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Shanghai Longfeng work do not hesitate, do one thing under cover of another

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a complex work, whether you are an entrepreneur or are working for others, eventually do website optimization, always cannot do without a good attitude. In the face of repeating the same thing every day and stay up late into the night, to maintain a good attitude, then your life is gradually mature and the exercise you take it leisurely and unoppressively and the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Today I saw a very good article that is compared to the optimization of the income, the income of tens of thousands, but the income is not high, may be lower. Would you ask why such a big difference, of course, have a great relationship with their own state of mind, not a good attitude, in the face of any website is incomprehensible, not to keep the common heart to treat this is the difference. read more

Alexa ranked 5000 in the web site is to be punished

This year the



the site began operating in 2008, with about two years, Alexa ranking to 5000, is a small business website, the distribution of the site personnel: a network coding technology, kept at about 5-10. The web site in the search engine’s performance is very good, there are hundreds of original, pseudo original articles published every day. In 2011 January, the author also inspected the Shanghai station in love and collection of the chain, the chain is 600 thousand, included not remember, is about 300 thousand (some data error, not much difference about it). A few days ago, the website is reduced to 0, the chain continues to drop to about 30 thousand. Today, the further deterioration of the situation, look at the picture: read more

Summarize some love Shanghai webmaster FAQ Algorithm Engineer

seventh, can be used to love Shanghai and love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit a site change data, make timely treatment.

third, included, industry control, influence, the new algorithm to update the growth cycle, how to speed up the audit cycle, Taobao. The huge data, meet the user’s original is included in the benchmark; love Shanghai will have a certain regulation on the industry; have a big change during the algorithm with the heart, is likely to affect the algorithm site; the growth of this new influence factors may have the update period; on the site of the loyalty business; Taobao can track user behavior Shanghai, love is blind. read more

Shanghai Dragon Master is tenable only by theory


Shanghai dragon say on theory untenable, because Shanghai dragon is a continuous process of development and change, because the search engines are undergoing new changes in every moment, if you only stay in the theoretical stage, then you will soon be thrown away from the track of network marketing.

, a lot of Shanghai dragon master is the opposite, they talk about Shanghai dragon theory but they don’t know how to speak, just tell you that Shanghai dragon more is more practice and summary, took more than a few stations slowly study, adhere to the basic work of Shanghai dragon well every day, constantly, slowly change website ranking Shanghai Longfeng index, then all you will understand. read more

Chen Jun how to layout the website page

three, web page links layout

The new

is the breadcrumb navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is very important, he to the search engine spider friendly, at the same time for the user experience is also very good, he can show the current position of the user, will not let users on the site lost, so in the website to. This is a tragedy.

, a page in the head

, 1 pages within the website of the head should be the same, but also to write independently, and then take the calling method, thus streamlining the code for the site to the site to lose weight, is of great benefit to the website. read more

Zhongguancun pioneering Street opened 3rd anniversary hatch team 1900How much traffic can Baidu brin

said, mogujie.com, as with the beautiful street community sharing website is popular, they began to crazy swallow Taobao guest Commission countless, do not know if you have noticed, now space certification space more and more, these certification space only one objective, that is to seek the attention attracted traffic, but they found that the certification space this piece of cake has not meet their application, and began eyeing the Tencent, operational thinking is basically the same, that is to choose the most popular platform, put their own developed products, thus obtaining their target users, but why choose Tencent, too obvious the total number of Internet users, our country is more than 500 million, but the active accounts reached 700 million, there is no way in this world has no one can stop Tencent, before always listen to others to say the most profitable Internet company is only three, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, I do not believe, I believe, the Internet is complementary to each other, I think only they three are complementary. read more

Early O2O automobile service brand car ants issued dissolution statement, bankruptcy has become a fo

in the previously reported venture to those things, we have revealed the development status of the domestic mobile market for the majority of entrepreneurs, I believe we have to understand a few mobile tycoon, we continue to encounter the other thing about the way of entrepreneurship.

this picture is today’s employee pay photo

According to

media today, media reports, the early O2O car service brand car ants have closed down, during the period, claiming to be car ants former staff broke the news that the car ants have been formally announced last night. The first contact was made with the ants, and the employee said that he had made a statement last night. read more

Free classified information, website operation experience

recently in the reorganization of the company SEO promotion personnel extrapolation assessment, the use of procedures automatically analyze whether the chain was deleted, and found that the previous promotion personnel posted information on the platform network is basically all invalid. Click to enter, only to find that the platform network already does not exist. In fact, a long time ago, the platform network has been closed, but only did not care.

said the classification information website platform, webmaster, perhaps is a profit, without considering the content without considering the included, built the platform waiting for visitors queuing to publish content advertising. But the fact is not the case, the individual operators of classified information platform, business network free information release platform, it has been operating for three years, summed up this three years of experience in the operation of classified information platform here, but also to share with everyone. read more