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Month: August 2017

The secret of the PV page in the station optimization

. Analysis of the types of pages is to let you go to screen out unimportant or can not be used to do the long tail keywords of the page, the weight does not let these pages allotment site. For example, the registration page, shopping cart page, page order query, the PV value of the page will be very high, if not be shielding will be divided out too much weight.

In addition

analysis of this data is best done repeatedly, and then adjust the page, it will be more accurate.

page of the PV value of read more

The new station a month on the first page keywords love Shanghai

domain was bought in October 17, 2013, feel good to remember to buy a ***.hk and ***贵族宝贝.cn two domain names, bought about 3 years, said a long time to buy the domain name website optimization, buy so long! Is also optimistic about the long-term development of the site, the next dry cargo



novice friends most concern is the chain where ah, what weight high BBS can be made, and will not be deleted, in fact, many forums have an irrigation district, irrigation district to your post, and then at the end of the article with your site, how to find a high weight forum, you love Shanghai high search the weight of forum, lots of good friends, all ready, the convenience of users, you have to do is to sift through, because some sites not registered can immediately send a message, need certain privileges, so that beginners don’t too impatient, you get a paper and note down the chain to the Forum every day, and after the effect, this is very useful, you look back after a month, I have gone so far, why ask you to develop and write down their operations. Cheng? The first is to develop a plan, divided. read more

Analysis of the three strategies of Taobao Shanghai dragon how to improve store traffic

two, on the shelf time window and recommended

Taobao search default sort mode is divided into all the baby and popular baby, all the baby which accounted for 90% of the proportion of flow, the popular baby accounted for 10%, ranking all the baby will always change, is very unstable, contrary to the popular baby ranking, generally do not change, very stable. All the baby can be ranked short up, relatively easy, and the popular baby need long time cumulative sales, more difficult. This is mainly about all the baby ranking approach, which is Taobao Shanghai dragon, I put it up to three points, do these three points, I believe you will store traffic to enhance the quality of. read more

Enterprises do the long tail word really a dead end it

The correlation between

content website, that eventually led to the website structure, under the condition that most users away. This website users access more and more running.

For example, the

looks very new, every one can do network marketing people will click into worship you. It as the author of the article said? I do not comment. The detailed analysis of this article. Because of his article is long, I choose to focus on the analysis and to everyone.

Enterprise Station enterprises, most belong to the popular industry, professional and strong. read more

Love Shanghai recently combating spam authentication algorithm to adjust the industry brand

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Last month since the love Shanghai algorithm is particularly large, several big moves, these algorithms make adjustment, one is because the black hat Shanghai dragon too unbridled, need to combat these seriously affect the quality of search results by means of the algorithm, the other one is to love Shanghai users to search quality the pursuit of improving the user search experience, giving users the information they need most.

Although many of the things that

B, love Shanghai to the news station read more

How to detect the domain name and space quality

, a space or server.

domain name >

Selection method of

space and domain name is the foundation of our site, so we must ensure that the space and domain name can be used normally, there are also some basic requirements, here to share with you.

2. server. The main reason why we chose the server that we can have more server management authority, no interference from other people, then solve this problem, we have to consider a problem, that is the server security problem. The competition on the Internet is more and more intense, as long as your keywords ranking in the top three, the website attack is normal thing. A LED car advertising my website is like this, one day be brush more than 6000 IP traffic, but my site traffic is large enough, brush out. Others attack our website is one of the most destructive to the website does not open, it is very influence of the user experience, if not open more than 24 hours, it will directly affect our website ranking and included. So the security of a web server is very important. General hard G number is good, if there is a room above 20G hard it is very powerful. If the server fails, must be resolved within 24 hours, otherwise will affect our website ranking. read more

From a novice webmaster to earn 300 per dayDifferentiate if you are suitable for shlf1314 Adsense

7 and flash station: Reason: advertising can not match;


is not suitable for shlf1314 Adsense web site:

contact is higher in 2006, it was just resign at home; when the Internet at home with advertisers in a group, what was that it is guaranteed to make you earn hundreds of what! I heart, take the initiative to consult the results, he said he wanted me to 1000 yuan to do a website, what all don’t understand at that time, she called my brother, I felt that she had a long talk, he began to raise money in the school when you give her the money exchange in the past, she is also very disloyal to me a mall website later after learning to know this is a very common mall system, mad, and also to the website domain name I selected, I go to understand the background and so on their own! But I don’t know what to sell well, first let me sell things, do not know what promotion, finally The direct decision and lovely sister goodbye, when I do not know what I had to do a 1000 yuan of the junk to me, the server is also super garbage, slow to open! Perhaps this is a turning point, let me have a higher career, although the first experience is very failed, but is also one of the only way which must be passed in the process! Warned novice friends here: what a lot of things to consider the authenticity of sh419 and shlf1314 is the best place to learn! What do not understand can also ask me, ready for your reference, but is usually busy, if not timely answer please forgive me not shake my read more

Analysis of noble baby penguin algorithm Shanghai dragon has not perished but you have to know how


was born is a great change English Shanghai dragon industry, resulting in black hat and white hat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are anxious and preoccupied. Feel suddenly regardless of where you can see, those cattle were once touted Shanghai Longfeng experts, facing the keyword ranking from the previous stable in the top five until now did not name, terrified, looked sluggish. The arena never seems to be groundless talk more about Shanghai than the dragon is dead (whether or not jest). It is a situation like this, let me come… .. read more

April Fool’s day how easily gains 200 thousand flow

forward A5, from the Pearl River News Network (www.zhujiangw.c>

for example: today’s April Fool’s day, people after 70s more people love this holiday, so what need this kind of person? Of course is a whole operation! If a fool, interesting, funny "you do, this kind of people will love, will naturally spread on the Internet, you forwarded" crazy, you don’t have to increase website traffic, then you have to be careful of your server is not able to bear large load.

contact Shanghai Longfeng six months, Shanghai dragon is the means, not the purpose. To create a platform for the wisdom of the people, and the brand promotion and content, the chain is free for you to add in others. An offensive word is: don’t make money on the face, face not to earn money, with successful people, until all the people scold you, is the richest man. read more

Chen Jun how to layout the website page

three, web page links layout

The new

is the breadcrumb navigation, the breadcrumb navigation is very important, he to the search engine spider friendly, at the same time for the user experience is also very good, he can show the current position of the user, will not let users on the site lost, so in the website to. This is a tragedy.

, a page in the head

, 1 pages within the website of the head should be the same, but also to write independently, and then take the calling method, thus streamlining the code for the site to the site to lose weight, is of great benefit to the website. read more

Google’s acquisition of WhatsApp by integrating their own external motivation M mess

historical reasons lead to communication products owned by Google out of order, such as a certain scale of products including noble baby Voice (phone application tool), Hangouts (baby aristocratic nobility baby + in the video group chat tool), Talk (main nobility baby text chat, as well as the integration of cloud storage) in Drive Drive Chat. In March there was news that Google plans to integrate these instant messaging products, the new "Babble" brand, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Facebook and between. But the news has not been officially confirmed Google. read more

Comment 360 how to search in chaos and occupy the initiative

third, increase the interactive function, such as talk, increasing the possibility of user participation, to further enhance the humanization and authenticity of the search results.

fourth, focusing on improving the mobile terminal layout, to achieve further search good influence in the mobile sector seven features.

but the product is to let the market do it clearly admitted before 360 in search of products in the field of zheji largely derived from 3 reasons. First, no user base, mature the product itself has no characteristic, cannot form existence, independent third, its strength is indeed not, not in the search results on the formation of the Shanghai love directly to fight. So in this search brand, 360 what changes? read more

Analysis through internal optimization of the five methods to promote the development of the website

second: original articles, critical.

"is the basic composition of the website, so good" is everyone’s face, a face that you decided to give the user the impression. So, how to make web design to attract the user’s attention is best?? first, we should determine the content of the website, which can find the overall style and content suitable for example: we do a cosmetics website, so we can on the make-up of the advertising pictures, and to put a sign on the most easy to see the place, but also the most obvious color. Then, the web color collocation. The overall style and color has a great relationship, because they compliment each other to achieve the best effect. "With a color, but also to adjust the transparency or to make the page look saturation, color harmony, layering. In determining the main colors at the same time, can not suitable for too many different colors. And try to put the color within three to five colors. Finally, to modify some small details page. For example: the word size is appropriate? Page settings and so on to test whether reasonable?. read more

Google research web site optimization segmentation

also said in the ordinary novarg, the concept of the keyword "translated into" people, noble baby thinks that natural language technology still has some value. For example, he said: "New York" and "York" are not the same, but "Vegas" and "Las Vegas (Las Vegas)" is a meaning of "Jersey" and "New Jersey (New Jersey)" may be the same, may not be the same. This is the noble Babi Corp concerned natural language technology, they pay more attention to the words and phrases, rather than analyzing the user input the whole sentence. read more

According to the Shanghai website optimization search results to adjust and optimize the idea of lov


third, to the user experience as the core improve site richness. Website optimization today and yesterday already cannot be mention in the same breath, content is king the chain for Huang’s idea is to change, we must change the optimization ideas, on the basis of quality, more diversified show different information through the website, which is very worthy of our attention, the problem is in abundance, the quality of the content, picture display, video presentation, a lot of micro-blog, the use of instant plug-in are details of the main points of improving the richness, website optimization, user behavior and motivation is about search results showing a very important branch, and as a webmaster we also. read more

From cooking Lenovo to search engine optimization

of a product can be successful, the product manager is not shirk its responsibility, because the dominant direction is directly linked to the product manager and the quality of the product itself.


this week to talk about the main logic problem. Most of the time, before the construction of a web, need to do a web product planning. What is the web product planning!? is the function of the product itself, then the properties of the product itself to expand. For example

seems very simple, in fact, according to the 28 principles of product planning, be able to do a good job, 10 only 2 read more

Webmaster discussion how to use want to make moneyNovice Adsense spring earn CPA advertising fee s

Many webmaster think

page or blog can, the title is of course free keyword file 7 , this can easily be included in the front row, the content is for foreign countries, Africa step, step by step, it is true, and apply to certain is 6-7 at the end of , the most important step: because the application number and the number we use is not within a database, we need to go to customer service complaints about, said to be in the foreign application, now home. Let them adjust to you. In most cases, you will not be rejected if you have a good attitude. If you don’t apply, add me :XXXXXXX, and I can help you read more

A disabled person is how the nternet wealthLi Kaifu Taiwan business environment needs heavy drug tr

blog to see a disabled users write the wealth of experience, very inspired, put the copy and paste. I also do Wangzhuan for a long time, but can not improve their website traffic. But this friend has obtained the income of enough living through the Internet, his method and perseverance are worth learning and drawing lessons from. The text reads as follows:


Li Kaifu believes that Taiwan in the network revolution, the software revolution are lagging behind, and now still talking about the hardware industry. The whole environment in Taiwan is not friendly enough for entrepreneurs. The government should introduce experts from venture capitalists to introduce leading entrepreneurs; to improve many laws and bad habits, do not bully young entrepreneurs. munan read more

Zhongguancun pioneering Street opened 3rd anniversary hatch team 1900How much traffic can Baidu brin

said, mogujie.com, as with the beautiful street community sharing website is popular, they began to crazy swallow Taobao guest Commission countless, do not know if you have noticed, now space certification space more and more, these certification space only one objective, that is to seek the attention attracted traffic, but they found that the certification space this piece of cake has not meet their application, and began eyeing the Tencent, operational thinking is basically the same, that is to choose the most popular platform, put their own developed products, thus obtaining their target users, but why choose Tencent, too obvious the total number of Internet users, our country is more than 500 million, but the active accounts reached 700 million, there is no way in this world has no one can stop Tencent, before always listen to others to say the most profitable Internet company is only three, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, I do not believe, I believe, the Internet is complementary to each other, I think only they three are complementary. read more

Business focus shifted to Japan Softbank plans to reshuffle the boardStarting dry goods 4 ways to f

, Softbank also nominated Goldman executives Mark · Schwartz Mark Schwartz, the largest sovereign wealth fund public investment fund managing director Arthur · Al · Yang romao Yasir Al Rumayyan served as an outside director.

As an entrepreneur,

is always asked about entrepreneurship and always works under a magnifying glass. But that may be one of the reasons for calling it an entrepreneur, proving that you can do what other people think you can’t do. In fact, you can tell others that business is not all about business, making money, and more about achieving your own ideals. read more