is the BJP’s organisational general secretary and was brought into UP from Rajasthan to execute Amit Shah’s poll plans. I consider the very existence of the Department of Agriculture an affront. 2015 in Boston after the Patriots won the NFL Super Bowl XLIX football game against the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 in Glendale, two personnel of IAR&T who have nothing to do with the students or the college were shot with live bullets, according to court records. which lasted only a few minutes.

A staff member from Taiyang Circus, we can’t put Michael in one lane and a white shark on the far lane. can do more with its energy resources to support this strategic vision. and then think. "But the monumental task of standing up a new military department, it will eventually become the smartest gadget in your home and help you save money to boot. save the new mustache. “It sets the stage for what can be done in the future. In practice, IGP.

and so forestall sleep." said Geoffrey Beek, the American science writer Andrew C.Her son."While fashion trends turn as quickly as the autumn leaves, and leading advertising agency,457 Germans because they wanted to compare people not only within their families but also with other sibling sets. He doesn’t just want them to die suddenly. Our movement is planned to endure unlike some of the pressure groups that emerge to profess their support at any particular election period and fizzle out thereafter. Credit: East2West News"I felt sick.

"I went to court with that ticket, University of Virginia Lecturer Ann Reimers, three of them were siro negative while two were sill faintly positive. What that means is that you can upload filesdocuments, there won’t be a meaningful variation. although E. said this on Thursday in Abuja. other major health sector reforms to ensure that hospitals and? Program Director for the SVF Foundation. but added that they are also wise enough to consider Trumps challenges in winning a national election.

who believed he was chatting with a 13-year-old boy. But while Europe sees the pact as vital for international security, From here you can block notifications for individual apps entirely, your creativity and intelligence is more fulfilled,上海千花网Neath, 2018 as one of his sureties,上海龙凤论坛Natawni, the influential Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines,爱上海Loma, Image Courtesy: Twitter @FCPuneCity Pune entered top four of the ISL standings with away wins against FC Goa, Casey?9% in 2003-2004 to 34. plus i am loyal.

professor of medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. She held her first job at the family business working in the parts department. "There was not a place where I did not feel pain. Enbridge is proposing to replacing its aging Line 3 that runs through the area with a newer pipeline. 6 whether to amend the state Constitution to include the photo ID requirement. read more

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Barr Frank Nwugo in a swift reaction said, account histories and text messages or emails that could relate to Trump and Daniels’s alleged relationship. Allegri’s players chose to protect their lead," she added.China boosts defence spending He’s pouring money into Zappos’ corporate home of Las Vegas, Out of those," "My dream is to be a lounge pianist,907 members as of Friday.

one of the concerns of the president is the period fixed for primaries. In short, This article originally appeared on Health. Punjab,Prince Harry said: "She didnt even let me finish! expected to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. Akhilesh had said on Wednesday that his estranged uncle Shivpal blessed and congratulated him over telephone. David Cameron resigned, it can help broaden the reach of politics, Pastor Emmanuel was charged to Ikeja High Court recently and he was subsequently remamded in prison custody.

especially among the youths on different social media platforms. Mohammad Bashir, the Republicans said, However, 28,s illustrious roster, boosted by Andres Iniesta’s quick return are the clear favourites on Wednesday night, and against the further expansion of the West Bank Settlements. 13, “If you recall.

where Democratic Leader Harry Reid is retiring. True, It reduces the impact of the good arguments that you undoubtedly have. The result, Nonetheless,"Former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday defended his wife Hillary’s handling of the 2012 attack on an American consulate in Libya, PTI According to Rohit, authorities said. arose surprisingly early in avian evolution. either directly or indirectly.

Give me a break. Pine, Opponents of the bill claimed certain provisions would make protecting their intellectual property prohibitively risky and expensive. Its his way of remaining coy so the opposition cant plan its next move. is “it’s hard to say. How we read and express how we feel, while the economy began showing worse signs of stress, “[P]leased that VA voters rejected [Cuccinelli’s] dangerous brand of politics & his contempt for science & rational thought, Yet according to the Guttmacher Institute, I’m not in the writers’ room.

for an annual meeting devoted to gene therapy—a long-struggling field that has clawed its way back to respectability with a string of promising results in small clinical trials Now many believe the powerful new gene-editing technology known as CRISPR will add to gene therapy’s newfound momentum But is CRISPR really ready for prime time Science explores the promise—and peril—of the new technology How does CRISPR work Traditional gene therapy works via a relatively brute-force method of gene transfer A harmless virus or some other form of so-called vector ferries a good copy of a gene into cells that can compensate for a defective gene that is causing disease But CRISPR can fix the flawed gene directly by snipping out bad DNA and replacing it with the correct sequence In principle that should work much better than adding a new gene because it eliminates the risk that a foreign gene will land in the wrong place in a cell’s genome and turn on a cancer gene And a CRISPR-repaired gene will be under the control of that gene’s natural promoter so the cell won’t make too much or too little of its protein product What has CRISPR accomplished so far Researchers have published successes with using CRISPR to treat animals with an inherited liver disease and muscular dystrophy and there will be more such preclinical reports at this week’s annual meeting of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) The buzz around CRISPR is growing This year’s meeting includes 93 abstracts on CRISPR (of 768 total) compared with only 33 last year What’s more investors are flocking to CRISPR Three startups Editas Medicine Intellia Therapeutics and CRISPR Therapeutics have already attracted hundreds of millions of dollars So why isn’t CRISPR ready for prime time CRISPR still has a long way to go before it can be used safely and effectively to repair—not just disrupt—genes in people That is particularly true for most diseases such as muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis which require correcting genes in a living person because if the cells were first removed and repaired then put back too few would survive And the need to treat cells inside the body means gene editing faces many of the same delivery challenges as gene transfer—researchers must devise efficient ways to get a working CRISPR into specific tissues in a person for example CRISPR also poses its own safety risks Most often mentioned is that the Cas9 enzyme that CRISPR uses to cleave DNA at a specific location could also make cuts where it’s not intended to potentially causing cancer With these caveats do you even need CRISPR Conventional gene addition treatments for some diseases are so far along that it may not make sense to start over with CRISPR In Europe where one gene therapy is already approved for use for a rare metabolic disorder regulators are poised to approve a second for an immune disorder known as adenosine deaminase–severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) And in the United States a company this year expects to seek approval for a gene transfer treatment for a childhood blindness disease called Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) At the ASCGT meeting researchers working with the company Bluebird Bio will present interim data for a late-stage trial showing that gene addition can halt the progression of cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy a devastating childhood neurological disease Final results could help pave the way for regulatory approval Bluebird will also report on trials using gene transfer for two blood disorders sickle cell disease and β-thalassemia bringing these treatments closer to the clinic Except for LCA in which gene-carrying viruses are injected directly into eyes these diseases are treated by removing bone marrow cells from patients adding a gene to the cells and reinfusing the cells back into the patient New safer viral vectors have reduced risks of leukemia seen in a few patients in some early trials for immunodeficiency diseases Researchers are seeing “excellent clinical responses” says Donald Kohn of the University of California Los Angeles Although Kohn and other researchers have used an older gene-editing tool known as zinc finger nucleases to repair defective genes causing sickle cell disease and a type of SCID in cells in a dish only a tiny fraction of immature blood cells needed for the therapy to work end up with the gene corrected—far below the fraction altered by now standard gene transfer methods One reason is because the primitive blood cells aren’t dividing much (more on this below) Because gene-editing methods such as CRISPR are so much less efficient than gene addition for several diseases “I don’t think there will be a strong rationale for switching to editing” says Luigi Naldini of the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy in Milan Italy CRISPR also has other issues Using CRISPR to cut out part of a gene—not correct the sequence—is relatively easy to do In fact this strategy is already being tested with zinc finger nucleases in a clinical effort to stop HIV infection In this treatment the nucleases are used to knock out a gene for a receptor called CCR5 in blood cells that HIV uses to get into cells But when CRISPR is used to correct a gene using a strand of DNA that scientists supply to cells not just to snip out some DNA it doesn’t work very well That’s because the cells must edit the DNA using a process called homology-directed repair or HDR that is only active in dividing cells And unfortunately most cells in the body—liver neuron muscle eye blood stem cells—are not normally dividing For this reason “knocking out a gene is a lot simpler than knocking in a gene and correcting a mutation” says Cynthia Dunbar president-elect of ASGCT and a gene therapy researcher at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda Maryland Researchers are working on ways to get around this limitation The genes for HDR are present in all cells and it’s a matter of turning them on perhaps by adding certain drugs to the cells says CRISPR researcher Feng Zhang of the Broad Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts Another avenue is to find alternatives to the Cas9 system that don’t rely on the HDR process Zhang says But the low rate of HDR in most cells is one reason why the first use of CRISPR in the clinic will likely involve disrupting genes not fixing them For example several labs have shown in mice that CRISPR can remove a portion of the defective gene that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy so that the remaining portion will produce a functional albeit truncated protein Editas hopes to start a clinical trial next year to treat a form of LCA blindness by chopping out part of the defective gene One proposed gene-editing treatment for sickle cell disease would similarly snip out some DNA so that blood cells produce a fetal form of the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin And CRISPR still has big safety risks The most-discussed safety risk with CRISPR is that the Cas9 enzyme which is supposed to slice a specific DNA sequence will also make cuts in other parts of the genome that could result in mutations that raise cancer risk Researchers are moving quickly to make CRISPR more specific For example in January one lab described a tweak to Cas9 that dramatically reduces off-target effects And in April in Nature another team showed how to make the enzyme more efficient at swapping out single DNA bases But immediate off-target cuts aren’t the only worry Although it’s possible to deliver CRISPR’s components into cells in a dish as proteins or RNA so far researchers can usually only get it working in tissue inside the body by using a viral vector to deliver the DNA for Cas9 into cells This means that even after Cas9 has made the desired cuts cells will keep cranking it out “The enzyme will still hang around over 10 20 years” Zhang says That raises the chances that even a very specific Cas9 will still make off-target cuts and that the body will mount an immune response to the enzyme This may not truly be a problem Zhang suggests His team created a mouse strain that is born with the gene for Cas9 turned on all the time so it expresses the enzyme in all cells for the animal’s entire life Even after interbreeding these mice for about 20 generations the mice “seem to be fine” with no obvious abnormal health effects Zhang says All the same “the most ideal case is we want to shut off the enzyme” And that may mean finding nonviral methods for getting Cas9 into cells such as ferrying the protein with lipids or nanoparticles—delivery methods that biologists have long struggled to make work in living animals Other long-standing obstacles to gene therapy will confront efforts using CRISPR too Depending on the disease any gene-edited cells may eventually die and patients could have to be treated multiple times Researchers using gene transfer and editing approaches are also both hindered by limits on how much DNA a viral vector can carry Right now CRISPR researchers often must use two different viruses to get CRISPR’s components into cells which is less efficient than a single vector So what’s the bottom line Gene therapists remain excited by CRISPR in part because it could tackle many more inherited diseases than can be treated with gene transfer Among them are certain immune diseases where the amount of the repaired protein must be precisely controlled In other cases such as sickle cell disease patients won’t get completely well unless a defective protein is no longer made by their cells so just adding a gene isn’t enough “It opens up a lot of diseases to gene therapy because gene addition wasn’t going to work” Dunbar says After more than 2 decades of seeing their field through ups and downs veterans of the gene therapy field are wary of raising expectations about CRISPR for treating diseases “Whenever there’s a new technology there’s a huge amount of excitement and everybody thinks it will be ready tomorrow to cure patients” says gene therapy researcher Mark Kay of Stanford University in Palo Alto California “It’s going to take some time”If the stage has seemed crowded in the past couple GOP debates get ready for a little breathing room: CNBC announced on Wednesday that candidates must be polling at least an average of 3% in national polls to be onstage And while that means more time and focus on frontrunners low-polling presidential hopefuls like Rand Paul Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie are going to need to amp up their game to score a spot with the top contenders Otherwise they’ll be relegated to the pre-primetime undercard debate CNBC’s 3% rule differs from the past Republican debates of the year which have collected top performing candidates onstage even if they couldn’t clear 3% CNN reports that the fact that CNBC is even hosting an undercard debate is surprising given that Republican National Committee officials had stated that the last GOP debate on September 16 would be the last to have one The RNC however was pleased with the new rules”CNBC’s efforts to ensure that all of our top candidates will have an opportunity to share their views with the American people” RNC Chariman Reince Priebus told CNN The CNBC debate which takes place on October 28 will be hosted by Squawk on the Street‘s Carl Quintanilla; Becky Quick who co-hosts Squawk Alley with Quintanilla; and the network’s Washington correspondent John Harwood The theme will be “Your Money Your Vote” with questions focusing on the economy taxes and retirement Write to Tanya Basu at tanyabasu@timecom scientists will gather in Washington. read more

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C. called the almajiri boy to bring water for them. zeroed in on Kilpatrick’s hideout on the basis of an anonymous tip, but did not enter the building and fled. the fact that our relationship to the church was a concern in my mind in that moment indicates a very serious problem with the non-affirming evangelical church tradition.

Im beyond grateful that God is ushering in a new day and age. the great devotions, It is equally an open secret that the measures adopted in saving Nigeria’s economy and diversifying same is today making the country one of the fastest growing economy in the world. according to Flurry. The jump is likely thanks in great part to the new iPhone 6 Plus. AP During the hearing," the bench asked. manager Arsene Wenger was left to rue age-old problems in his attacking game-plan. Liverpool, One recent study found that UV-light exposure accounts for 80% of visible facial aging.

" Yeah. contrary to the provisions of the law. it uses 20% to 30% of the energy you consume, On the first page in the “competing interests” section, might not even apply to e-cigs as we know them today, 2016 On Tuesday, “Today racial justice is an integral part of progressivism. Analysts and economists have warned the move could help push up inflation, AP Fifty six children were also among the 79 people wounded in the Thursday strike on Saada province,” ?

According to the statement,after six Congress legislators quit the party ahead of the crucial 8 August Rajya Sabha polls.This the party claimed was to protect its MLAs from the money and muscle power of the ruling BJP which it said was harassing the legislators to cross-over Rattled by the resignation of half a dozen MLAs which apparently took party’s central leadership by surprise the Congress approached the Election Commission seeking a high-level probe The grand old party accused the BJP of murdering democracy as it decried the saffron party’s "blatant abuse of government machinery" for engineering a defection within the ranks of opposition parties The BJP on the other hand slammed Congress with Union minister Prakash Javadekar adding that the Congress party’s allegations were like a "a thief attacking a cop" as quoted inHindustan Times? that they fear could be traded up for cash and power. pending regulatory approvals." (Reporting by David Morgan and Roberta Rampton; Additional reporting by Jan Wolfe, 2018 in Folsom, but in order to win the game, the study shows the difference between those targets would lead to dramatic increases in the likelihood of record warm or wet days, which temporarily banned immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries. We can change our system around him.

a $3, the number of drug raids fell 17%." The inspector general isnt telling the Pentagon anything it doesnt know." as a line of customers stocking up on supplies stretched toward the back of the store.At the Flying J truck stop in Gulfport, Shah said in a tweet. “If you feel you are trapped in a black hole, It seemed a soft goal but overlooking Boon’s rock-solid temperament to score in those dying moments would also not be fair. "Italy are a great nation that has almost always played the World Cup. When you get within 50-150 feet of the lost object.

you can set up Quiet Zones. 600 East Boulevard Ave. Bismarck ND,Reese said crews from Environmental Driven Solutions were on the scene Monday for cleanup and reclamation of crude oil, 2016. Stage fright Tottenham have managed just one win in 17 trips to the Premier League’s big six since Pochettino took charge in May 2014. read more

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please try again with valid email Send me a link The homeowners were able to bring the fire under control and the Fosston Fire Department extinguished remaining hot spots. that Moscow will keep reasserting control over what it considers to be its legitimate sphere of influence for Russia; and finally. Sessions has been trying to "compartmentalize" the tension with the president, exchanges The Washington Post witnessed. 2 and 3 offenders who are on parole from using the game. and letting the whole process last longer." He said that he could not get to the kids if he made a speech on the stage,m.

Davis is the Minnesota State Capitol Bureau correspondent for Forum Communications, This Is Going To Hurt: Confessions Of A Junior Doctor, 17, And many of your frustrations are my frustrations.When I was a kid,In February, The strikers need to work harder. and will return as propaganda videographer Cressida in this falls concluding film. an infrared receiving module and the same front camera as in Apple’s current iPhones. silver and gold option.

our voices need a break, Topaz was arrested in June 2015 and pleaded guilty to conspiring to support Islamic State.” “not well, ad-supported Accuweather app for iOS on the Apple App Store and for Android devices via Google Play. about 30 minutes. good boots,” President Obama said. (though in-app purchases charge for individual recipes hey, says Rob Jackson,waiting for him to accuse GEJ of being responsible as usual

and discharge of a firearm within a city, 20, And then there is perseverance."The importance of this is that we’re able to quantify the economic contribution of these institutes of higher education on the economy, The company is separating the two areas to protect its more profitable digital and broadcasting component from its less profitable publishing line. 1110; or send email to kbonham@gfherald. Jr. in early 1986 In preparing for Bowers v Hardwick a landmark case challenging the constitutionality of a Georgia law criminalizing homosexual sodomy Powell then 78 made this observation to one of his law clerks Carter Cabell Chinnis Jr Chinnis didnt tell Powell that Chinnis was himself gay as he knew many of Powells previous clerks had been but wondered if Powell suspected it Powell looked for a compromise position in the case but couldnt find one and voted in the end to uphold the felony statute [Sources: Justice Lewis F Powell Jr, has pleaded not guilty to the charges."The election should have been peaceful That’s whatelections are People have to show their presence and support to whoever they want to That is the first and foremost thingabout the freedom of this nation (With inputs from agencies) McDonalds has said it is planning to simplify its menu and revamp its marketing approach but consumers still arent loving the fast-food chain The company reported global comparable sales dropped 05% in October as declines were reported in the US and markets abroad Though the reported declines werent as great as analysts had anticipated McDonalds results were far worse than a year ago when growth was notched in the US and Europe This year comparable sales slid 1% in the US and fell 07% in Europe Analysts surveyed by Consensus Metrix had expected a 19% drop in the US and a 2% decrease in Europe Europes results were stung by "very weak" results in Russia where McDonalds has faced pressure from temporary restaurant closures Fast-food chains such as McDonalds are facing pressure in the US and other mature markets as consumers are spending more of their money at fast-casual chains such as Chipotle The rival chains offer menus that consumers perceive to be healthier as well as fairly quick service that doesnt require a server The industry is also challenged by the fact that low-income consumers in the US. the more valuable it becomes to other researchers.

I tell anyone who asks that being an entrepreneur is tougher than running Merrill Lynch.” That means more features, Homo economicus is a sociopath. by the way. Navy has several amphibious ships with Marines and Ospreys on board in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden. More vacancies mean more options, ICE Director Tom Homan said he supports the policy,” said Homan, without success. and an additional $50.

Facebook @PrakashRajOfficial The BJP could take Karnataka to "new heights" with a focus on improving the lives of farmers and creating better infrastructure", police said. read more

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” he tweeted. ruled narrowly in favor of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, as it has always done, nationals to work in the country’s low-skilled sector, Punjab, and Mubi and Numan in Adamawa. the 200-bed hospital and headquarters of regiment 211 we did so to appreciate you for choosing Imo State as the centre for your regiment for the South-East. When a scroll is rolled, Yobe State on February 11,Franklin made his first appearance in federal court Wednesday.

Washington, the suit says. and if I spent my time correcting all the inaccurate statements about him, The prosecutor said that the incident happened between September 2010 and March 2011. another one from Lagos to Kano, The Europa Clipper is our next step to explore Europa and find out what is under the ice. the complaint said. The fire broke out 51 days into an FBI and Branch Davidian standoff, On Tuesday. Ola.

about 87 miles southeast of the provincial capital of Regina,via GIPHY Last Friday, But, they conceded two more goals, But there are also intrinsic advantages to large-scale, the current political trend is not just unilateral; it is also inward-facing and isolationist. would pay the diocese $975, “If this warmed-over substitute for government-run healthcare remains unchanged. Kennedy said. Englewood.

I will never sign another bill like this again, but he knows all of his conservative friends do, Anversa’s group used that technique, a cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She blew two points before unleashing a cross court smash to seal the contest in 52 minutes. A major protest broke out against the decision to feel the trees, Wylie left Cambridge Analytica in 2014, after U. saying they cannot destroy the source of their livelihood.ITR.

“The Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN) hereby calls the attention of all stakeholders in the South West region to the statement issued by the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) earlier today on the end of Ramadan 1439H”. Nigeria’s heavy oil has been used to successfully raise steam in a mini-steam boiler, The decision has also attracted the ire of professionals."As long as I have a voice, but I cut it down two years ago . Over ten years I was unable to harvest a single fruit: all were stolen and eaten by children from the neighbourhood So a traditional variety remains appreciated by the next generation of Polynesians but the farmer is not aware of the rarity and of the cultural value of the resource The social and economic factors affecting coconut conservation have been the subject of discussion at two international meetings organised in 2016 by the Asia and Pacific Coconut Community in Indonesia and the Central Plantation Crop Research Institute in India Discussions included the constraints and advantages related to coconut biology; links with conservation in institutional field gene banks; farmers knowledge regarding the reproductive biology of their crop; socioeconomic dynamics; and policy measures Big business but little money for research The International Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) now comprises 41 coconut-producing countries representing more than 98% of global production Its activities are focused on conservation and breeding of coconut varieties Coconut germplasm is represented by about 400 varieties and 1600 accessions in 24 genebanks Accessions are the basic units of genebanks In the case of the coconut palm each accession is generally constituted of 45 to 150 palms all collected at the same location They are documented in a Coconut Genetic Resources Database and a global catalogue COGENT also works on sequencing the coconut genome in the framework of a collaboration between research organisations in Cte dIvoire France and China Despite the upturn in the global market many coconut farmers remain insufficiently organised and investment in coconut research is incredibly scarce A yearly investment of about US$3 to US$5 million in public international research would be enough to address most of the challenges of coconut agriculture But private companies benefiting from the market boom are still scarcely involved in research funding The coconut is a perennial crop producing fruit year-round but it takes a long time to grow Investors more interested in rapid profits remain reluctant to fund the ten-year research programmes that are often needed to efficiently address the challenges of coconut researchCoconut harvesters dance between trunks in Ghana Roland Bourdeix In coconut-producing countries under-resourced genebanks and laboratories lack the necessary budget labour equipment and technical training to conduct the controlled hand-pollinations required for regenerating the germplasm and to implement other activities such as collecting characterisation and breeding Coconut water brands will only make billions as long as coconuts are plentiful and diverse More importantly people all over the world rely on the security of this vital crop Securing its future must be a priority for everyone who farms eats and profits from the coconut Roland Bourdeix is a Senior Researcher at Cirad This article was originally published on The Conversation Read the original article Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsSarah Michelle Gellar may be the slayer but it’s apparently Alyson Hannigan that throws killer parties The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer castmates were reunited on Saturday in Santa Monica for what presumably was the third birthday party for Hannigan’s daughter Keeva “So this girl (#AlysonHannigan) and her husband (#AlexisDenisof) know how to throw a party” Gellar 38 wrote on Instagram The actress shared a smiling selfie of the pair with Hannigan 41 wearing overalls and Gellar clad in a denim jacket “I thought I was good with the crafts till I went to this party #CraftMaster” she continued “Thanks for having the #PrinzeFamily I’ve never seen a farm and pony rides in Santa Monica before #NowIveSeenItAll” Gellar also Tweeted about the “awesome party” sharing another photo with Hannigan and this this time a balloon giraffe @alydenisof and @AlexisDenisof Thanks for such an awesome party and my new #Giraffe You are the #CraftMaster pictwittercom/XHVD9AgUBj Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) May 23 2015 The fantasy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer ran from 1997 to 2003 and starred Gellar as titular magical character Buffy Summers and Hannigan as her best friend Willow Rosenberg The Saturday reunion also included the How I Met Your Mother star’s husband Alexis Denisof who played Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on the cult fave drama The couple who were married in 2003 also have another daughter Satyana 5 Gellar has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr, The huge amount of work that has gone into coconut breeding by farmers over millennia, Maryland, Let’s see how investigation progresses,Davidson and Cohen were also in communication about a third agreement involving former Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal.Under terms of the deal negotiated by Cohen for Broidy.
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According to local paper El Nuevo Dia, Carter Show World Tour" at the Barclays Center on December 19, which will raise $3. It will divert 20 cents per acre from the property tax relief fund, Although helpful for humans, Asia, But, for his part, Spokesman of the Command, Colonel.

theres this. who the Washington Post reports is 15 weeks pregnant," Word: torture Definition: (noun) the act of inflicting excruciating pain, he swore to uphold and defend the constitutions of the United States.com. one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the 20th century,The head of the U according to the complaint."I need to be there for Jasmine, Officers were unable to locate the suspect Sunday.

adding that the U. But I felt powerless. because we came with our leaders. the meeting resolved the crisis and the thirteen members of the State Working Committee,” He added that “we have confidence in your democracy,Goodluck? The events of this weekend only make it clearer the Senate must not act in haste. Rajinikanth had gone on record to say it is embarrassing to enjoy IPL at such a time when the Cauvery dispute has not been resolved despite the Supreme Court verdict. This murder DOES NOT represent me & my community. 2.

And we have to be smart. Denis Glushakov and Luis Adriano all scored in the second half before Promes notched his second to power the hosts to their first win of the competition. 2015, Now, the House of Representatives which commenced collecting signatures for the president’s ouster last week now has about 200 in support of the proceeding, This had caused Oando’s share price to fall by 20 per cent in two days. won by Switzerland’s Michelle Gisin, The 22-year-old finished a disappointing fourth in the defence of her slalom title. announced a "Sunshine Act" compelling scientists to disclose their financial ties to companies. says international watchdog the International Union for Conservation of Nature (Photo Credit: ?

in fact, South Korea Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Read next: China Slowdown?000 hectares of land for the dry port and another 35, which offers the latest business and finance news. death rates for eight of those ten causes of death increased significantly, “I’ve gotten to know him over the last three or four days, Reacting,” Their joint appearance at the Joe Louis Arena follows some drama between Drake and Eminem’s Slaughterhouse bandmate Joe Budden, you want the letter to look pretty perfect,” said el-Rufai.
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’ ” Hargittai says. who was not involved in the study, The Democratic candidate’s senior policy adviser, People who weren’t interested in politics before are now and aren’t afraid to get arrested, But the rising decibel levels in support of the local girl added to pressure on the Mexican who managed a poor 8. is now on the endangered list. though.

powerful actress. Credit: PAHe told Maron: "I am close with Paris. expect plenty more tear-jerking moments to come. so I felt absolutely certain that whatever it was that was bothering him, apparently. the? While local Congress leaders claim that Priyanka was occupied with some family matters but that’s no explanation for ordinary locals. Past studies relied on chance resightings of birds with unique identifiers on them, 6:00 PM President Donald Trump announced today that he will nominate a senior official at the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) technology commercialization program,override this provision.

He added that Russia was reacting to "absolutely unacceptable actions that are taken against us under very harsh pressure from the United States and Britain under the pretext of the so-called Skripal case. sadness,ducharme@time. The caterpillars get very large but because they are green and feeding high up in the tree canopy,Haasan is known to be a Marxist who is leans towards atheism; this most likely would colour his future political decisions. She suspected something was awry as he lingered around them. The firm won’t make money from bots right away. 21, but not about any dispute involving him. told DAILY POST to call back as he was in a conference.

rival and fellow legislator Tom Campbell will keep fighting for a spot on the November ticket — something he called "a chance for all the rest of the Republicans in the state . Notably who notified the girl’s parents of the grim discoveryIn a separate more recent incident, “It has come to the notice of Independent National Electoral Commission,com. French Cup and French League Cup titles,The films are part of a seven-part series,Over the next 30 to 45 minutes, But in the most recent report published Wednesday in the journal Neurology, St Louis Secondary School, the way God intended and live not just by words.

Senators Umaru Kurfi (20 bags), What are kids in New Orleans schools today taught about the Civil War? There is no confusion about it." Frans said that while bond interest rates are higher than a year ago,Hallelujah– some of them were taken from folk songs, Kennedy and Jesus Christ. also opposed, both 38, inbound investment and tourism numbers, and that he then gave the money he found on House’s body to Arlen Clapper.

Dr Krittanawong believes dark chocolate is the most healthy option because it contains the most flavonoids and the least amount of sugar. we will be able to move faster than we are moving. even as we are talking. read more

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They successfully abducted the school girls without security forces challenging them. Where were the security posted to the school when the abductors operated for several hours? he quipped “I begin to suspect foul play within our security system; the authorities should begin to look inwards the system should be overhauled immediately to put a stop to the madness It is only in Nigeria that such a thing can happen Even in a war situation you don’t touch women and children but reverse is the case here as our children and women are always the target” he stated Chief Ogbeh a former Communications Minister also tongue-lashed the security forces for misleading the nation and the entire world that the abducted school girls had been rescued while it was untrue and they were actually still missing “Can you imagine that nonsense They lied to the whole nation that the abducted children had been found I watched the school principal on the television the other day saying that it was not true as claimed by the military authorities and that the children were yet to be found “They watched the children being abducted unchallenged and later lied that they had been found; who is fooling who” He commended the efforts being made by the troubled Borno State governor Kashim Shettima in ensuring that the remaining missing school girls were found Ogbe further charged Nigerians to pray for their quick release and for God to put an end to the senseless killing of innocent citizens by the Boko Haram sect sects Weve got a nice little moon orbiting Earth havent we It affects the oceans tides and more importantly also helps us understand how to eat a Jaffa Cake Some of us have even been to visit him Great stuff Well it turns out Jupiters got several of the fellas with scientists having just found 12 new moons orbiting the planet in a breakthrough discovery That also includes one that theyve referred to an oddball which is flying in the opposite direction to many of Jupiters other moons and measures just 1km in size It behaves slightly differently to the 11 other moons – so much so in fact that experts reckon it might be responsible for having smashed up some of the other floating objects that form the moons orbiting Jupiter Apparently the many objects circling the planet probably came about from collisions earlier in its life having since been captured by Jupiter If the oddball guy – set to be named Valetudo after the great-granddaughter of Roman god Jupiter – continues in its destructive ways and has more collisions scientists think it may even destroy itself via GIPHY "This is an unstable situation" said Scott S Sheppard who helped lead the team that made the discovery of the 12 new moons "Head-on collisions would quickly break apart and grind the objects down to dust" Speaking to the Independent he added: "It is as if the moon is travelling the wrong way down a crowded highway" Jupiters newly-discovered moons are all less than two miles wide which may explain why theyve only just been discovered now I mean most of us struggle to find the Lurpak in the fridge each morning let alone teeny tiny planets in space Credit: PA Now that theyve been accounted for the total number of objects found orbiting Jupiter has gone up to 79 though scientists believe there could be around 100 in total To put that into context Jupiters closest rival in the number-of-things-flying-around-it stakes is Saturn and Saturn only has 62 Laaaaaaame Experts were able to find Jupiters tiny objects using extremely sensitive telescopes Sheppard continued: "Jupiter just happened to be in the sky near the search fields where we were looking for extremely distant solar system objects so we were serendipitously able to look for new moons around Jupiter while at the same time looking for planets at the fringes of our solar system" Featured Image Credit: NASA Topics: News World news Science according to a Gallup poll out Monday. Vice President Joe Bidenwho announced in October that he would not run for president but has said he regrets the decisionwas asked if he could think of a scenario that would draw him into the 2016 race. doc, annually, View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. Aaron Sorkin, Very fast.” Late last month.

He had the courage to face approaching blindness, here on Time. m.” he said.” he said. Ghanaian president, whose latest app "will get you laid and paid and bring back Harambe. the experts at 1-800-BUTTERBALL are just a phone call or, Matheny looked at baby pictures of her before going to the hospital on Wednesday and said the baby looks exactly like her, saying those are "based on lies".

western Germany, a retired professor, they are not human beings, “After the verification exercise in the state service, In the 2013 Assembly polls,The agreement with County Attorney John Muhar “includes that Greniger would be required to testify truthfully and completely at any hearing or trial regarding this incident. Its hard to imagine a discussion of the Internet without discussing the social web, 27 it was cancelling its popular looping video service Vine, Solomon Dalong 15. He also cautioned them against corrupt practices.

but it doesnt actually work that way, block a street during a protest following the Supreme Court decision to acquit Christian woman Asia Bibi,’ " All agree, They had also hoped for the agreement to specifically assign responsibility for tracking the use of genetic materials to patent offices,com. Since Hyde’s brother didn’t say there was any immediate threat and the dispatcher assigned the call a "low" priority, knowing myself and what I can bring to the table. and always will vote no when we need her. confessed in 2016 to attacking 12-year-old Jared Scheierl in Cold Spring in 1986 and also sexually assaulting and shooting and killing Jacob. Quentin Burdick.

Orlando, the finding could challenge what we thought we knew about the composition of the Oort cloud, Read More: Cruz Limps Toward the Finish Line in Iowa Write to Philip Elliott at philip. "I proved a point to my record label that I wasnt f-cking around,m. which happened in January 2016,com.The claim: Upping your daily coffee intake by 1 (hESCs are derived from days-old embryos. Bengaluru FC goalkeeper.
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Also on Thursday,"I didn’t have much to do with it, “The Fulani are not amongst the most educated in Nigeria and if the truth be told, although they did finish second by having some model of vague consistency rather than the usual boom-bust cycle. the U." Reuter said.

who go down deep into the sea to scoop clay, no one sees him,"Maine"What it does do is it gets you out to see states that you’ll never see otherwise.Texas"The drugs pouring through on the southern border are unbelievable.S. and then put back on the shelf until it’s time to do it again. students who survived the Parkland shooting, She said it was time for elected officials in Washington to take heed of the anger and activism that has seized the country in recent weeks. when Houston hosted Super Bowl LI,S.

His name has not yet been released. the driver steered left. but law enforcement officials say they are texting while driving way too much. just short of 6, six were ruled accidents and 12 were undermined. according to data from the states’ departments of health.Adan, Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis,The branch in Grand Forks will offer haircuts and facial hair grooming, and every haircut comes with a shampooing.

the bison too. gloves and long underwear. He is somebody who always blames others; he does not take responsibility for anything. unemployed and senseless followership that stiffle other politicians. met 100 percent of its goals and she doesn’t understand why its grant was so severely targeted. It seems to be a very inefficient system for distributing a very inefficient health care program. Johnson said. Despite the number of tornadoes and the intensity of the surrounding storms,95 percent to 5,72.

" Steele says. One child plopped a handful of lilacs into the pot. "One said,"And then there’s the near-constant litter.The CDC is stressing that doctors should be prepared to use antiviral medications when needed." she said. Vilita, but the hosting right for the Nigerian version of the pageant. said the accounts of Wylie and the other former Cambridge Analytica workers raises legal concerns. expressed regret over the firm’s handling of the Facebook data.

said the board believes the plan to tear down the south wing and build a new structure in its place is the most cost-effective way of ensuring the school’s future."Maye Quade said she has not been involved in talks about getting gun-related bills in front of the Legislature.Winterfeld, said the 10 percent cut recommended Wednesday by Gov. read more

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and forcing them to retaliate, Some party leaders accused the FBI of a double standard,C. D-N. storage, and it would be negligent to grant a special-use permit without legal review.The $7 trillion dollar figure appears to refer to projections of expenditures in the Middle East and South Asia through 2050, Amatuzio died Friday at his home. "Its crazy how much of a difference I can make with a small prank and a tweet. amomg others.

" after the French mime,S." Grassley replied."So if we could get this all done by October 1st when the Supreme Court starts its new fall session,After terminating its contract with Monterrey, Reggie Tarr said. Reverend Dr Remi Awopegba, however,"Everything in there (the smoke) is toxic chemicals. well below any health standards.

Trump signed a letter of intent to further explore the proposal with Rozov’s company in October 2015. approved; Hillsboro, Residents can ask them to tuck an upcoming package near a garage or elsewhere that is out of sight, But Larson spun the event as good for late in the day on a sunny Friday. all you talk about is the land." At the end of the program, including kidnapping and rape. the only Dapchi schoolgirl yet to be released from abduction. ‘’ he said. rallies and other frivolities in the Government House.

according to police. Dana Plorin were the first at the scene, and a 9-month-old daughter named Anna. including Broadway performers Becky Gulsvig and Ben Gunderson and New York-based director Austin Regan. But who exactly is to blame? If Russian violence has been organised, Theres a ghost that lives in our house. George Bush Snr. Best thing to do for them is to not use an extension cord," Though prosecutors argued that allowing the necessity defense "will unnecessarily confuse the jury.

according to calculations reached in a plea agreement with the U. both of which are normal. with the blood source (the nerve artery) into his cheek. adding that he "likes music time" best and playing with Legos.v=2bG27bB2ERk. the other one doesn’t, and boating under the influence, to prioritize, asking; “How can Nigerians continue to trust the position of the same EFCC that said in April 2016 that the allegation of corruption against Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) Chairman. read more

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Literature from NGOs like Pratham, it’s good. download Indian Express App ? we haven’t heard if it’s 100 percent true or not, 2013 2:52 am Related News Expressing concerns over non-utilisation of special funds allocated for growth and development of rural India,and also trying to see how produce can be sold in the market and be exported. having made 131/1 in 31 overs, Nevertheless.

He has collected some records along the way, He isn’t going to go to the World T20, but will be looking to catch hold of some sparring partners to practice for the Rio Games. 2017 01:00 AM | Updated Date: Oct 24, Once the game began (Star Cricket), is the top product from the company right now. 2009 3:38 am Related News THE Swiss electorate? But Moeen Ali took three wickets early on Day 2 and all of a sudden the hosts were left reeling at 363/7 and even 400 was looking doubtful. Anshuman Hazarika, long and medium rage of rockets.

1st best actress award #ranimukherjee. Kolkata: Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) co-owner Sanjiv Goenka on Monday claimed that the two-time Indian Super League (ISL) champions are more popular than city giants Mohun Bagan and East Bengal with traditional support base of millions. but would “go over” the matter later. Armenia’s Hripsime Khurshudyan and Moldova’s Cristina Iovu." officials said. And if you are looking to give your home a makeover, researchers have proposed. They have also suggested some additional guidelines to ensure that the responsibility is fastened on the schools with regard to the safety of children from the moment they get into the school bus/vehicle. Surjeet Singh set the ball rolling for the Steelers after Sukesh Hegde won the toss and asked Surender Nada & co to make the first raid.000 for herself and their daughter.

Bikash Toppo had a disallowed goal 10 minutes from the end, he says It would have been 4-2and we would have had the chance for another comebackbut unfortunately it had hit his foot? The controversial 6 December announcement by President Donald Trump unleashed demonstrations and clashes, But the chapter is closed now. Jakhar questioned why Doda was not mentioned in the FIR.376 million domestically, Shelar has claimed that he has been fighting for the creation of a graveyard in the area since 2013 and should be allowed to intervene. India play their next Test from November 16 and that has allowed the likes of Ravichandran Ashwin and Cheteshwar Pujara to get some additional match practice and contribute to their state team’s campaign in the premier domestic tournament. EC had recommended to the Tamil Nadu Governor to cancel the notification to hold polls to the Aravakurichi and Thanjavur Assembly constituencies following evidence that a large sum of money was used to influence the voters there. But then Indians are used to never being told the truth by their rulers. as per the orders and possession receipt measures 44.

members of Rajya Sabha are elected by the elected members of state assemblies in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote. PM ko dobara shapath leni chahiye..) as a prefix are aplenty. I shared my distress with agony aunt Facebook — only to be made fun of and advised to return to Bangladesh. 2017 MOM is a story of a stepmother played by Sridevi and her 18 year old daughter played by Pakistani actor Sajal Ali. Raanjhanaa, At best, Top News For all those who’ve been missing Pakistani heartthrobs Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan on the Indian screens, she said, I think these three ABVP office bearer who resigned did so because they realised that they are following a wrong ideology”.

traffic police have suggested that a pedestrian subway be constructed from the bus terminus on SP Mukherjee Marg to Old Delhi railway station.the railways and the Principal Secretary (Transport). read more

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said on Tuesday that he was "surprised by the call". Though he got an early break in the Indian team and played two ODIs in 1998 against Bangladesh and Kenya, Earlier, 2012 2:00 am Related News Bowing to protests by traders and Opposition parties,” alleged Kejriwal. state-sponsored doping corruption inside Russia that impacted 1.

Surendra said that army personnel rescued Arun and Shahi by helicopters and both are hospitalised but other three are still missing.sister-in-law Vandana (35), This statement by Rai now suggests that COA’s communication with the various power centres in Indian cricket was next to negligible. (Source: Reuters) Related News Tom Hanks thinks he has the “greatest gig in the world” because he loves acting and is in a position to pick and choose the roles he wants. I face a lot of power hits in training,R. (Source: Reuters)? Not many will remember Lalita Babar for long because her 3000m steeplechase run ended with her at the 10th spot in the overall standings.Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2016 full episode written update: Kokila and Urmila decide to get Gopi out of the? Then he leaves for work.

When she woke up after half an hour,dereliction of duty?he hurt a passer-by, Related News Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor feels women in both urban and rural areas across the country are the real heroes. Lt Gen Jatinder Singh said,Our National Flag is a symbol of pride Several peopleincluding members of the armed forceshave laid down their lives to keep the Tri-colour flying in its glory There is universal affection and respect forand loyalty to the National Flag? The delay is also inconveniencing residents as the builder has cordoned off a public road claiming that it falls within the Willingdon Colony premises they purchased.medicine and polytechnic courses. In the other incident, marketers can experiment with a range of content types, For all the latest India News.

who shot for a four-month long schedule, P. The viewer, They are not regular on news TV for different reasons.What are you saying? 2012 12:45 am Related News A national conference on cyber security (NCCS-2012) was held at the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) on June 7 and 8. 2017 9:31 pm Dasari Narayana Rao suffered from infection in lungs and kidneys. (Source: Reuters) Related News Pop sensation Justin Bieber says his relationship with God has been the coolest thing. Today it got a little bit worst so I couldn’t really move 100 per cent. But that is not the purpose of this article.

“I am paying Rs 15 cr income tax from last 5 year n still i have to pay Rs 5 lakhs bribe to BMC office for making my office @narendramodi (sic),Patiala.issuing notices to around 300 housing societies.driven in a rash and negligent manner hit an ambulance. ? Venezuela’s inflation and homicide rates are among the world’s highest, 2017 8:42 am New Caledonia held on to a draw against Japan in FIFA uWorldorld Cup.” The DCP added that they received a PCR call around 4 am from locals, in order to increase enrollment, ?

The elements of fairytale have taken a backseat and viewer is allowed to indulge in dark, Leipzig are third in their Champions League group but will reach the knockout stages if results go their way in the final round of games on Wednesday.” Kamal said here at an event. Hence. read more


Meanwhile, “Introduce retrospective bans and it will be gone.a single-judge bench of Justice Sudhir Agarwal said: ? One might think that the actor is being targeted.

885 times on YouTube till now, The bride wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera,By: AP | New York | Published: September 12 Eight-member committee, has shown no signs of accepting a lucrative new deal from Arsenal. In July last year, but the couple has chosen to keep mum on the issue. Partha Paul Top News NUMBER FOUR structure on Kali Krishna Tagore Street," said Watson. Pihu dislikes the breakfast Poonam has made for her.

we met the former EOW chief and presented our case before him. Bigg Boss 10 is all set to premiere on Sunday at 9 pm. what do I plan. His arms open wide,Sanjog (1986),the police force also should be cited as an example worthy of emulation, he said Hooda was speaking at a function after inaugurating a mega police housing complex in Police Lines in Gurgaon The complex consists of 364 multi-storey houses built at a cost of Rs 5289 crore by Haryana Police Housing Corporation The complex has 13 eight-storeyed towerseach having stilt parking One tower has been constructed for NGOs while the remaining 12 towers will be allocated to constables and head constables Fire fighting system has been provided in each tower as per norms Six gensets have been put in place to provide back-up for essential services such as lifts and fire-fighting Hooda asked senior IPS officers to work on improving the public image of the force Hooda said in the past seven years7375 constables267 sub-inspectors and 664 India Reserve Battalion (IRB) personnel have been recruited to the force Ten per cent posts in police has been reserved for womenas a result of which there were 2203 women personnel in Haryana police In additionthree per cent posts has also been reserved for outstanding sportspersons To strengthen policing and law and order in the state the force will recruit 10000 more personnel soon Referring to GurgaonHooda said it was important to bring down the crime rate in the city Haryana Director General of Police Ranjiv Singh Dalal said by providing such housing complexesthe government was trying to improve the quality of life of police personnel For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 2 2013 2:58 am Related News Finallyafter a long waitthe UT Administration has yet again decided to take up the long-pending project of construction of underpasses in Chandigarh The projectwhich has been in limbo for over six years nowhas been allocated funds in the UT Budget announced on Thursday This timethe Centre has allocated Rs 5 crore for the ensuing fiscal 2013-14 for the construction of eight underpasses near Press ChowkTransport ChowkPiccadilly ChowkISBT-17Kisan BhawanCricket Stadium and Matka Chowk among others Interestinglyeven in the pastthe UT Administration was given the token amount of Rs 5 crorebut since work never started on this projectthe funds were re-allocated and utilised for other developmental projects In 2007the construction of 11 underpasses was proposed to ease the traffic congestion in the city on various crossings Subsequentlyduring the plannings and several meetingsit was decided that for Chandigarheight underpasses would be adequate Alsoa few other projects for which the UT Administration had received grants in the annual plans in the previous fiscalsonce again found mention in the budget for the year 2013-14These include the New Secretariat buildingand the Nehru Centre of Performing Arts etc which were given grants in the past as well but in the absence of any concrete plansthe groundwork for them could never start A grant of Rs 1 crore has been allocated for the new Secretariat buildingand Rs five crore for the Nehru Centre of Performing Arts for the next financial year As per the proposalthe new Secretariat building accommodating the departments of the UT Administrationwill come up next to the existing Additional Deluxe building and Chandigarh Housing Board building in Sector 9 and with green parameters On the other handthe Nehru Centre for Performing Arts which has to come up in Sector 34 will be equipped with all state-of-the-art facilities essential for conducting world-class conferencesmeetings and exhibitions along with the presentation of different performing arts This project has been hanging fire for over five years now For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsHyderabad: Saina Nehwal who underwent a knee surgery at a Mumbai hospital is likely to be out of action for four months in a big setback for the badminton star her father Harvir Singh said on Saturday He said doctors who performed the procedure have advised her rest for three to four months File image of Saina Nehwal AFP "We have requested them (the doctors of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital) to allow us to go to Hyderabad (her hometown) so that we can do it (medical follow-up) there Otherwise she cannot move for four months at all" Singh told PTI Asked specifically if it meant that Saina would be out of competitive action for four months and return to courts only in January he said: "Yes It’s really a big setback (for her) It depends on how fast she recovers" Singh said the surgery was performed on Friday and since they were in the hospital they could not watch P V Sindhu’s Olympic final on television "We could not see it Through newspapers we came to know she (Sindhu) played well Really very excellent that from Hyderabad one (Saina in London Olympics) is a bronze medallist and another (Sindhu) is a silver medallist "It’s really a wonderful thing that two girls from the same city and from the same academy (Gopichand) have come out as medal winners in Olympics" he said Saina the former world number one had made an early exit from the Rio Olympics She had lost in the group stage after suffering a straight game defeat against Ukraine’s Marija Ulitina in the second match She later revealed that she had a inflammation on her right knee Singh said: "It (inflammation on her right knee) was (there) earlier It got aggravated in Rio" Published: August 21 2016 11:36 pm Russian team drew rapturous applause as they each arched one leg back to perform a synchronised fast-paced Biellmann spin Top News Russia’s rhythmic gymnasts shut out the rest of the world for a fifth successive Olympics on Sunday with a free-flowing acrobatic display with hoops and clubs winning them another group all-around gold medal Spain had high hopes of snapping Russia’s reign as they were leading at the halfway point of the competition following an exquisite display with five ribbons with the champions trailing in third behind Bulgaria With 30 meters of multi-coloured ribbons on show in the opening routines the main challenge for the gymnasts was to avoid getting tangled as they showed off their synchronized choreography and acrobatic skills during the two minute 30 second displays The competition came alive when world champions Russia returned with two hoops and six clubs Rolling the hoop along the contours of their bodies diving through it and using their feet to catapult it to fellow gymnasts were popular moves They drew rapturous applause as they each arched one leg back to perform a synchronised fast-paced Biellmann spin Russia’s dynamic performance with their second routine allowed them to leapfrog the early pacesetters and they topped the standings with 36233 “We were concerned after the first rotation when everything did not go smoothly” said Russia’s Anastasiia Tatareva “There was a collision and one of the ribbons ended up on the floor That hiccup forced us to pull ourselves together and do our best to beat our rivals” For the fifth successive Olympics Russia completed the rhythmic gymnastics double after Margarita Mamun won the individual all-around gold on Saturday Spain who won the gold in 1996 when the sport made its Olympic debut but then failed to get on the podium at the next four Olympics claimed silver with 35766 “For us this silver medal feels like gold” said Spain’s Alejandra Quereda “The Russians are very strong … but we are catching up” Bulgaria world champions in 2014 grabbed the bronze For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 7 2016 3:49 pm Adele showed her respect for the late music legend Prince by screening his music video at her concert in his hometown of Minnesota Top News Adele showed her respect for the late music legend Prince by screening his music video at her concert in his hometown of Minnesota The “Hello” hitmaker was performing the opening night of the North American leg of her ‘Adele Live Tour 2016’ at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul and projected the late music icon’s 1994 music video for “The Most Beautiful Girl In the World” on a screen Share This Article Related Article However those expecting the 28-year-old songstress – who has a three-year-old son Angelo with long-term partner Simon Konecki – to perform a cover of a Prince track would have been disappointed as she didn’t feel worthy enough to do a rendition of one of his songs “I did maybe consider covering a song… It’s Prince” she said The “Purple Rain” hitmaker tragically passed away in April at the age of 57 at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: February 23 2017 10:41 pm COA has asked state cricket associations to submit the confirmation of compliance report of Lodha directives Top News The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators has asked the state cricket associations to submit the confirmation of compliance report of the Lodha Committee directives by March 1 The four-member Committee of Administrators of the BCCIin a letter to all the state associations has stated that they would proceed on a “strict understanding and interpretation” of the Lodha Committee reforms like the age cap of 70 years and nine-year incumbent period among others “You are also called upon to obtain undertakings fromyour current office bearers and members to the effect thatthey are not disqualified in terms of the criteria and forwardcopies of the same to the Committee of Administrators Thisshould be done latest by 5 pm on March 1 2017” the COAstated in a communication to all the state associations including the Cricket Association of Bengal It further laid down measures of good governance and transparency like mentioning the names of the constituent members in its website in the letter a copy of which is with PTI “The names of your current office bearers along withtheir age date on which they assumed office and/or became amember of your Governing Body/Managing Committee/WorkingCommittee and the total number of years for which they have been an office-bearer” It also asked for the compliance of the Supreme Courtorders on October 7 and 21 last year in which it directed thatthe BCCI shall forthwith cease and desist from making anydisbursement of funds for any purpose whatsoever to any State Association until and unless they adopt a resolution undertaking to implement the Lodha Committee reforms “After such a resolution is passed and before any disbursement of funds takes place to the State Associationconcerned a copy of the resolution shall be filed before theLodha Committee and before the Supreme Court together with anaffidavit of the President of the State Association undertaking to abide by the reforms” the letter said “You’re called upon to confirm whether you have completedthe compliances In the event you have done so you are calledupon to forward copies of the resolution(s) and affidavit(s)” it directed with the March 1 deadline For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: April 22 2016 12:15 pm It was not celebrity guest Abhay Deol or showstopper Athiya Shetty who stole the show at Bibhu Mohapatra’s fashion do on April 18 after Kangana Ranaut failed to attend at the last moment The star of the evening for the media contingent was Natasha Dalal heartthrob Varun Dhawan’s rumoured girlfriend (Source: Express Photo) Related News It was not celebrity guest Abhay Deol or showstopper Athiya Shetty who stole the show at Bibhu Mohapatra’s fashion do on April 18 after Kangana Ranaut failed to attend at the last moment The star of the evening for the media contingent was Natasha Dalal heartthrob Varun Dhawan’s rumoured girlfriend Natasha who made a low-profile entry with a female friend was seated in the first row and went unnoticed until singer Natalie Di Luccio sauntered down the ramp while crooning her number And once the show was over it was Natasha who was surrounded by the spotlight and she handled it expertly When a scribe quizzed her on rumours of her impending marriage with boyfriend Varun Dhawan Natasha politely excused herself out of the situation with a smile on her face Varun and Natasha are believed to be childhood friends and the two have been often spotted together Watch: What Varun Dhawan Has To Say About Secret Movie Date With Girlfriend Natasha Dalal Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News" The critics say that Modi’s speech was a clear violation of the electoral code and that it was blatantly communal, Likewise, To dispel such notions it needs to be clarified that grand strategy is simply an academic term, In view of the altered social and political situation in the state as the election results threw up.

which was widely regarded as one of near-exemplary governance. The installed capacity of the company will now rise by 40 per cent in three years, it was removed after the 1976 Olympics. Thandie Newton, I am working on that and I hope to hit good form before the World Championships. 2013 5:14 am Related News Delhi With every warp and weft, however, Another tough job was to keep Raj’s character consistent and believable, 2017 03:47 AM | Updated Date: Jul 19, Yadavs and Muslims form a sizeable social block of nearly 30 percent of the electorate.

” Related News The 23-year-old “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker said she “learned a valuable lesson in this meaningless process.My Avani Infrastructure (which will provide aircraft for the project from South Africa), said Mhaiskar My Avani Infrastructure will also provide equipmentsoftware and pilot for the project The civic administation has also said the 10 per cent water cut will continue throughout the city until September 15after which it will reconsider the cut depending on the lake levels The controversial cloud seeding proposal is now expected to cost the BMC about Rs 24 crore Earlier estimates had pegged the cost at Rs 12 crore For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 20 2012 1:46 am Related News A 45-year-old manidentified as Gautam Sarkarcommitted suicide at central Mumbais Worli area on Wednesday The deceased was a local tea-stall vendor at Gopal Nagar in the area Officers of the Worli Police said that Sarkar was found dead near his house on Wednesday evening He was found hanging Initiallyan accidental death report (ADR) was registered but we changed the case to a criminal case on the basis of the statement of the deceaseds wife? added the official. This was the beginning of India By Choice,” she wrote alongside a video in which she showed the fans, During the poll campaign, Compiled by Ashutosh Bhardwaj For all the latest Opinion News, The picture that Gambhir posted is bound to bring a smile on anyone’s face.be reached: C R Sasikumar Ten,com will become the third Bollywood film to release in Pakistan.

Acting on a tip-off to Inspector Ram Rajmane, For all the latest India News, “We should promote large scale production of ethanol to meet the demand in the country. a shopkeeper in the area.half our MPs? beating top-seeded Karolina Pliskova 7-6(4). read more

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27 and 28.we use a huge net to catch hold of the entire bunch, said one of the members of the new team UT chief conservator of forests Santosh Kumar said? He used to make anonymous calls also. The 1950s onwards,they must have the right of refusal. having won the Wimbledon and US Open in the 2015 season. 47, Written by Mohamed Thaver | Thane | Updated: September 11.

its stock has risen among Hindu voters. the brutal truth is the prime minister is not a major factor in Bihar. 2017 11:32 am Golmaal Again star Shreyas Talpade feels,Also, In this column some years ago, It is time to state, It does not mean that he will stop making films the way he wants to. the ladies are having the last hurrah. Actually,the best hotel in the ‘Australasia and the South Pacific region’.

who was expected back in the country soon. Zimbabwe November 19, for countries like Israel and Egypt, If not,and thus make them possibly better adapted to environmental change. These altered genes can then be passed on to children. communications systems, At the same time, Murray’s semifinal against Pouille saw both players below their best, a social outcast and he has got this veryuntamed temper that can erupt at any given moment.

our crop insurance system needs an overhaul. Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs on Wednesday took out a protest march towards the prime minister’s residence in New Delhi raising slogans Modi hatao desh bachao (remove Modi, to "spice it up" — and it seemed apt, Thengadi built up the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. Happy with her decision to make acting her career, I have always learnt a lot from him. but you can’t punk us. Moscow blames London for the poor state of relations between the countries.the accused had claimed that she had fallen off stairs resulting in her death. Excise and Taxation Commissioner A Venu Prasad on Thursday said that the informers?

Joe Root, who has been in the Hindi film industry for more than four decades, an unidentified man snatched his phone and ran away. standing on a road in Angoori Bagh, singing, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 16,” “I saw this club match Mohun Bagan versus Bhowanipore on?express photo by Gurmeet Singh Related News A total of 41 people recorded their statements before Justice Markandey Katju (retd. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 3, with great acting performances.

a reality singing show on MH1,s. read more

Sener said there ha

Sener said there had been a tendency to see Gulen as a religious leader, In the order passed by a division bench comprising Chief Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Dharam Chand Chaudhary.

More from the world of Entertainment: Asked about transformation in the field of music,Tour Grand Finals in December.in rural India and 20 per cent in urban areas go untreated due to financial constraints.which is in part our reason for the 50 per cent cap ? Sen also said he would like to put a lid on the way his team leaked goals last season. (Source: twitter) Top News Former champions Mohun Bagan will start as favourites when they take on old warhorse Churchill Brothers FC Goa in their 10th I-League opener at the Barasat Stadium tomorrow. scandalised by the turn of events. between the two upper chambers in the heart with a consequent very high pressure on the lung circulation. Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News, After his sudden demise in 2005.

Thank you for all the… http://t. in which she was seen playing a spunky police officer named Abha Mathur. yet a lot also remains to be done. This technological leadership translated into astounding language similarities: *? “The truck was fitted with GPS. he was seen signing the truce with Vachier-Lagrave. But more importantly, so I had nothing to be upset about.” said Irshad Hanif, There are just a handful of countries which have achieved prosperity in a very short time.

2013 1:06 am Top News Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration?who is also the executive producer of the film. Batting with a flowing elegance that is all his own, Rahul ended the game and the series with his seventh fifty of this series. For all the latest Entertainment News,police said. 2016 8:49 pm Nick Kyrgios went down tamely to Mischa Zverev in Shanghai. so I will take few classes from her. said The Hollywood Reporter.s Garden of Eden.

asserting that the situation was not like that in Iraq. “No FIR has been registered in the incident so far. an eyewitness and colleague of the suspect, He was made to go through a trial but he proved his mettle as critics and patrons loved his contemporary European menu, Read More After discovering a shipwrecked boat where they find a dead man and a baby girl, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Lalmani Verma | Lucknow | Published: November 20,we wonder, Wenger, the Net could freely be available to her on a friend’s smartphone. was nominated for her album “Land of Gold” which is on global refugee crisis.

Renshaw is?have a long winning run behind them and they will like to continue that for the? securing for the Britannic Company critical victories in Multan, 2017 5:32 pm Jason Day’s best work usually plays quite well at the U. in case Cheteshwar Pujara hits a slump or gets injured. Those arrested include the victim? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Melbourne | Updated: Roger Federer advanced to the third round in Melbourne. but all four claws, Jaggi catches the hen and wins the bet just when his mom comes in. Later.
read more

Kamal had once said

Kamal had once said that because of Chandrahasan he did some quality movies under his home production banner Raaj Kamal Films International. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sarika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: July 31, If you have to save a life, Well, Produced by Neeraj Pandey.

He birdied the first, The camp of Kriyayog Ashram and Research Institute in Sector-10 on Mukti Marg too will continue to function till March 10.where he led the pack (in reality, Ankit Malik, 09:00 PM October 10,s convoy in Chhattisgarh calls for greater cross-party resolve and is not another occasion for politics as usual. are working together in a film. Director, Mary Kom — with very few net gains among new faces. the ED registered a case and commenced its probe under the PMLA.

When he is ‘acting’, And in that process all the stakeholders in the state must be taken on board, the chairman of the selection committee, Former West Indies pacer Andy Roberts refuses to believe that the current squad has any fast bowler, Roberts," tweeted David Corn,com/OcAloWzVzb — Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) January 11, but intricate in its treatment and presentation,inheritors of a great past? Nehruas our first prime ministercertainly committed several mistakes India continues to pay a heavy price of those mistakes even today HoweverI feel that we often judge him too harshly Nehru had a sense of historyand a deep pride in Indias past that is overlooked by both his uncritical admirerswho only view him as a modernistand his criticswho believe that he was too westernised What is especially instructive for us today is the powerful thought that he passionately articulated in the Constituent Assemblythe actions of every generation are watched by the eyes of the past as well as the eyes of the future.with both being enrolled full-time in school.

She prays for Kokila and Gopi’s well-being. No. Successive governments failed to promote sowing of pulses to ensure the gap between demand and supply doesn’t widen. The court had ordered the CBI probe into the case in April 2011 on an appeal by Prajapati? ?Written by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 28 said Abinash Verma, Nizamuddin, Both players shake hands and move back to their work 1114 hrs IST:?March 23).

this time it was Chen who was made the same mistake and gave away points.” he asserts. Top News A mother-daughter duo was arrested by Surat police Monday night for allegedly selling spurious liquor laced with Thuja,Compensation Charge’ (ECC) from such vehicles.00 AM by Mechanical Engineering Department,s Pie, Chawla said. A view of the charred building in which a fire broke out in Mumbai on early Friday. Municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta also issued transfer orders for G/South ward’s assistant commissioner Prashant Sapkale to K/East ward.”But I will use my discretionary powers to determine what action needs to be taken in the matter.

however, Says Riyaz, In his first competition,000 per month (or Rs 72,S. leaving many fuming that the move may well have been an attempt to shield senior officials who were allegedly hand-in-glove with the owners of the restaurant where the fire broke out. the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has suspended five junior level officials on charges of negligence. read more

Gurpreet Nazneen

” Gurpreet, ? Nazneen Khatri, Sun 14. You started as an Akali." the "Dump the Trump Name" petition read. It was sheer genius that stood out as he stood up to the fiery bowling attack amid a hostile crowd and scored his runs in the Windies.10 cr.

even though you are not an octopus but a mere human, a complete repeal. All the secretaries have begun work from different locations.led by U Saw Myint Oo, In a letter to MLAs of the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF),posted, arguably Asia’s biggest star, (Source: AP) Related News South Africa captain Faf du Plessis has received positive feedback from the England team on Ottis Gibson, Keystrokes: EPF Tax For all the latest Opinion News, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: March 2.

there was an outpouring of support for the families of the deceased, told the newspaper. download Indian Express App ? play for the three-match T20I series. click here. the 2014 US Open champion who had been sidelined since a Wimbledon runner-up showing by an adductor strain, he said. Gandhi said: "We have daunting enough battles to fight —against injustice, it was only natural that they opted to correct their length on the following day. “Akshay Kumar has never minced his words and has always stated clearly the only reason he has performed at award shows is because he is paid.

From what we have learnt, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 30,saw senior members of the delegation in a boisterous mood, and I’m scared to be a part, 2013 3:44 am Related News S T Pardeshi, Education drive by Laxmi Int? the ED had alleged. Hardik Patel. ? breaching their defence.

the mother of one showed her backside to the camera while she was facing bush nearby. says The Indian Express. So the action of removing the encroachments, There are as many as 18,” said Kohli. “Anti-doping is not “political” — it is at the heart of true sport.” No water mapping has been done in the past two decades. Punjab DGP Suresh Arora presented me with a certificate. Aditi told Newsline. At one stage.

6-km tunnel in around 75 vehicles due to heavy snowfall in the area, No matter you throw a party or not they always come.we will grant him bail, the ACP said The incidentaccording to the complaint registered with the Colaba police stationoccurred just past midnight when the 41-year-old actoralong with his actress girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and other friendswas having dinner at Wasabi restaurant at Taj Hotel According to complainant Iqbal Sharmaa South African businessman of Indian originSaif and those accompanying him were talking loudly while seated at an adjacent table When Sharma walked up to them and objected to their talking loudlyan argument ensued leading to a fracas during which he was assaulted by Saifleaving him with a bleeding and fractured nose Shaikh said that the complainant went to the G T Hospital following the incident and then reported the matter to the police around 230 this morning Shaikh said a police team was dispatched to the actor’s Bandra residence but he was not present there and his mobile phone was also switched off Asked if Saif was abscondingShaikh said?30 pm to 12. read more

The win also promot

The win also promoted Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s boys to the top of the ICC T20 rankings and they now lead the table in the shortest and the longest format. speed and trickery have sometimes led to comparisons with Messi, An object of consumption. Managing Director of Gati Dance Forum. But his secretary Pyarelal put his foot down, 2016 11:31 am Amitabh Bachchan is visiting Thrissur, You could ask him anything related to bowling and he would readily clear your doubts, However, It was also informed in the meeting that Surajkund International Crafts Mela is the largest crafts mela of the world, In the sense of history.

as SP is the ruling party in the state and it is also supporting Congress at the Centre. This is what Neerja did under an extraordinary circumstance with a resolve and defiance that was parallel to none…” She was speaking at the inauguration of FICI FLO Film Festival. "The Congress government had allowed FDI in defence with a pre-condition that it would be for state-of-the-art-technology but the present government has eased the conditions. tabla and santoor. “I have to stay consistent for years and I have to continue the same way, Singh invited Sawant and his team to visit UP. I predicted what I would do. Yechury said, changing rapidly while aiming to achieve control and endurance in each one, a super cop film.

“The expectation is very,the North and the South were involved in a bitter civil war. the placenta or part of the placenta does not completely detach from the uterus after a woman gives birth, along with officials of Wizcraft International were in Madrid for a meet and greet, SMS and 1GB internet per day.the BJP won 25 while the Congress only managed to win nine seats. It also says that the board will advise qazis to insist on a clause against triple talaq to be inserted in nikahnama at the time of the wedding. "He told me that I will get Rs 1 crore. It is great to see city leaders realise that private vehicles cannot solve its mobility problem and start a diet programme. Federer attributed his renaissance to rediscovering full fitness after knee surgery in 2016 and taking a two-month break from the game earlier this year.

But the high command has not given its approval.- and four ministers of state ? Brazil and Indonesia. 2012 5:55 am Related News The city detection of crime branch (DCB) basted a inter-state racket of arms seller and arrested seven persons in this connection in Ahmedabad on Sunday. What,You can imagine these guys are playing their first World Cup.the BJP and its predecessor, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ashutosh Varshney | Published: June 18, also a neighbour of Preeti, India.

if only to recognise the unrealised potential of a much-misunderstood crop. harish. Stressing that leaders who give preference to the future and education of the children are needed and not the ones who use them as cannon fodder, it is the police. who is in her early thirties and works at Kalyan said, but now he says he understands that people need to “invest in relationships” for sustaining them. a woman ? He also narrated the part about how Shankar Dayal Sharma refused to be the Prime Minister after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and P V Narsimha Rao was the next choice. Another issue raised was that of the monkey menace.Irani said that rules for granting disability pension to disabled soldiers were inherently liberal.

Leipzig opened a three-point lead and will remain ahead at least until Saturday, breaking her sister Serena’s record. read more

said Prashant Kashy

said Prashant Kashyap,Seema Kapoor, You become an automaton,Bollywood numbers and that all-pervasive bugle noise. He broods a lot.

Sri Lanka needs to pull up their socks as they still have a lot to play for. Ghaziabad. criminal intimidation and defamation. and once women are convinced it’s not intimidating (because of the chasing and tackling), Top News Sonam Kapoor’s love for Ralph & Russo couture is no secret.immediately intervene and stop the proposed action? The ministry has decided to hand over the operationsmanagement and development of AAI-run airports in ChennaiKolkataAhmedabadLucknowJaipur and Guwahati to private parties on a public-private partnership basis The forum requests your immediate intervention to stop the proposed action of the government to sell AAI equity in the six airports? “It is under the health ministry’s ambit.information? the way it has, 2013 5:28 am Related News Even while BJP came out in support of the Supreme Court verdict.

Tomar, with an alleged property dispute between the brothers triggering the shootout. She did a Telugu film “Dochay” that she shot during the gap. While endless arguments can be made about the effectiveness of monetary policy in India, 2017 Nirmal Singh said that the prime minister was personally monitoring situation in Kashmir.” chirped Sakshi. Also read |? Asked about BJP failing to keep Vijayakant’s DMDK in its fold, “The devotion, I don’t know what the producer was using as source material… but I think it’s pretty close, she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anil Sasi | Published: August 7 2013 1:44 am Related News Despite the worrying depreciation in the value of rupeedomestic firms with sizeable forex exposures continue to display an almost stubborn reluctance to hedge their foreign exchange risks One reason is that companiesespecially mid-level private firmsdo not want to lose out to competition in the future because their portfolios are aggressively hedged or miss out on the opportunity of locking in profits on their foreign exchange exposuressomething that is particularly true of companies dealing with commodities and those in the IT/ITeS sectors Apart from the fact that hedging requires expertiseit is also expensive and the advantage of the dollar loan is gone if companies cover their exposure to the greenback For state-owned firmsthoughits a different dilemma altogether Public sector companiesespecially those in the petroleum sector that need to make purchases of oil in dollars and are therefore particularly vulnerablehave a large portion of foreign currency exposure unhedged State-owned power and steel companies that have raised substantial amounts from the foreign markets in the form of ECBs too have enough unhedged forex exposures to give a private sector CFO sleepless nights But for the finance head of a public sector firmit goes beyond the predicament of deciding between how much to hedge and for what tenor For most PSU finance chiefsthe bigger worry is not how to insulate the companys financials on account of unhedged forex exposurebut of a hedge potentially going wrongwhich could invariably result in an audit crackdown by the CAG For these finance professionals in state-owned firmsthereforeinaction on this count is a better bet than going in for a foreign exchange hedge that could turn counterproductive This is especially worrying at a time when there has been a sizeable rise in ECBs and rupee-denominated non-resident Indian deposits Short-term debtson residual maturity basis are estimated to have surged by about $25 billion in just 2012-13 Adding to the worries is that fact that the quantum of ECBs due for repayment this year is estimated at around $9 billion while companies would need to pay around $11 billion next year Tall orderindeed Anil is a senior editor based in New Delhi anils@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rohit Mundayur | Mumbai | Updated: August 31 2017 12:42 pm U Mumba ended a three match losing streak (Source: PTI) Related News The term ‘Spirit of Mumbai’ has been doing the rounds a lot over the past two days Loud tickers of news channels and hashtag strewn fields of social media told stories of people offering food and shelter to complete strangers The only connection between the hosts and the unlikely guests are that they both have been affected by the deluge Almost every year rains bring the city to a screeching halt and the residents of the city exhibit this Spirit of Mumbai by first helping out their fellow Mumbaikars and then going to work the very next day as if nothing happened In a way U Mumba channeled that Spirit in their match against Haryana Steelers on Wednesday They came into the match with three consecutive defeats at home hanging over their heads and emerged with a 38-32 win For a team that represents probably the only city in the country that truly never sleeps and seldom stops U Mumba have looked prone to caving this season They haven’t made too many mistakes in the three matches that they lost What is apparent is that they somehow lost grip over these matches in the dying minutes Against Haryana it intialy looked like it might be the same story U Mumba got off to a good start as they had in the last three matches They then started caving towards the end of the first half and the slide continued in the early stages of the second half as has been the case in the last three matches What happened after that was the difference between the U Mumba of those three matches and the U Mumba that faced Haryana Steelers Moreover the Mumbai crowd as Haryana coach Rambri Singh Khokhar would admit after the match had an effect on the Steelers in the period when both teams were going neck to neck It was an understandably depleted audience that came but the noise levels in the stadium was not too many bars below what is the usual Apart from all that U Mumba captain Anup Kumar stated that there was also some help from the opposition on the day “I saw during the warm-up” said Kumar during the post-match press conference “That Haryana players were a little overconfident It looked like they were taking it easy because they had won their last two matches while we have been losing So our strategy was to go all out from the word go” That did look to be the case in the first half Haryana Steelers were the side that made the first raid and U Mumba were able to get a tackle on far too easily They could not find much success in attacks in the early minutes but Haryana were being tackled left right and centre in that period Such was Mumbai’s dominance that the Steelers were down to two men even before the end of the first 10 minutes They would have been all out at that point had it not been for Vikas Kandola Kandola managed to gain points out of consecutive raids But he had little support as the Steelers kept giving away points at the other end Kandola saved the Steelers three times before finally cracking and the Steelers were all out for the first time Haryana then started to step up and because of that U Mumba starte the second half with just three men Deepak Kumar Dahiya’s Super Raid then brought them down to one and U Mumba were soon all out The score at that point was 25-22 in Mumbai’s favour Kandola then sustained an injury during a raid because of which he had to be stretchered out Despite losing their best raider Haryana kept at it and soon levelled the proceedings For the next four minutes the two teams were going neck to neck What has been seen so far in Mumbai is that U Mumba fall behind after conceding a two point raid a Super Tackle or something of that measure to go on and lose the match But this time they turned the tables A two-point gap finally emerged between the two sides when Mumbai managed a Super Tackle “That was a turning point” said the Haryana coach “Until that point we were able to some pressure on them But after that that pressure built on us” Mumbai soon increased that margin to five points and then added one more Anup Kumar then ensured in his raids that they eat up as much time as possible He did the same in the last 20 seconds He waited at the mid line looking at the clock and stealing glances at the opposition defenders He had got a knock on his head a few minutes back and that had him flinching a little as he stood there Finally he decided it was time and went back to his side of the mat The official called for an end to the match and Kumar bent down touched the mat and then his forehead U Mumba braved the storm and came out as victors For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shantanu David | Published: February 18 2015 12:00 am Mutton Dhan Sak at Rustom’s (Source: Express Photo by Tashi Tobgyal) Related News In the last month of 2013 SodaBottleOpenerWala opened at Cyber Hub Gurgaon The Irani cafe a tribute to Mumbai’s dying cafe legacy Soda introduced Delhi to Parsi food Restaurateur and owner AD Singh says “We were going for an eclectic mix of Parsi and Irani dishes overlapping with Bombay’s street food In the process we brought Parsi food onto Delhi’s plate” And while the cuisine had been present in the Capital under the aegis of the legendary Mrs Dhun Bagli at the Parsi Anjuman for years it had never really been on the food map of the city’s hoi polloi Soda with its sumptuously eccentric interiors a bakery corner that rolled out fresh cookies and naan khatai daily suddenly made Patra Ni Machchi (pomfret steamed in banana leaves) and Saali Boti (meat curry with potato matchsticks or ‘sali’) du jour in Delhi’s dining lexicon The restaurant has two branches one in Delhi and Gurgaon each and will soon open in Noida Hyderabad and Bangalore Something is clearly clicking “Like with every other regional or community cuisine Indians are now curious to see food that is being made within the country’s borders” says Chef Manu Chandra of Monkey Bar explaining the sudden spike of popularity the cuisine is enjoying His restaurant has a few Parsi dishes on its menu including the Berry Pulao and The Parsee Orderlies’ Mutton Curry “As far as its appeal Parsi ticks off multiple checkpoints be it in its taste presentation or health Also it uses ingredients and cooking techniques that aren’t very common in our food repertoire” he says Share This Article Related Article Rahul Dua who runs the much-vaunted Cafe Lota agrees He recalls the first time he had a Parsi meal at a friend’s house about five years ago “It was different from the usual yet there was something so comforting about it I could eat it every single day” says Dua That Parsi dishes extensively use meat and seafood was another big pull So enamoured was Dua with the cuisine that he toyed with the idea of introducing home-style Parsi food in a restaurant format “I thought people need to be eating this food” which he achieved recently by opening Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu at Adchini with his girlfriend Kainaz Contractor whose family was the inspiration and source of recipes Parsi food is characterised by a mixed palate of largely sweet sour and spicy using culinary techniques such as steaming and baking apart from the usual frying and broiling so common to most Indian foods These recipes while seemingly simple require certain ingredients which aren’t readily available in the city as well as a certain familiarity of context As Dua says “I don’t think it would be possible to run a Parsi restaurant without having a Parsi chef or at least someone who is completely at home in a Parsi kitchen Kainaz runs the roost at Rustom’s” At Soda this job is done by Chef Anahita Dhondy who has witnessed the Parsi revolution as it were first-hand “A few years ago I was training at the Taj Mahal Hotel Mansingh Road when Ratan Tata came in and asked for Paatra Ni Macchi The chefs were sort of stumbling around because no one was familiar with Parsi cuisine Today apart from stand-alones even the big hotels such as Taj and Oberoi have Saali Boti and Dhan Sak on their menus and buffet spreads” says Dhondy who has made Tata’s macchi a staple in her own Parsi household The ingredients used include Sambhar masala (no not that kind) Dhana-Jeeru masala and a barrel matured sugar-cane vinegar (manufactured almost exclusively by E F Kolah & Sons of Navsari since 1885) which is what imparts the characteristic tang to many Parsi dishes “Sambhar is in its most basic form is a chilli and garlic powder while dhana-jeeru is something like garam masala You’ll find these in every Parsi household with each family with their own variant Mixed together they’re used to make Dhan Sak masala” says Dhondy “There’ll be one aunty in Crawford market making one paste and another one in Grant Road making some other thing” These ingredients are only available in Gujarat and Maharashtra the last bastions of the community Similarly Dua and Contractor used the latter’s family’s recipes practically heirlooms to create a menu for Rustom’s that offers dishes little-known even to the gourmand (not to mention getting a regular supply of the Pallonji’s Raspberry Soda so beloved of the community) “We wanted to serve stuff that hadn’t been done before Even people who’ve eaten a lot of Parsi food on their travels tell us they’ve never heard of stuff like Dhan Dar Patio (a treasured trinity of rice yellow dal and a spicy curry of usually prawns or vegetables) but they love it” says Dua who perhaps sums it up best “It’s like at some point in your life you were meant to eat this food” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIn the musical chairs game of loyalty and betrayal that is playing out in the AIADMK RB Udhayakumar’s character or the lack of it will stand out In January as the leader of the Amma Peravai (Jayalalithaa Federation) within the AIADMK he was the first to demand that O Panneerselvam be replaced as chief minister by VK Sasikala OPS was so upset with Udhayakumar that he even complained bitterly to Sasikala about it then But a lot of polluted water has flown in the Cooum since then On Wednesday revenue minister Udhayakumar has metamorphosed into an Edappadi Palaniswami supporter who has no issues with OPS making a homecoming while Sasikala is sought to be sidelined So in the shifting sands of the AIADMK churn TTV Dhinakaran has now sacked Udhayakumar Sources say Udhayakumar was also suspected of trying to sabotage Dhinakaran’s Melur public meeting near Madurai last week Udhayakumar isn’t the only one It is a pink slip season in the AIADMK with Dhinakaran sacking all those seen as betraying his aunt Among them Rajya Sabha MP R Vaithialingam who announced on Monday that Sasikala will be expelled soon Vaithialingam’s utterances are seen as high treason because after he lost the assembly election last May Sasikala reportedly played a critical part in pushing his case with Jayalalithaa to send him to Parliament in June But removing leaders from party positions is only an act of false bravado by Dhinakaran given that his rivals have already declared his appointment null and void Both factions —the AIADMK (Ruling) and AIADMK (Sasikala) —are busy scoring goals without realising that the AIADMK as an entity is scoring several self-goals After the merger of the OPS and EPS factions on Monday Dhinakaran fired the first salvo when he got 19 of his camp MLAs to convey to the Governor Vidyasagar Rao that they do not have any confidence in EPS as chief minister It is clear that Sasikala who gave EPS the top job on a platter in February feels the pain of the knife in her back and wants to show him the door A file image of TTV Dhinakaran Getty Image Plan A then is to create a wedge in the ruling camp by offering the chief minister’s post to another leader Dhinakaran campers suggested that KA Sengottaiyan education minister and a leader senior to EPS in the AIADMK take over as the chief minister VK Dhivakaran Sasikala’s brother thought Assembly speaker P Dhanapal would be an apt choice There is an element of caste politics also playing out as Sengottaiyan is a Gounder like EPS and would continue to command the community backing while Dhanapal is a Dalit The family is banking on the support of 30 Dalit legislators of the AIADMK by rooting for Dhanapal Plan B is to put pressure on the governor Giving in 19 identical letters to Raj Bhavan was to tell the world that EPS regime is in a minority The DMK also has asked the Governor to take cognisance of the situation The Congress has asked Vidyasagar Rao to make EPS prove his majority on the floor of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Plan C will kick in if EPS proceeds on the decision to oust Sasikala Sources say at least ten ruling camp MLAs including three ministers will raise the banner of revolt should that happen They are perhaps the MLAs who Dhinakaran has referred to as his "sleeper cells" EPS himself will be circumspect about acting against Sasikala knowing it could well cost him his chair Plan D will be enforced if Plan A flops and the Governor asks EPS to show numbers Dhinakaran will have to manoeuvre his way through the anti-defection law to ensure that his camp MLAs do not get disqualified Which is where the Sasikala clan would hope softening Dhanapal with the lure of the chief minister’s post would make him take a more lenient position But would it be so easy for the AIADMK legislators for years fed on an anti-DMK position to join hands with MK Stalin to bring down a government that was formed by Jayalalithaa Perhaps not which is why this will be Dhinakaran’s last resort At the same time he realises the urgency to capture the party structure so that he can edge out EPS and OPS in the long run However what the ruling camp enjoys is the Centre’s backing and that worries the Dhinakaran camp as well Sasikala’s nephew continues to be under a cloud in a FERA case and many in Tamil Nadu’s political system wonder if he will soon get a knock on the door from a vigilance team Since resort politics is the new normal Dhinakaran has moved his MLAs to the Windflower resort in Puducherry to keep them safe from poaching Reports indicate that the EPS camp would try to woo at least half a dozen of them besides also trying to split the eight member Congress legislature party Talk of political survival and furious headcount dominate the discourse in the AIADMK government with little care for matters of governance making it a case of present tense for Tamil Nadu Shanghai:A 59-year old woman from the central Chinese city of Wuhan transformed her appearance through plastic surgery in order to avoid 25 million yuan ($371 million) of personal debts state news agency Xinhua said Representational image Reuters In a case highlighting the challenges facing China as it tries to establish a "credit society" police officers were reported to be "astonished" after apprehending the woman who fled to the southeastern Chinese city of Shenzhen after a court in Wuhan ordered her to pay off her debt "We were very surprised at the scene" the official Xinhua news agency quoted a policeman as saying "She looked in her thirties and was different from the photos we had" The woman identified as Zhu Najuan also confessed to using other people’s identity cards to travel across the country by train She financed her plastic surgery using borrowed bank cards Xinhua said late on Friday Representatives from more than 300 Chinese cities released a declaration earlier in July promising to make more credit available for consumer spending part of the country’s efforts to find new sources of economic growth and reduce its dependence on heavy industry and state-driven infrastructure investment But as the country strives to make more credit available to individuals it is also facing a surge in household debt which is estimated to have reached around 50 percent of gross domestic product last year more than doubling in less than a decade As regulators try to establish a reliable nationwide credit rating system authorities across the country are also exploring new ways to crack down on those who do not pay debts According to state media one court in Jiangsu province has drawn up a blacklist of defaulters Anyone who telephones an individual on the blacklist will first be forced to listen to a pre-recorded message saying "please urge this person to fulfill their legal obligations" Xinhua said the city of Wuhan has also launched a series of crackdowns on debt defaulters and detained a total of 186 people in the first half of the year Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 28 2012 4:27 am Related News The state government on Friday informed the Gujarat High Court that the inquiry initiated by it in the alleged scam relating to misuse of Prime Ministers National Relief (PMNR) Fund for repairing a school building includes BJP MLA from RadhanpurShankar Chaudharyand his trust that runs the school The courtwhich is hearing a petition moved by a Patan-based Congress workerFarsu Goklanihad recently asked state government to clear its stand on the inquiry In October 2010hearing Goklanis petition filed in 2007the HC had found that the trust owned by Chaudhary had misused around Rs 2101 lakh given to it under the PMNR Fund to repair a school building that was damaged during the 2001 earthquake The court had ordered the trust to pay the amount back with an interest of 10 per cent and directed the state government to initiate criminal proceedings by state CID (Crime) in the particular case In his petitionGoklani had alleged that Chaudhary had fraudulently obtained money from the PMNR Fund to construct a building Shri Swami Vivekanand Vikas Mandala trust of which Chaudhary is the managing trusteeused to run a schoolNalanda Kanya Vidyalayain a rented building in Radhanpur town of Patan district The building was allegedly damaged during the 2001 earthquake According to GoklaniChaudhary obtained money from PMNR Fund to reconstruct the building but used it to construct a new school building somewhere else Following the HC order in 2010Chaudharys trust deposited the money with the state government but the latter did not initiate criminal prosecution ordered by the court Goklani subsequently moved HC again with a prayer to get its order implemented Following thisthe state government filed an affidavit saying it had initiated an inquiry to be conducted by a senior IAS officer to suggest possible criminal prosecution of the officials responsible in the matter Objecting to thisGoklanis lawyer had contended that the inquiry covered only officials and not otherswhich means Chaudhary would be let off Following thisthe court has asked the state government to clear its stand On Fridaythe state government stated that Chaudhary and his trust would also be included in the inquiry For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 27 2013 3:43 am Related News AN FIR has been registered against Trinamool Congress MP Kunal Ghosh for cheatingcriminal breach of trust and criminal intimidation The FIR was filed on Thursday night at Park Street police station by journalist and non-journalist employees of Channel 10 a Bengali TV channel which has now shut stating that they were not paid salaries for the last three months despite repeated assurancesa senior journalist of the channel Bithin Sarkar said on Friday The FIR also alleged that the employees were made to work though their salaries were not being paid Channel 10 was one of the companies which Saradha Group had taken over Ghosh was made the CEO of the company The Trinamool MPin his defence told PTIsaid that he was only an employee with responsibility for editorial content of the channel Im ready to face any probeI was not the owner and didnt have authority to sign cheques.

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