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Month: August 2017

The secret of the PV page in the station optimization

. Analysis of the types of pages is to let you go to screen out unimportant or can not be used to do the long tail keywords of the page, the weight does not let these pages allotment site. For example, the registration page, shopping cart page, page order query, the PV value of the page will be very high, if not be shielding will be divided out too much weight.

In addition

analysis of this data is best done repeatedly, and then adjust the page, it will be more accurate.

page of the PV value of read more

The new station a month on the first page keywords love Shanghai

domain was bought in October 17, 2013, feel good to remember to buy a ***.hk and ***贵族宝贝.cn two domain names, bought about 3 years, said a long time to buy the domain name website optimization, buy so long! Is also optimistic about the long-term development of the site, the next dry cargo



novice friends most concern is the chain where ah, what weight high BBS can be made, and will not be deleted, in fact, many forums have an irrigation district, irrigation district to your post, and then at the end of the article with your site, how to find a high weight forum, you love Shanghai high search the weight of forum, lots of good friends, all ready, the convenience of users, you have to do is to sift through, because some sites not registered can immediately send a message, need certain privileges, so that beginners don’t too impatient, you get a paper and note down the chain to the Forum every day, and after the effect, this is very useful, you look back after a month, I have gone so far, why ask you to develop and write down their operations. Cheng? The first is to develop a plan, divided. read more

Analysis of the three strategies of Taobao Shanghai dragon how to improve store traffic

two, on the shelf time window and recommended

Taobao search default sort mode is divided into all the baby and popular baby, all the baby which accounted for 90% of the proportion of flow, the popular baby accounted for 10%, ranking all the baby will always change, is very unstable, contrary to the popular baby ranking, generally do not change, very stable. All the baby can be ranked short up, relatively easy, and the popular baby need long time cumulative sales, more difficult. This is mainly about all the baby ranking approach, which is Taobao Shanghai dragon, I put it up to three points, do these three points, I believe you will store traffic to enhance the quality of. read more

Enterprises do the long tail word really a dead end it

The correlation between

content website, that eventually led to the website structure, under the condition that most users away. This website users access more and more running.

For example, the

looks very new, every one can do network marketing people will click into worship you. It as the author of the article said? I do not comment. The detailed analysis of this article. Because of his article is long, I choose to focus on the analysis and to everyone.

Enterprise Station enterprises, most belong to the popular industry, professional and strong. read more

Love Shanghai recently combating spam authentication algorithm to adjust the industry brand

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Last month since the love Shanghai algorithm is particularly large, several big moves, these algorithms make adjustment, one is because the black hat Shanghai dragon too unbridled, need to combat these seriously affect the quality of search results by means of the algorithm, the other one is to love Shanghai users to search quality the pursuit of improving the user search experience, giving users the information they need most.

Although many of the things that

B, love Shanghai to the news station read more